I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

Chapter 175 (END)

The seventh day after the global release of《Outcast》.

Box office results were high, and it can be said to be a great success. However, compared to the other crew members who were very happy, Li Fei was not so happy. There were many factors behind the success of this movie. Many people who came to buy the tickets and watch the film not necessarily liked the movie itself; they just want to understand the disaster from the film and understand ability holders. Other film crews worry about pirated copies, screening schedules, release dates, and many other things, but not the 《Outcast》. In this context, so long as the movie wasn’t flawed, with the actor’s skills, special effects, and music being above the standard, being famous was inevitable.

Because it’s a trilogy, the first part can only be said to introduce the main character, background, and crisis as the epic saga had only just begun. After many people came out of the cinemas, they couldn’t wait until next year to see the second one.

The protagonist’s powerful ability had also caused heated debate.

The Johnson Brown in the film was an orphan and also a talented musician. However, with his double system S-class abilities, it was a different story. He could hide in a high rise building and summon lightning and thunderstorms to launch at the fighter jets encircling him, causing the aircraft’s equipment to malfunction and fall straight down while the pilot was forced to parachute. The special effects showed a terrifying picture. Thunder and lightning lit up the sky like a giant claw, then after converging into a dazzling thunderbolt and hitting the target, it silently disappeared.

Everyone has seen many movies that showed the White House being flooded or bombed, an entire city devoured by a tsunami and many others. Countless doomsday films such as The Great Earthquake that completely divided the land had special effects that are much more exaggerated and thrilling. However, with the thought that “this film was adapted from real events,” the audience was nervous.

Was there really someone with such a powerful force?

What about this “Johnson Brown”, was he dead? Or as the news said, all ability holders had lost their power?

Some were grateful that ability holders had returned to normal, but most young people were sorry. They bought the movie accessories, a finger cover with a miniature light-emitting device. Their fingertips would look like they’re holding a blue light when worn, imitating the protagonist’s action—— towards the end of the movie, Johnson ended “Going Forward Alone” by officially joining the Ability Bureau and learning the precise manipulation of his lightning ability. Using the principle of touchscreen electronic devices, he directly manipulated the current in the underlying wires, blocked it, then used air currents to control the phone screen and related equipment. Johnson trained his ability by silencing the music. Five or six tablets were placed in a room on a stand, with each continuously playing music and consistently being stopped.

It looked exciting and when you think about it, they would realize it was a foreshadowing and that it must be of great use in the next two movies.

To put it simply, it’s possible to send messages without a trace. Thinking bigger, forcibly disrupting some control systems was the mainstream idea.

Compared to the popularity of the male lead, Li Fei’s was not too bad. As an important supporting role that runs through the trilogy, his character was a very eye-catching one mainly because of the “Major’s” dog.

Westerners always have a bit of political prejudice against the East and Li Fei’s role happened to fit this prejudice. He was a rigorous and ruthless soldier, unfriendly and a “real power figure” under the “autocratic state”.

However, such a person owned a pudgy corgi.

In the words of professional film critics, this dog’s acting skills were impressive, and Hollywood should give an award to animal actors. Its black shiny eyes seemed as if it could talk, its often seen as sitting upright in the movie, behaving more seriously than its owner while its joyful appearance made the audience feel giddy.

If “Major” was expressionless, the corgi would follow the mood. When “Major” was unwilling to cooperate with the protagonist in the video call, the corgi showed its ass, eyes scornful.

When searching for survivors in the ruins, the corgi never jumped on a collapsed rubble. It liked to lie on the ground with its head pressed down. It could find criminals destroying properties among the crowd at a glance, biting them, and holding their clothes. The dog teeth when it pounced was frightening. Put on the 3d screen, the corgi’s leaping figure and fierce performance made people want to touch the fur on its neck and give it a good rub.

Small dogs looked less lethal, but the short-legged corgi was a real shepherd dog in some countries. It ran fast, and its action of biting the criminals was also very measured.

The corgi didn’t have many scenes, but it was very popular.

The leader of the nation’s secret service department, of course, shouldn’t have to raise a dog, but the positioning of this film was based on “reality.” This corgi had an ability and could enter the Abandoned World.

The US side didn’t want to accept this “outrageous” setting at first, but someone immediately said that in case of another disaster the next time, will cats and dogs have abilities? What about the animals in the zoo?

There was no basis for this disaster. Fortunately, the dog has few requirements in the script, it also filled in as part of the background and even actively grabbed the audience’s attention if nothing else, so they finally agreed after a few days of wrangling.

There were only three films in the global cooperation movie《Outcast》, but people who were familiar with the big screen routines knew things will never be that simple. With such hot popularity, films with the same theme can also be extended to shoot biographies and personal movies, ah!

The United States had already planned a TV series. The theme was an Abilities Bureau that worked hard to maintain the peace from the perspective of ordinary ability holders. This meant they could shoot some guys who gained strength and lost their minds to publicize a positive image for the country.

The General Administration of Broadcasting and Television had agreed that Director Lu would be responsible for the “Major’s” personal film, which undoubtedly starred by Li Fei.

In the script, they gave many scenes to the corgi as long as it doesn’t conflict with the main storyline of《Outcast》. The first draft that Li Fei read said that when the “Major” entered the Abandoned World for the first time, he saw the dog in an empty park. Digging deeper revealed a tear-jerking story, but the Director was not very satisfied, and TuanTuan was also not happy. It had a good owner, so why was it abandoned? This is very serious!

The script was then rewritten, and the ending was that when the world finally calmed down, “Major” finally found the girl who accidentally lost her pet and watched the corgi happily ran over.

Because this movie has the same name as 《Red Dragon》, Li Fei’s status in the entertainment industry had increased.

Shaping a “National image” was as essential as playing great men in the old movies. It even had advantages in his future development because the fans see the “Major” and Li Fei as equals.

This time, the few people in the circle who specifically made trouble for Li Fei dare not feel upset.

Xiao YaQin said she played a role, but both scenes were very low key. The audience didn’t even saw her face clearly. She had an invitation to the premiere, and her online promotion was also very similar. However, after the premiere was broadcasted, everyone who has seen it knew. Xiao YaQin was not part of the crew that came in by plane, and at the premiere, she wasn’t even asked a question, nor did she touch the microphone from beginning to end.

Initially, this “High-profile Ceremony was Attended by xx” and hyped titles like “Stunning Debut of xx” had been used countless times in the entertainment industry and was already routine, how many people were paying attention to this scene? Xiao YaQin’s agent habitually operated with the company, and as a result, when everyone watched the broadcast this time, then looked back at their previous words, it was very embarrassing.

After the movie became popular, Xiao YaQin didn’t get any benefits. What’s the use of her being in the crew? How many people who left the cinema would not remember the plot or the subtitles? Plus, she was a spokesperson for a shampoo before, and although it’s the fastest return to the public sight, the value has also been downgraded, so high-end brand endorsements have little to do with her.

If she can’t earn after two years, Xiao YaQin’s road to fame was estimated to be exhausted. All she could do was play in hilarious variety shows, be a supporting role in a TV series, and set up a platform for newcomers.

She wanted to get into trouble, but the company and broker became distant from her. They could also see the situation. Even if they found a water army to cover it up, the other party shook their head and was afraid to answer. Who doesn’t know the importance of the General Administration of Broadcasting and Television to movies? If they want to move Li Fei right now, it’ll be the same as asking to be beaten to death.

The small people died down, so Star Entertainment was finally back on track. For a while, Li Fei had really nothing to worry about except for the mushrooms while sitting idly at home and watching art films with Jian Hua. However, his hands weren’t honest as it reached under someone else’s clothes.

After Jian Hua pulled it away twice, he relented.

Li Fei got an inch, so his movements became more wanton. Jian Hua gasped and can’t help but backhand the unruly person.

Well, he just pressed an acupuncture point.

“Good skill.” Li Fei was lying on the sofa, smiling while talking to the one who pressed on him.

The other free hand continued to stroke Jian Hua’s thigh without fear of death.

This posture was particularly ambiguous, looking as if Jian Hua came over on his own initiative.

“You haven’t seen the movie yet?” Jian Hua recently felt that he’s been following Li Fei too much, so he took the initiative to hide the poster from Li Fei, but it seems really unnecessary now!

“No.” Li Fei’s palms slid down to someone’s hips, squeezing the other person closer to him, but his mouth pretended to be innocent, “After all, we finally have no work. When we were outside every day, even just a look should not cross any borders, which is hard.”

Jian Hua was not so easily fooled like in the past.

“Really? I see you are enjoying it.” Jian Hua said dismissively, directly exposing Li Fei, “You have become used to acting the gentle and elegant Film Emperor image, so your work behavior has been good.”

“Oh, of course, I had to maintain my work face at work.” Li Fei moved closer to Jian Hua’s neck. He knew his lover’s sensitive spots, touching it two or three times would ignite him, so Jian Hua’s breathing became heavy.

“Moreover, seeing how they knew nothing, isn’t it interesting?”


Jian Hua leaned back slightly and watched Li Fei’s playful expression, speechless to find that what Li Fei said was true.

Naturally, it left a bad taste. With his knowledge of Li Fei and his experience in disguises, from Li Fei’s point of view, it’s not the last resort but was very exciting instead. There was a pride in “look who the detective is and can find clues” type of problem.

“Assistant Lin asked me the day before yesterday when we would get married, and he’ll prepare.” Jian Hua whispered.

“You want to get married?” Li Fei looked at his lover.

“No.” Jian Hua said simply.

Now was not the time. Li Fei was getting too much attention, and besides, they’re no different from married couples, just lacking a certificate. Jian Hua trusted the solidarity of this relationship. Even if he was blind and Li Fei derailed, could an ordinary Li Fei beat the mushrooms? As for the fact that divorce would give him half his property, Jian Hua was even less interested.

“Same-sex marriage can only go abroad, so there’s no legal significance even when we return to China.” Li Fei had the same idea. It’s absolutely unnecessary, so he thought about it, “I originally thought that the country would introduce new terms of marriage, but since this is a major event, the leader can’t decide arbitrarily. This marital law reform should stir up a great storm, and without wide public acceptance, it’ll be impossible to pass. But it doesn’t matter, anyone who wants to live a good life can live it, but marriage is no use if the people are dead.”

While saying that, the mushrooms had already climbed the sofa.

There were quite a few episodes of watching the host with Li Fei, so two mushrooms rolled together to reach the top.

“Assistant Lin is worried that we’ll lose our brains, change our nationality, and get married.”

“That he would think so means there’s a problem with his brain.” Li Fei angrily said. His secrets and Jian Hua’s identity all involve state secrets. You have to know, the country would not let them go. Li Fei also didn’t want to change his nationality.

About this topic, Li Fei was anxious to no end and tumbled the person on the sofa to eat. As a result, the phone rang. As if fate was against him, the caller was Assistant Lin.

The Film Emperor unhappily answered the phone.

Then, his face changed, somewhat angry while also smiling.

“Okay, I got it.”

After ten minutes on the phone, Li Fei was silent, just said that sentence then hang up.

Jian Hua already organized his clothes, sat up straight from the sofa, then doubtfully asked, “What happened?”

“My father and mother thought of me.”



Speaking of Li Fei’s identity exposure, we have to talk about the compensation clause introduced by the state. The meaning was that for any Chinese citizen over 50 years old, if their child was killed in the disaster, the state would release some funds as appropriate to improve their lonely elderly life in the future.

The specifics were different and were divided into all children lost, with children alive, whether you have a disability, whether retired (if not, is there any income).

There were more terms, and the review also takes some time, so how could the procedure be simple?

If not, it wouldn’t take a year before Assistant Lin learned that Li Fei’s parents had also submitted an application form.

No one died in their respective homes, but the form was due to Li Fei. They went back to their hometown and can’t wait to confirm Li Fei’s life and death.

Their house collapsed so they can’t find the person even at the temporary residence for survivors, and none of the street offices where relief supplies were resupplied had Li Fei’s name. The two thought that there’s an 80% chance that he was dead, so they filled out the form without saying a word. However, since the couple was divorced, they quarreled on how to divide the money. The man wanted to take more, but the woman didn’t agree. The man’s reason was that his son and he had the same surname, so he’s from his own family and that giving the woman part of the money was already thinking highly of her.

The application form was reviewed, and the relative department checked. No one with that name was found in the neighborhood. Not to mention files, even the people who lived there had no impression of the person before the disaster, so it wasn’t processed.

Li Fei’s parents were angry. Their son, either living or dead, they would get no money, so who would like it?

They no longer made a fuss but quickly found relatives, neighbors, and even fellow students to ask Li Fei’s whereabouts.

The house was actually rented by Li Fei’s grandparents. The landlord was an acquaintance, so his income wasn’t high. The building was not in a good place either. The house was narrow and shady, only fifteen square meters, so demolition wouldn’t take much money. It was privately built, and another way to call it was an illegal building since there was no land certificate; it leaked on rainy days and was very hot in summer.

Did they move out?

Li Fei called them a few years ago, but no one took it seriously and no longer remembered the number. Actually, remembering it was also useless since this number was a phone card with no real name registration that can be found on the counter.

Li Fei’s parents struggled to inquire and found out that more than ten years ago, no one ever saw Li Fei. No wonder many people didn’t know him.

The small county was only so big, where a car could circle it in half an hour. When talking about their son missing, the government really thought it was from the disaster, so they also went to a local tracing program. When they saw the results, everyone was embarrassed.

Because the tracing program was detailed, Li Fei’s classmates came out and said they thought that Li Fei’s parents died when he was a kid, let alone meet, they had never heard of them.

Fortunately, a neighbor in the street later justified that there really was this person. After the divorce, the parents went to work in the city and didn’t come back much. Then, the old couple died of illness and no one has seen him ever since.

Of course, when they were searching, there was no photo of Li Fei while they also used Li Fei’s real name.

The middle-aged couple’s reason was also very good. When the disaster was over, the photos were, of course, gone.

Finally, the TV station found the old landlord, and he took out a picture from his own granddaughter. Li Fei was a teenager at that time. The former landlord took a picture in front of his house, and someone accidentally entered the frame.

The old landlord angrily accused Li Fei’s parents of being young, giving birth, and then leaving him to the elders. Even the funeral was helped by relatives and neighbors. There were only a handful of times they came back over the years, and one of them was to divide the old couple’s property. When they heard that they had nothing and still owe rent for three years, they left immediately, not even seeing their son.

As for Li Fei’s whereabouts, of course, the old landlord didn’t know. It’s just that he’ll receive express gifts from different cities every year. The address was from a gift box store, and the accompanying card was also from the store.

“It should be that child, ai, it’s really a sin! I don’t know where he borrowed money, but he still paid off his debt before leaving.”

When the old landlord said this, the two of them were naturally ashamed. The TV station finally didn’t want to help.

Because of the program, several classmates of Li Fei provided class photos, and the old landlord also gave photos. In the small county, he was well known, and everyone thought that the boy looked good.

As for Li Fei’s parents? They also saw what their son looked like for the first time.

They returned home in disgrace, angry and cursing. Not only did they not get any compensation, but they also lost face.

Their children looked at the photos. A young girl who was more familiar with the entertainment industry suddenly felt that the elder brother she had never met was a little familiar. It’s on the tip of her tongue but she can’t remember. The teenager on the photo has a long face and a different temperament, so she was quite confused.

The internet knew no borders and even reached programs in small counties. After a few months, don’t know who dug it out, but a very popular account made a post with the original intention of ridiculing the irresponsible parents.

The result was that everyone’s focus was diverted. They all said that the teenager was a handsome guy. Chinese school uniforms were famous for being somewhat ugly, so the effect on the photo should be that he’ll become somewhat ugly.

A teenager was really the best spokesperson for school uniforms since it can be seen that the clothes were not ugly, they’re just looking at it the wrong way.

For a while, whose school uniform was uglier had become a topic of conversation on the internet.

It coincided with the upcoming release of《Outcast》so Assistant Lin was so busy that he couldn’t manage everything. The rest of Li Fei’s team also didn’t know about his family, only that he missed them but did not look for them.

After the movie hit the world, the topic sank.

However, if there were more people, something was bound to happen if they’re fed something. It’s said that someone with a strong memory on the internet and who usually don’t pay attention to the entertainment industry, made an exception this time to watch a movie. Because he had a good impression of Li Fei’s character image, he became Li Fei’s fan. This person visited Li Fei’s forum and, together with new fans, popularized the domestic Film Emperor’s journey to fame.

Sparing no effort to promote, of course, a massive amount of photos, resources, and video clips were unearthed.

After the memory master brushed Li Fei’s resources for three days, he faintly felt that he had seen this outline. Ordinary people would soon forget this familiarity because they can’t remember where they’ve seen it before and what it looked like. However, he quickly turned up the post about school uniform that was reposted a month ago.

Coincidentally, this master went to a variety show, and the game was about facial structure memory. They’ll be shown an old photo from ten years ago, then call the brother or sister. Both people would come together like relatives and the players would identify which the person was in the photo.

Although Li Fei was very different from before and the old photos were not clear enough, but in the eyes of such experts, it still can’t be covered.

The memory master was surprised and excited by this discovery, so he analyzed……

And directly posted online.

The school uniform boy was the Film Emperor Li Fei. No one believed this title. Although the school uniform teenager was also handsome, it’s still at the grassroots school level, isn’t it worse than Li Fei who’s level was as high as a highrise building?

However, the memory master carefully took each comparison points and posted his analysis. He made a long series of pictures and excitedly explained how much a person’s physical appearance and temperament could have changed a person. Many differences can be seen between a skinny teenager and an adult, such as maintenance. Obviously, the boy was malnourished, but they finally sighed at an unexpected recovery—— Li Fei didn’t get a facelift, otherwise, the details wouldn’t match while the stiff and abnormal places would be discovered.

When Assistant Lin saw this Weibo, it was already a big deal. He was angry but also wanted to laugh.

What is this? Li Fei not having a facelift was wrong, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen someday?

He quickly called Li Fei.

This cynical Weibo would have been possible to reverse public opinion by simply hiring a water army to press them. Still, the blogger’s memory of people had a very high reputation. After the memory master analyzed it again and again, even if it’s not true, if everyone had deemed it as the truth, then it will look more and more like the truth.

Suddenly, the feeling of an ugly duckling turning into a swan was more comforting, but rather than an ugly duckling striving to be a swan, the swan directly transformed into a phoenix.

Li Fei got a lot of calls. There’s the Director, Liang Jun, who knew nothing about the situation in his family, also some friends in the entertainment industry, and finally, even the Red Dragon called.

Li Fei talked to these people with ease, hiding what’s meant to be hidden. For those who knew the inside story, they would find a solution. Dropping the phone, his expression immediately became gloomy.

——that couple was going to be upset.

Hearing that their son was a Film Emperor with a net worth of nine figures, can they sit still?

That’s right.

Li Fei’s parents got together again with their respective partners and children. Their complexion was pale as many people dropped by to their home. Such a big cash cow and they hadn’t known.

If this had been discovered long ago, would it be so troublesome to find a job/ buy a house/ go abroad?

They were unwilling and that made sense. They thought Li Fei’s mind was deep. He said that he was an office worker the last time (they made it up in their own brains, Li Fei went along and neither argued nor explained), so there must be some resentment against them.

“What are you afraid of? He plays Major of the Chinese Dragon Team. What’ll happen if his image isn’t good enough? We are busy at work, our family is poor and each with children, so we can’t care about that side of our home. What about him? He had money and didn’t say anything. That’s unreasonable! Find a newspaper and shake him. We can even go straight to TV. The Film Emperor’s family gossip should be very high, so newspapers, magazines, and television stations should be eager to do exclusive interviews.”

“That’s it! Mom, I received many calls these days! They said, food and travel expenses are paid for, as long as we go to Haicheng and shoot the show.”

The couple who were encouraged by their children had complicated expressions.

They want to go, but afraid of losing face. They already lost a lot of face last time. They thought that nobody knew that little place that is their hometown but who knew that the video of the program suddenly became popular on the internet and deprived them of any face.

Their children thought differently. Their own brother was the Film Emperor. That gave them face, and they’re not sorry at all for Li Fei. If they could verify their identity on the show, would they still be worried when looking for work/ marriage in the future?

Just when the family was noisy, the man received a call.

The people on Li Fei’s side acted first and coldly made an appointment with them.

The next moment, the family became even more excited. Aside from buying tickets, they also collected the show money and took a few reporters to the meeting place.

It was in a club which was cleared on the same day.

The reporter carrying the camera insisted on going in, but the waiter stopped them. There was a stalemate at the door until Li Fei’s Ferrari drove over.

Li Fei’s mother’s son, that trendy young man who’s style was all over the place, stared at the car with glowing eyes, his mouth almost drooling.

Li Fei wore sunglasses and a mask. Beside him was Jian Hua, and behind was Assistant Lin holding a folder.

Star Entertainment employees had many years of experience with reporters, so the reporters were soon settled. They let them in, just that they’re not allowed to bring a camera.

“Li-ge, I think they are very dishonest. Maybe there’s a pinhole camera.” Assistant Lin came and mumbled.

“It doesn’t matter; it’s just a formality, so let them shoot.” Li Fei said indifferently.

A crowd of people crowded into the large conference room on the first floor of the club with different expressions. Li Fei finished tea with Jian Hua on the third floor, torturing the single dog Lin Xiao, before coming out slowly and taking the elevator to the conference room.

In the face of a group that seemed to want to swallow him, Li Fei slowly snapped his fingers as he stared at the couple.

It stands to reason that at this time, someone must take the lead first. However, Li Fei’s parents were shocked. Looking at the tall bodyguard and also looking at Li Fei, whose face was even better than the photo, they felt uneasy in their hearts.

Was this really him? In their small county, can there still be such a character?

If nothing else, he crawled out of her belly and from his own seed, but why was the difference like heaven and earth?

The reporters’ eyes were red with excitement. Their recording pen was on, and pinhole cameras were used, just waiting to go back and expose the big news. Li Fei sat on the table and coldly said:

“Mu husband and wife? Oh, you are divorced. You two wanting to find out about your son’s death had seriously affected my life.”

Such words were obviously dismissing them. Li Fei’s father suddenly stood up and angrily said, “Mu Wen, do you think nobody knows if you change your name? Li Fei is just your stage name. Just go to the bank and check your account number; go check your ID……”

The sound stopped abruptly because Li Fei took out a copy of the ID card from his pocket and put it on the table.

Photo, name. Li Fei.

The ID number and address were blotted out by an oil pen.

The young man who has the same mother as Li Fei suddenly stood up, speaking loudly, “The copy doesn’t explain anything. Besides, people can change their names. Just go to the local police station to check, they should have records.”

Assistant Lin was very nervous because Li Fei really did this. That year, he directly changed his name. Actually, Mu Wen (木文) and Li Fei (李斐), the relationship between the two names could still be seen, Mu Zi (木子) is 李, and Fei Wen (非文) is 斐.

Jian Hua mingled with the people brought by Li Fei, inconspicuous, so no one noticed. Jian Hua was not worried at all. He looked at the anger, disappointment, anxiety, and greed on these people’s faces…… its even better than the movies.

“I understand your urgency to find your loved ones.” Li Fei said with an ironic smile when he said this. The others in the meeting room, the reporters laughed.

You don’t care about your son for more than ten years, but when you heard that there’s compensation for his death, that’s when you started looking.

“But you trusted the rumors and came to harass me, even going so far as to contact the TV station to blackmail me. I will have my lawyer hold you legally responsible.”

“You…… let’s do a DNA test!” Father Mu snarled as he banged the table.

“Can, but who will pay for it? If the result is wrong, are you willing to take legal responsibility?” Li Fei was unmoved. There were smuggled mushrooms as a backup, so it’s a breeze to bring another sample to the laboratory.

His determined attitude made everyone uneasy, but they thought it was Li Fei intentionally scaring people.

“Do it!” Mother Mu and her child rushed to answer.

Father Mu propped himself up and was about to speak, but Li Fei leaned on the chair and sighed to those reporters, “I don’t know why you believe these people. Just look at this old gentleman, where does he look like me?”

Father Mu has a middle-aged spread and also bald. His clothes were also not very exquisite compared to Li Fei……

Even his children had terrible looks.

Father Mu was angry and anxious. He wanted to pound the table and insist on doing the DNA test, but Assistant Lin spoke at this time, “No need to bother. From a person’s birth to their death, all would be documented. Whether they changed their name or address, we can provide Li Fei’s documents, but as for you, please take out your son’s files. Our lawyer had gone to your hometown and did not find any information about your child at all. At the time of the disaster, the county school and government buildings were okay, so there is no data corruption. The Mu family had no registered son in their household. This is a scam from start to finish!”

The crowd shouted in horror.

The couple was even more furious, jumping up and making a racket.

“You can be on TV, you can also use the media, but if you ask the relevant agencies to check it, fake is still fake, crying about it won’t work. For the general public, things will always come to light. Dean allowed you to interview him today to wake you up. Blackmail would lead you to jail. You can go now.” Assistant Lin looked down on these people from his nostrils, putting on an arrogant attitude.

Why would the two families be willing to leave? When the club’s security came in and “politely” took people away, they were still clamoring for a DNA test. Even the reporters were now dubious.

Li Fei used his charisma again but he couldn’t forge files. From birth to death, just how many records are there? School attendance, bank account, work history, graduation records, bank transactions, ticket, and ferry records…… can it all be erased?

——yes, it can, as long as you’re a former S-class ability holder, then the State has taken all the records to protect you.

Li Fei turned and left, hearing the noise from those two people all the way.

“Li-ge, aren’t you going to handle them?” Assistant Lin didn’t think they will give up.

“It’s okay, even if they went on TV, the Guangshi Administration will not approve it. Even if the program is released, they will be stopped. Whichever TV station aired it would be unlucky.” Li Fei looked relaxed and was even in the mood to stand by the opaque glass window, appreciating the sight of the two people complaining to each other and scolding others but still leaving unwillingly.

“What about your classmates, those photos, and the analysis in that Weibo……”

“Don’t explain. Whenever someone asked, we’ll deny it. The new file given by Red Dragon is very detailed, so just follow the instructions there. When they’re unable to come up with evidence, this matter will have no consequences.” Li Fei had a faint smile as he leaned against the window, watching the annoying couple downstairs then said, “How can they have children when there’s not even a birth certificate.”

Assistant Lin also left. In the third-floor tea room, only Jian Hua remained with Li Fei.

“I found that you don’t seem too troubled.” Jian Hua was a bit surprised, anyone would feel terrible about this situation.

“When it happened, it’s really a bit of a hassle, but it’s not really a problem. Even if I don’t recognize it, public opinion is not against me. Smart people would understand the situation and agree, those not so smart people…… I have the advantage ah!” Li Fei laughed as he bowed his head and kissed Jian Hua’s ears.

The mushrooms coming back were also good. This way, he would not be so close to Jian Hua when they’re out in public.

With the mushrooms, Li Fei knew that Jian Hua would definitely verify the safety of this room. For example, no one would eavesdrop, nor any cameras or the like. Li Fei was innocent in public but unbridled before him, Jian Hua was already used to it, or rather, he had long discovered that Li Fei was so varied and loved to show his acting skills.

Since his lover was entertained, he didn’t care.

“No, you are happy.” Jian Hua looked into Li Fei’s eyes, he wondered why Li Fei was always happy today.

“Let them desperately seek evidence. If they can’t get any benefit, they’ll quarrel with each other, be scolded by their children, scolded by their relatives, and pointed at by passersby. They would eternally regret that they missed the money. Isn’t that interesting?” Li Fei nodded towards Jian Hua’s red lips, he smiled and said, “When I called them back then and pretended to follow their ideas, should I ask for money for those few minutes of performance? Seeing their homes become restless is also worth it. When they can’t find evidence, I’ll send a letter from my lawyer and scare them. If they still want to make trouble, my reputation loss fee, can they afford it?”

“It’s not enough even if they sell all their possessions.” Jian Hua answered thoughtfully, then nodded, saying from the heart, “Now that I think about it, you’re really like the villain in the original book.”

“Same to you, you are my boss behind the scenes.”

Li Fei picked the mushrooms on his feet and shoved them into Jian Hua’s arms.

He said thoughtfully, “The Black Abyss organization is normal. We played with Johnson, that little devil, to the other’s applause. As long as the boss sees someone as not pleasing to the eye, I will find a way to get rid of them.”

“Only Flame Demon is very disobedient, you gave me that impression.”

Jian Hua sat on the chair very cooperatively, trying to think like the boss. He found that Li Fei’s only non-exclusive role-playing was Flame Demon.

Li Fei said without blinking, “This is very simple. Use your power to tie Fire Demon to your room, I promise he’ll be very obedient and never dare to disobey anything you say.”

Jian Hua: ……

No, this is not an improv play, his skin is just that thick.

Li Fei approached him and whispered to his lover’s ear, “I know he would love to be tied to you forever.”

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