I'm Scattering IQ to the Protagonist

Volume 4 Chapter 68

Chapter 68 | Arc 4.

Hearing this, Su Yu’s eyes flashed and then a meaningful smile appeared, “So this demon didn't possess superb acting skills, he was just under the Soul Assimilation Technique ah. And even deceived me.”

Master Host, you've got the wrong point, okay? Round Ball blazed towards the frontline of considering the problem for once. It asked, "If this leopard was being controlled, then he couldn't possibly be the mastermind behind it all. So what are we going to do now?”

“What to do? Naturally it's to throw out this dead leopard, ” Su Yu replied with a little disgust. “I really dislike this technique. How about we just directly destroy the demonic cultivation world?"

This really scared Round Ball. According to its host's previous actions, he was completely capable of such a thing! It quickly responded, “Not everyone in the Demonic Cultivation world practices these kinds of evil technique ah. The Soul Assimilation Technique requires great spiritual energy each time it's used, the caster can easily succumb to heart demons or cause irreversible damage. There are very high risks associated, so even in the Demonic Cultivation world, there aren't many people who would use this."

“What you’re saying has some sense, but I’m still going to catch the person i want.” At this point, Su Yu’s eyes flashed with strong anger. If others act against him, then he'll repay them tenfold. If they act against his lover, then even a hundred-fold, or a thousand-fold, were not enough!

Round Ball no longer opposed Su Yu's words, but said a little sadly, “We don't even know who the real mastermind is though. It feels like the enemy is in the shadow, while we are out in the open. We are at a real disadvantage."

Although Round Ball was adept at tracking and monitoring, that was only when it had a clear target! Since it didn't even know who it was supposed to track, then naturally there was nothing it could do.

“Is there someone in the Demonic Cultivation world with a status similar to mine, like an elder?" Su Yu asked after a moment’s silence.

Round Ball answered honestly, “Yah, the Devilish Elder. In fact, the Demonic Cultivation world is rather similar to our Beast Demon world. The only difference is in cultivation tactics. But because we're two different races, we don't have much communication with them."

“Maybe that Devilish Elder is the mastermind?" Su Yu slightly narrowed his eyes, his voice low and unwavering.

Round Ball was silent for a beat. It couldn't tell if its host was joking or not – sometimes, it really couldn't keep up with this man's thought process!

“In the original plot, why did the mastermind perform a soul binding art on Ling Tian but didn't have him kill the Demon Elder directly, but rather, chose to create a 'second amnesia' for him and only then did he use Ling Tian to kill Yao Zun?" Su Yu’s long fingers slowly tapped on the jade table without rhythm, him speech coming out slower as well.

The little ball thought carefully, and then an idea suddenly flashed by, “Could it be that the mastermind is like you Master Host, super bored with life and loves to play pranks of questionable tastes?"

Su Yu’s forehead instantly became covered with countless black lines. He stared blankly at Round Ball and then stated without any inflection, "Heh heh."

Faced with the "Heh heh," Round Ball's entire being felt unwell. It could only uncomfortably squirm out, "Then what's the reason?"

Su Yu just got up and went outside. He had no interest in staying with this annoying system, whose IQ was doomed with no cure.

Round Ball also knew that its earlier words had somehow upset its host, and so it dared not to follow. Instead, it obediently tossed out the half-dead leopard.

Su Yu left his room and went to find Ling Tian. This who fiasco with the leopard beast was out of his calculations, but that didn't mean he didn't know what to do in this situation.

Rather, he actually obtained a clearer sense of the big picture, letting him fill in some of the gaps which were left in the original plot.

As the chief disciple of the Taoist world's Qi Sect, Ling Tian personally killed the original Demon Elder, and in the Taoist world no less. This was obviously not a simple grievance. To sow discord between the Taoist and the Beast Demon worlds, it was evident as to who profited the most from all this.

Although the original plot never mentioned the Demonic Cultivation world, that didn't mean they didn't have anything to do with the ongoing affairs. Perhaps, in the shadows where no one saw, a pair of eyes were steadily taking in everything that was happening, and making further plans.

Although Su Yu did not like the uptight and presumptuous Taoist cultivators, he found that this secret mastermind from the Demonic Cultivation worlds that liked to play with puppets even more annoying. Therefore, between the Taoist and the Demonic worlds, Su Yu did not hesitate to choose the former.

And so, Su Yu who had wanted to dramatically snatch his lover back from the Taoist world, changed his mind, and decided to dramatically bring his lover back into the Taoist world.

Sitting next to his sleeping lover, Su Yu sighed and took out the prop that he had redeemed before, muttering, “This is just a short parting, so that we can work together better in the future. So you can’t blame Master ah."

Having said that, Su Yu promptly used the [Short-term Memory Modification Potion] on his lover. What he didn't notice was that as he was talking quietly, Ling Tian’s fingers trembled a few times.

With the prop successfully used, Su Yu began to manually program the memory modifications, as well as the duration.

Since they were going to play, then naturally they had to play well. Su Yu unhesitatingly set the duration for the longest setting possible – 10 days.

At this time, Su Yu had not yet learned the lesson that sometimes, if one plays over the limits, then the one to suffer in the end will be himself.

Finishing up with the settings, Su Yu called upon Round Ball and then the two of them transported Ling Tian to the Taoist world, near the Qi Sect.

With Su Yu’s cultivation, to quietly appear within the Qi Sect was but a piece of cake. In a matter of moments, he appeared in the small courtyard that Ling Tian had once lived in.

Because he was Qi Sect's chief disciple, Ling Tian not only had his own courtyard, but he also had two disciples standing guard outside the gates. It's just that these days, since he had disappeared, there wasn't a need for guards anymore and so those disciples had been assigned elsewhere.

Su Yu lowered his lover onto the bed, and then turned around to inspect the courtyard with disdain. Sure enough, his own dwelling was much more luxurious and comfortable. It was such a shame to let his lover live here in this dinky little place.

The sound of quiet footsteps arrived from outside, and Su Yu hurried back into the house to see his lover one last time before sneaking away from the Qi Sect.

Soon after, an outer disciple walked through the doors. He had come to tidy up the courtyard, but who knew that as soon as he entered, he saw a figure lying on the bed! It was none other than his missing Senior Brother. The disciple was shocked and immediately ran out to find Ling Tian’s master – that is, the honoured elder of the Qi Sect, Bao Yunzi.

As soon as Bao Yunzi heard the news, he hurried over. Upon seeing the sleeping Ling Tian, he quickly used his spiritual energy to awaken the other.

Ling Tian woke up from an empty dream, only to find two strangers standing by his bed. He looked around, but did not see anything that he recognized. Turning to them, he asked with vigilance and bewilderment, “Where is this? Where’s my Master?"

Bao Yunzi was full of concern, waiting for Ling Tian to wake up and inquire as to his whereabouts these days. Hearing this though, his gaze narrowed and his face became heavy, “Ling Tian, this elder is your master.”

Ling Tian only became alert and wary. He slowly sat up from the bed, already gathering his spiritual energy. “You are not my master. My master is the Demon Elder of the Beast Cultivation world!"

These words were delivered powerfully, but they almost caused Bao Yunzi to faint with anger. This little disciple that he had carefully taught and raised up, now saying such unfilial words, it simply almost angered him to death!

But Bao Yunzi realized that Ling Tian wasn't exactly in the right state, and so he didn't release his anger, just patiently asked, “Ling Tian, where have you been the last few months? What happened to you? Where is Mo Han who left with you?"

Ling Tian, however, was fully consumed with thoughts of finding his master and simply did not want to listen to this stranger talk anymore. He got down from the bed, and replied with a firm attitude, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m going to find my master now.”

Clearly he – the master – stood in front of him – the disciple – and yet his disciple was mouthing off about having to leave to go find his master. Bao Yunzi’s heart was simply too depressed at this moment.

“Ling Tian, you must no longer make a fool of yourself! This Elder is your master, and you are the chief disciple of the Qi Sect in the Taoist world. That you should recognize a beast demon as a master, what nonsense!" Bao Yunzi finally could not hold on to his temper anymore. Even if it was nonsense, there still needed to be a limit, “If you are set on being a fool, then this Elder wouldn't mind helping set you straight."

Ling Tian was able to understand the literal meaning of this remark, but he was also very puzzled. Why was this person claiming to be his master, and that saying that he was the chief disciple of Qi Sect? How could he possibly be part of the Qi Sect? He was clearly the only apprentice to the Demon Elder!

“I simply do not recognize Your Excellency, I ask your Excellency to please stop making such a joke, “Ling Tian did not try to force his way out because he couldn't read the cultivation of the man before him, so he dared not act lightly, “If your Excellency is really a bright and righteous person, then please let me leave here – I still have to go back to find my Master.”

Thick veins almost burst out of Bao Yunzi's forehead. If it wasn't for the fact that he could tell something was wrong with Ling Tian, then he would have already set forth and punished this little brat. "You honestly don't recognize me as your teacher anymore? Then do you still remember the Qi Sect?"

Ling Tian coldly emphasized, “My master is a beast demon!”

Another thick vein erupted. Bao Yunzi felt that if he continued to talk with this chief disciple of his, then he might walk the path of fire and succumb to heart demons. “Since you are so disoriented, then in the next few days meditate on your identity and think of your past. This teacher will come see you again in a few days."

Having said that, Bao Yunzi turned around and left, sealing the courtyard as he stepped out. Even though Ling Tian's cultivation had risen by quite a bit, he was still no match for Bao Yunzi and so despite his shouts and threats, he was still ultimately trapped inside.

Through his phantom mirror, Su Yu closed his eyes in pleasure as he listened to his lover shout out 'Master!' over and over again. This feeling of being the only person his lover remembered…. it really was too great! Su Yu was so happy he almost started floating.

To the side, Round Ball gave a shiver and wanted to say something. However, remembering how it had just offended its host not too long ago, it wisely decided to keep quiet. It's just, it couldn't help but think, Master Host if you keep up your mischievous tastes and pranks, aren't you afraid of getting divine retribution one day?

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