I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Have You Seen My Fiancé?

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Yuncheng City.

The courtyard of the Emperor Hotel.

The flowers were in full bloom, and the breeze carried the floral fragrance with it.

But Qiao Mianmian was unable to admire its beauty, the scene seeming to suffocate her.

Warm light spilled on the ground as a couple of familiar silhouettes embraced under the tree.

“Brother Ah Ze…”

The lady’s voice was gentle and soft. Her fair arms were wrapped around his neck as she rested her head on his chest affectionately.

The man seemed to have other considerations. After some hesitation, he gently and slowly pushed her away.

When Su Ze looked in Qiao Mianmian’s direction, she quickly hid behind something.

She heard Su Ze say, “Anxin, you said you were going to give me a surprise. What is it?”

Qiao Anxin’s voice was sweet and her tone a little shy as she quietly said, “Brother Ah Ze, I’m pregnant.”

At that moment, Qiao Mianmian felt as if she’d been struck by some inexplicable force.

Her eyes widened in horror as her face turned pale.

“What?!” Su Ze appeared shocked too.

“Brother Ah Ze, I’m pregnant!” Qiao Anxin threw herself into his arms and hugged him, her face filled with bliss. “I’m carrying our baby. You’ll be a father soon, are you happy?”

Su Ze lowered his head, his expression still stunned, and furrowed his brows slightly. “When was this?”

“Just a month ago.”

With her body against his, Qiao Anxin looked up slightly and glanced towards the area Qiao Mianmian was hiding.

Her lips curled up, making her appear a little sly. “That day when Sister went for a shoot and we did it at the bay window in your house… that time.”

A month ago, when she went for a shoot?

Qiao Mianmian felt the world spin before her eyes.

At the bay window in Su Ze’s house…

She used to love lying there to read books.

On that thought, she felt her gut churn.

Qiao Anxin said some more, but Qiao Mianmian did not process it.

Her mind was a blank.

A while later, she heard Su Ze say, “Let’s go back. We’ve been out here too long, she’ll get suspicious.”

When they were done being intimate, they headed back to the living room.

Qiao Mianmian was pale as a sheet as if her heart had been ripped apart.

Through those bloodshot, teary eyes, she saw Su Ze wrap his arm around Qiao Anxin as they made their way in her direction.

Seeing that they were approaching, she ran off in a panic.


Giddy and weak, Qiao Mianmian had no idea if it was because of the alcohol she’d just imbibed.

While running, she accidentally bumped into a few big men clad in black.

She was just about to apologize when one of them held her tightly. “That’s her. We found the person, take her away!”

That’s her?

Had they gotten the wrong person?

Qiao Mianmian struggled for a bit and tried to resist, but she had no energy left in her.

She got increasingly giddy and soon her consciousness blurred…

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