I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1170 - Old Madam, Second Master Is Here

Chapter 1170: Old Madam, Second Master Is Here

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“Of course not. Didn’t you tell me just now that an eSports professional player is a new profession and can earn a lot of money? Although there weren’t such professions in our era, grandma knows that the times are changing.

“At that time, playing games all day might not be a proper job, but now it can become a profitable job. Grandma doesn’t know much about this industry, but Chen Chen likes it, so Grandma will support you.”

They didn’t do the DNA test on Qiao Chen yet, so they couldn’t confirm if he was from the Mo family.

But the Old Madam was certain that Qiao Chen was her grandson.

The thought of what Qiao Chen had told her and his illness caused the Old Madam’s heart to ache.

Even if Qiao Chen wanted to be an eSports player, the Old Madam wouldn’t object to it.

In her opinion, this grandson of hers had suffered so much since he was young. If he were to acknowledge the Mo Family, she must make it up to him.

Moreover, Qiao Chen had good manners and a good personality. He was someone that the Old Madam liked.

Qiao Chen was touched. “Grandma, you’re the best.”

“You want to be a professional eSports player?” Mo Yesi raised his eyebrows and smiled. “That’s simple. Didn’t you tell me before that you liked the NG Team? If you want to be a professional player, you can join a professional eSports team under the Mo Corporation.”

NG was the best team among all the professional teams in YX Alliance.

Almost all the pro players with the best skills were on this team.

Qiao Chen’s idol was also in this team.

“Brother-in-law, can I… can I?” Qiao Chen looked at Mo Yesi, his voice trembling with excitement. “Can I really go to NG?”

“Of course.” Mo Yesi smiled. “I’m the boss. What’s wrong with wanting to help my brother-in-law? Of course, you can’t be too lousy. Otherwise, even if I help you, you won’t be acknowledged by others.

“I believe that you want to be a professional gamer. You want to rely on your own skills to gain the recognition of gaming fans, right?”

“Mm!” Qiao Chen nodded heavily. “Brother-in-law, actually, I don’t need you to let me join the NG Team directly. Just give me a chance to choose. When the time comes, everything will be fair.

“If my skills are not up to standard, I hope that the team will not make an exception and hire me because of our relationship. Brother-in-law, I want to rely on my own abilities to enter the NG Team. I believe I can do it!”

When the young man spoke of his dream, his eyes shone. His dark pupils were like bright stars, shining brightly.

Seeing how confident he was, Mo Yesi smiled and said, “Okay, I heard from your sister that you’re very capable. I’m also looking forward to your performance that day.”

“En, Brother-in-law. Don’t worry. I will definitely perform well and not embarrass you!”

The few of them were chatting happily when a maid walked over. She looked at Old Madam and said respectfully, “Old Madam, Second Master is here.”

Second Master?

Qiao Mianmian looked up at the man behind the maid.

Mo Yesi had already told her that he brought Qiao Chen here today for the paternity test.

Since it was a paternity test, the Second Master of the Mo Family would definitely be included.

Qiao Mianmian finally understood why the Old Madam had asked Mo Yesi to investigate Qiao Chen’s background after seeing him once.

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