I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Who Is She?

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One hour before.

The President’s office.

“President Mo, here’s the information about the lady who was in your room last night.” The President’s Assistant, Wei Zheng, placed the documents on his desk before taking a step back politely.

A man was sitting behind the black office desk.

He was in a black shirt with the buttons at the collar and cuffs and two more before his chest undone. It revealed his toned, alluring chest.

He was looking through the set of documents Wei Zheng had just handed him.

Even as he looked down, his handsome face still perfect in every way—the angle of his nose bridge, his tightly pursed lips, each feature was incredibly charming.

His eyelashes were lush and curled upwards, the way many women could only hope to achieve even with mascaras.

Wei Zheng glanced at his Boss and couldn’t help but swallow a gulp.

Even as a man, he was occasionally stunned by his Boss’s beauty.

A moment later.

The man was done reading the document and looked up.

His handsome face was calm and cold.

“Second Bro, you were looking for me?”

At this point, the office door was pushed open and a man came in.

The man was in a pink shirt, with his hair styled in trendy dreadlocks. On his left earlobe was a shimmering ear stud.

His pleasant face displayed a hint of tension as if he was worried about something. He took just a few steps forward upon entering before stopping in his tracks.

He stood roughly five meters from Mo Yesi and had both his hands in front of him like a student awaiting punishment by the teacher. “Second Bro, I’m in the wrong. I shouldn’t have done something like that last night! Second Bro, you can scold or hit me, but please don’t send me back to the Old Man.”

Mo Yesi looked up at him and sneered. “How daring of you! I’d be too kind if I simply scolded or hit you. It wouldn’t be enough even if you died a hundred times.”

“Second Bro, I’ve learned from my mistake!” Yan Shaoqing was pale from fright. He walked towards Mo Yesi and suddenly knelt on the ground, wrapping his arms around his thigh and crying. “Second Bro, I won’t dare do this again. Please be magnanimous and let me off this time! M-Moreover, you didn’t lose your first time last night…”

Mo Yesi looked at him with disdain and kicked him aside. “You’d better make yourself clear about everything that happened last night. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you can’t walk out of here on your own two feet.”

Yan Shaoqing was in shock now as he continued sobbing. But just a moment later, he wiped his tears and snot away and explained everything he was supposed to.

When he was done, he looked at Mo Yesi with a pitiful expression. “Second Bro, on the account that the beautiful lady got into a car accident on the way, let me off this time. I swear I’ll never do anything like this again.”

Mo Yesi’s expression changed instantly as a strange emotion flashed past his eyes. “You say, she met with a car accident?”

“Yes, yes.” Yan Shaoqing couldn’t wait to be done with this. “She’s still lying in the hospital.”

Mo Yesi appeared calm and composed, but much was running through his mind.

He wouldn’t have the guts to lie about this.

If the lady they’d arranged for him had met with an accident on the way, then who was the lady who spent the night with him?

His brows were knitted together.

Yan Shaoqing started crying again when he saw his stern expression. “Second Bro, Second Bro, I’ve explained myself. I swear, every word I spoke is the truth, there wasn’t a single lie!”

Mo Yesi looked at him for a while before kicking him again. “Leave.”

Yan Shaoqing looked as if he’d just escaped death. He hurriedly got up. “Alright, alright, Second Bro. I’ll leave right now, right now!”

He was gone in the blink of an eye.

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