I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1969 - He values her and her family

Chapter 1969: He values her and her family

“I was afraid she might do something to hurt you.”

“Qiao Anxin? She probably wouldn’t do something so stupid now. She knows what the consequences will be. She wouldn’t dare.”

The most she could do was defame her online.

For example, spreading rumors about her rekindling her relationship with Su Ze.

Based on her understanding of Qiao Anxin, she didn’t dare to do anything else.

“You can’t be too careless. Even a rabbit will jump over a wall when it’s anxious. You’re better than her in everything right now, so she must be very jealous. Oh right, you mustn’t let her come into contact with brother-in-law. Otherwise, with her nature, she’ll definitely have designs on brother-in-law.”

“Brother-in-law is a thousand times better than that scumbag Su Ze.”

Qiao Mianmian was speechless.

She wanted to say that Qiao Anxin was already tempted.

“I’m definitely not worried about your brother-in-law.” Qiao Mianmian never had to worry about such matters. “I believe his standards aren’t that low.”

“That’s true. Brother-in-law’s taste can’t be that low.”

“Alright, I’ve wasted quite a bit of your time. You should go back to class.” Qiao Mianmian looked at her brother a little unwillingly and reached out to touch the big boy’s head. “Chen Chen, take care of yourself and protect yourself too. You must live well so that Sister can rest assured.”

“Elder Sister, I’ll take good care of myself. It’s the same for you. You have to take good care of yourself too. However, I’m not worried about these problems. With Brother-in-law around, he’ll definitely take good care of you. I remember that it’s Brother-in-law’s birthday soon, right?”

“Yes. Soon.”

“Then I have to prepare a birthday present for brother-in-law. I wonder what he likes.”

“Whatever you prepare, your brother-in-law will like it. No matter what it is, just prepare it with all your heart.”

After visiting Qiao Chen in school, Qiao Mianmian went back to look for Mo Yesi.

When she arrived at the Mo Corporation, Mo Yesi had just finished his work.

He picked up his car keys from his desk and walked out with Qiao Mianmian in his arms. “I can’t go to my parents-in-law’s house empty-handed. What do you think I should buy for them?”

“There’s no need to buy anything, right?”

“That won’t do. If we go empty-handed, your parents will think that I’m rude. Let’s go to the mall and buy some gifts.”

Bai Yusheng said that Father Bai had also returned.

Qiao Mianmian had never met Father Bai before, so she was still a little nervous and nervous.

She did not know anything about the man who was her biological father.

However, there was a hint of anticipation in this nervousness.

After leaving the Mo Corporation, they went to a nearby shopping mall.

Mo Yesi chose a watch for Mr. Bai and a set of jewelry for Mrs. Bai. He even bought a suit for Bai Yusheng.

“Why did you give my brother a gift?”

“Your brother is my brother-in-law. It’s only good for me to build a good relationship with him.”


After leaving the mall, the two of them returned home loaded.

Qiao Mianmian didn’t even ask how much Mo Yesi had spent.

Anyway, it was definitely a painful number.

However, thinking that the money was spent on her parents, she could still accept it.

What was even more commendable was that Mo Yesi had such intentions.

He valued her and her family.

Half an hour later, the black Rolls-Royce stopped outside the Bai family mansion.

Mrs. Bai had already come out to wait.

As soon as he saw their car stop, he immediately stepped forward.

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