I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2481 - She Didn't Give Up

Chapter 2481: She Didn’t Give Up

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“Gosh, after reading your analysis, I really think Qiao Mianmian is scary.”

“So, her marriage with Mo Yesi was stabilized by the Bai family recognizing her, the Shen family and Mo family fell out, the Su family went bankrupt, and Qiao Anxin left the industry. All of this was planned by her? Damn, Qiao Anxin and Shen Rou are really unlucky to have met such a scheming woman. Who can predict what she will do?”

Qiao Mianmian never thought that her marriage certificate with Mo Yesi would cause new trending topics.

Moreover, it was negative news.

# Qiao Mianmian schemed step by step #

# Qiao Mianmian and Mo Yesi’s Contract Marriage #

# The real-life version of Gong Doutian, Qiao Mianmian teaches you how to marry into a rich family #

# Qiao Anxin suspected of being framed, Qiao Mianmian cheated #

A few fresh trending topics occupied the top ten list. Before the netizens could recover from the shock of Qiao Mianmian’s marriage, they were bombarded by these new posts.

Oh my.

The trending topics today were too explosive.

It was really exciting and interesting to be able to eat so many melons in a day.

The netizens were very excited.

Qiao Mianmian looked at the new trending topics and her expression turned cold.

Anyone who wasn’t a fool could tell that the trending topics were deliberately controlled.

Someone was targeting Qiao Mianmian.

And now, they were trying to frame her.

Not only that.

They seemed to want others to think that she wasn’t really the daughter of the Bai family. Instead, she used tricks to cheat them and snatched her identity.

Most of the netizens seemed to believe it too.

They started scolding Qiao Mianmian again.

Her good reputation and popularity from the shows “The Meaning of Traveling” and “If You Can’t Love” seemed to be diminishing rapidly.

The netizens could tolerate an actor who didn’t have good acting skills or a bad temper.

Even if they didn’t like her, they wouldn’t criticize her too much.

But if it was a matter of morals, it wasn’t easy to forgive.

Even though no one could prove that Qiao Mianmian cheated on Su Ze, about the story behind her marriage, and that she cheated her of her identity as the daughter of the Bai family, many netizens were already scolding her.

Qiao Mianmian looked at the scolding on Weibo and felt as if she had returned to the days when she was often defamed.

Her cell phone suddenly rang.

Seeing that it was Linda, Qiao Mianmian picked it up. Linda said angrily, “Mianmian, have you seen the new trending topics? Who’s behind this? They actually said that you broke up with Su Ze because you cheated on him first. They even said that you…”

“Sister Xie, I saw it all.” Qiao Mianmian interrupted her.

“You saw it all?” Linda paused for a few seconds before saying through gritted teeth, “All your trending topics today were controlled by the person behind the scenes. I thought that since you and Chairman Mo revealed your marriage certificate, this matter would end here. I didn’t expect them to still not give up.

“They’re trying to ruin you!”

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