I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 348 - Do You Feel Any Discomfort in Your Belly

Chapter 348: Do You Feel Any Discomfort in Your Belly?

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Su Ze looked at Qiao Anxin’s teary eyes for a few seconds and then gently stroked her hair. “I’m not doubting you, don’t overthink it. Linda… has been with Star Splendor for a long time and has groomed many artistes over the years. She has a place in Star Splendor.

“All the artistes respect her.

“Perhaps everyone has been too obedient, so even a minor disagreement on your part ticked her off.”

“But I really like acting.” Qiao Anxin bit her lip sadly. “She can arrange for me to have some variety show slots, but she can’t stop me from acting. I won’t be able to accept that. I can agree to everything else, but not this.

“I always thought she was easy to get along with. Who knew that she’d think of leaving Star Splendor because of such a minor issue. Brother Ah Ze, she knew about my relationship with you, but she’s still doing this. Isn’t she disrespecting me and you at the same time?

“Does she think that she’s too powerful for anyone to go against her just because she’s made her contribution?”

Qiao Anxin sounded so innocent when she said that.

But the moment she was done, she saw that Su Ze was fuming.

Qiao Anxin went on, “You’ve just taken over the Su Mandate, so a veteran like her probably doesn’t respect you yet. Perhaps that’s why she isn’t afraid of you at all. I don’t think she really wants to resign, she’s just venting on me.

“In any case, she’s so sure that you wouldn’t possibly let her leave Star Splendor.”

Since Linda didn’t wish to be her manager anymore…

She could scram.

She needed an obedient manager, not a manager who wanted her to be obedient.

She understood Su Ze well.

What triggered him the most was for employees to not respect him or be afraid of him.

Even though Linda was a long-time employee of Star Splendor, he wouldn’t tolerate her if he knew that she was challenging his authority.

“Since she wants to resign, then let her be. She’s just a manager, I doubt Star Splendor will be affected without her. She knew that you are my woman and still dared to treat you like that. How arrogant!

“I wonder how she treats the other artistes.

“Star Splendor doesn’t need someone like her.”

Su Ze’s face had darkened drastically, and he immediately called the Human Resources Department at Star Splendor to get them to settle Linda’s dismissal.

The Manager of the department got a shock when he heard that, and he even asked for Su Ze to repeat himself.

That reaction made Su Ze even angrier.

He got more adamant about kicking Linda out of Star Splendor.

“You didn’t hear me wrong. I’m referring to Xie Linda. Get her to return to the office to finish up the paperwork. Also, tell her she doesn’t have to look for me. It’s an order.”

Leaning against his chest, Qiao Anxin smiled smugly.

Su Ze hung up and walked her to a nearby seat.

He looked at the scratches on her face and then glanced at her stomach with a worried look. “Anxin, do you feel unwell anywhere?”

Qiao Anxin shook her head. “I’m alright, Brother Ah Ze. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Do you feel any discomfort in your belly?” Su Ze asked a policeman about the situation when he arrived.

According to him, Qiao Anxin and the other actress got in a huge fight. They both hit each other while on the ground, and nobody had managed to pull them apart.

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