I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 350 - Mo Yesi... You're Back?

Chapter 350: Mo Yesi… You’re Back?

Since she had connections with the hospital, it wasn’t difficult at all to get a pregnancy test report.

She went to check since Su Ze wanted her to.

As long as the inspection report came out, he would naturally stop doubting her.

Speaking of which, this was a good opportunity to prove herself.

At this thought, Qiao Anxin immediately nodded happily and agreed. Looking good and obedient, she softly said, “Okay. I’ll listen to you, Brother Ah Ze. Then, we’ll go to the hospital for an examination now, okay?”

Su Ze was taken aback.

Her quick agreement made him doubt himself.

Was he thinking too much?

But since he already had doubts, no matter if he was thinking too much, he had to take Qiao Anxin to the hospital for an examination.

If he really misunderstood her, it wasn’t a big deal as he could just buy her a gift as an apology.

Soon, under the police’s cover, the two left through the police station’s other door. They avoided the group of reporters waiting at the front entrance.


Mo Yesi immediately drove home.

Lei En came out to greet him when he arrived at Lu Shan Gardens.

“Is Madam awake yet?” Mo Yesi took off his coat and tie before handing them to him.

Taking both items, Lei En followed a few steps behind him and respectfully replied, “Madam hasn’t come down yet. She’s probably still sleeping.”

Mo Yesi was worried after finding out about her dysmenorrhea.

He was afraid she was staying in her bedroom all day because of her discomfort.

He went straight upstairs, walking quickly and eagerly. Opening the door, he walked into the bedroom and saw a petite figure lying on the big bed motionlessly. Her posture was the same as when he left, and she was still sleeping soundly.

He couldn’t help but ease his steps.

Walking slowly to the side of the bed, he reached out to gently pull the thin blanket.

Qiao Mianmian had covered her head while sleeping.

He pulled away the thin blanket covering her head, revealing a delicate pink face.

While sleeping, the white skin of the girl lying on the big bed revealed a faint crimson color, just like that of a newborn baby.

When she opened her eyes in a daze, she saw a pair of familiar and dark eyes in the dim light.

Stunned for a few seconds, she stuttered in a slightly confused voice, “Mo Yesi… you’re back?”

Seeing that she was awake, Mo Yesi picked her up with a quilt and embraced her in his arms like a silkworm.

Looking down, he softly said, “Yes, I’m back.”

Turning around to look at the clock, Qiao Mianmian was a little surprised. “You finished socializing so early.”

It was only 5 o’clock.

She thought he would only return at 7 or 8 o’clock.

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