I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 616 - Don't Worry, Your Hubby Will Bear All Consequences

Chapter 616: Don’t Worry, Your Hubby Will Bear All Consequences

Qiao Mianmian was missing Old Madam a little too.

But she didn’t feel too good at the thought of Madam Mo.

She believed that Old Madam really missed her.

But Madam Mo…

Probably didn’t want to see her.

“We’re going empty-handed?” Qiao Mianmian felt bad. “The last time I went, your mom… No, both your mom and grandma gave me really expensive gifts. It doesn’t feel right to go empty-handed.”

“We’re all a family, this doesn’t matter. They’re happy as it is as long as you’re there. Moreover, my family doesn’t need anything.”

“But, I still feel like we should bring something along.”

Eventually, with her insistence, Mo Yesi accompanied her to the mall.

He suggested for her to get Madam Mo and Old Madam a scarf each.

The cashier packed the gifts for them and they left. When they got into the car, Qiao Mianmian still felt that this wasn’t enough. “Should we get something more? It’s just a scarf each, isn’t it too casual?”

The silk scarf was actually rather expensive.

It cost about 80,000 yuan each and was considered extremely expensive to Qiao Mianmian.

But that was her opinion.

To people of Old Madam’s and Madam Mo’s statuses, a gift that cost tens of thousands of yuan would be considered cheap, right?

Then again, she couldn’t really afford much more.

The bangle Madam Mo gave her was worth tens of millions in yuan.

The title deed from Old Madam cost hundreds of millions in yuan.

She would definitely not be able to afford a gift of equivalent value.

“No, it’s fine.” Mo Yesi ruffled her hair and said, “It’s the thought that counts. As I said, Mom and Grandma don’t need anything. Even if you get them an even more expensive gift, they’re not going to be in awe of it.

“The gift isn’t what matters to them, it’s the person behind the gift.

“Alright, that’s that. Do you not trust your husband, mm?”


Qiao Mianmian mumbled, “I just feel like in comparison to the gifts they gave me, the one I got for them… is too small.”

“One of them is my biological mother, the other is my biological grandmother. I lived with them for over 20 years. Baby, I know them better than you do. If I say they’ll like it, then they surely will.

“You won’t go wrong listening to your Hubby.”


Qiao Mianmian couldn’t argue any further. She simply nodded and said, “Anyway, you’re the one who said this. It’s not me being stingy.”

Mo Yesi chuckled. “Mm, I said it. Don’t worry, your Hubby will bear all consequences.”

They reached the Mo Residence about an hour later.

Uncle Zhang was waiting for them at the entrance.

“Second Young Master, Second Young Madam.” Uncle Zhang greeted them. “Dinner is ready, Madam and Old Madam are waiting for you.”

Mo Yesi nodded and held Qiao Mianmian’s hand as they walked in. “How have Madam’s and Old Madam’s health been?”

Uncle Zhang was behind them and said, “Madam and Old Madam are in the pink of health as before.”

“Mm, Big Brother and I aren’t home usually, so please take good care of them.”

“Yes, this is only what I should do. First Young Master is back today. He’s chatting with Madam and Old Madam in the living room.”

Mo Yesi stopped in his tracks and raised his brow. “Big Brother is back?”


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