I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 990 - Other Than Her, There Won’t Be Anyone Else

Chapter 990: Other Than Her, There Won’t Be Anyone Else

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Madam Mo wasn’t willing to admit Qiao Mianmian’s identity.

Hence, she didn’t even want to mention her name.

Mo Yesi also noticed this and his expression darkened. “Mom, are you talking about your daughter-in-law? She’s tired, so I let her sleep in the lounge first.”

Madam Mo’s expression stiffened when she heard the word “daughter-in-law”.

This was undoubtedly a mockery to her.

She had always felt that her two sons were the most outstanding in the world and that the other half they would find in the future would definitely be compatible and equally outstanding.

Especially when compared to her eldest son, Mo Shixiu, she’d always doted on her youngest son more.

She didn’t expect her beloved son to do something so disappointing.

Ever since he was a child, Mo Yesi had always been sensible and had his own opinions. He could do things well and never let them worry about him. He never disappointed them in anything he did.

Hence, she trusted her youngest son.

He never made her worry about anything.

But he disappointed her in the most important thing in her life.

He married a woman that she despised.

And now, for that woman, he didn’t even care about her.

This made Madam Mo angry and upset. She felt that she had raised this son for nothing!

“Daughter-in-law?” Madam Mo couldn’t help but sneer as she recalled all that had happened. “I’ve never acknowledged that woman as my daughter-in-law. You took the initiative to marry a woman that I won’t acknowledge.

“I only have one daughter-in-law in mind, and that’s Rourou.”

Mo Yesi had always been considerate of Madam Mo’s status and thought that she was still his elder. Even though he felt uncomfortable, he didn’t say anything too extreme.

He was afraid that their relationship would worsen.

He knew how Madam Mo treated him since he was young.

He didn’t want to fall out with Madam Mo over this.

No matter what, Madam Mo was his mother, his closest kin.

Mo Yesi really wanted to settle this conflict.

But no matter how capable he was, he couldn’t possibly handle everything perfectly.

Especially someone like Madam Mo, whose prejudice and dislike towards Qiao Mianmian had been carved into her bones. It was even harder for him to change her mind.

Previously, even though Madam Mo was unhappy with Qiao Mianmian, she didn’t make it too obvious because of Old Madam.

On the surface, it seemed alright.

But now, she was revealing her unhappiness.

She said it in front of him.

Mo Yesi’s expression changed.

He didn’t expect Madam Mo to like Qiao Mianmian as much as he did.

But as his elder and closest kin, if she couldn’t even love her, he would feel sad and disappointed.

Madam Mo knew how much he liked and cared about Qiao Mianmian.

But she said that in front of him.

Not only did she not respect Qiao Mianmian, but she also didn’t care about her son.

At this point, Mo Yesi didn’t care about the relationship between mother and son anymore. “Mom, I’ll tell you directly. In this lifetime, your daughter-in-law will only be one person. That’s my wife, Qiao Mianmian.

“Besides her, there won’t be anyone else.”

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