I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

Chapter 68. Epilogue

Chapter 68. Epilogue

Today’s an important day. I paid more attention to my hair than I usually did and took out a suit from the vault. A gift that she gave to me some time in the past.

“...Seems a tad bit strange, doesn’t it?”

Well, I’ll get used to it. I fixed my tie one last time in the mirror. I checked for any dust on my suit. I needed to be perfect today.

Can’t make any mistakes this time.

I walked down from the library down to the first floor. I stopped for a second to look at the kitchen. Thinking of the adventure we shared made me smile uncontrollably.

I walked forward.

Once I opened the door, I was greeted with a shower of warm sunlight. It was spring. Already a year and three months had passed since that incident.

I worked quite hard during that time.

I absorbed Necro’s magic.

I turned the entire world against me.

I ran around everywhere trying to deal with the mess I’d made. And finally, I was ready to meet her.

“I wonder if I’m too late…?”

I walked the spring path laid out before me. The town was busy with workers running around rebuilding the destroyed buildings. We should be able to get a functioning country up and running in about three years. I was planning on helping them as much as possible from the sidelines in the process. I looked down at the town that “we” were to live in and moved high up in the sky.

A beautiful view was laid out before me.

The location where the castle used to be had turned into a giant crater that had filled with seawater, turning into a bay of sorts. The dead earth that used to be the Haze Republic was now being dotted with patches of plants.

Even with a tragedy like that, the world was still moving on peacefully. Towards a better world for everyone, like she said.

“...I think I can do it now.”

My heart had calmed enough. I moved to the edge of the country and was greeted with a field of spring flowers. Starting from linden viburnums, laurels, all the way to forget-me-nots. Almost all the spring flowers seemed to have been gathered here. In the middle of the field was a magnolia tree that had fully bloomed.

I wonder if she’s still waiting? Maybe she left after having waited for such a long time…


A pleasant zephyr swept through the field of flowers, causing a wave of flowers to float up into the air. I looked up into the sky as I walked. A single magnolia petal was dancing above me.

In front of this beautiful sight, I could only think of one thing.


I was lucky to be born in this world----.

“Aliyah Herz.”

Now, let us be happy together. If we are to make a happy world, the first person who needs to become happy is you.

“----Heart of Gold.”

A question appeared in front of me.

<You’ve selected [Life]. Will you purchase it? Y/N>

If there was one thing that I would wish for, it was her happiness. I answered the question with a smile.

“----Yes, please.”

Thank you for this world.

<I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World, 完>

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