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Chapter 1224 - [Bonus chapter]A Catastrophic Disaster

Chapter 1224 - [Bonus chapter]A Catastrophic Disaster


The limos all drove in, and the press began making a fuss, raking as much footage as they could.

And soon enough, those within the limos stepped out, and the excitement from the crowd was now over the roof!

Damn. What a group of good-looking people!

Some who saw Mother Beverly were already prepared to capture her stunning figure.

So beautiful!

Of course, Beverly and the rest had long gone over what to do in this scenario after taking lessons from Lucia.

So as planned, they occasionally raised their hands and waved elegantly at the crowd.

Their hearts drummed with anxiousness when looking at the group of people who seemed so over the moon to see them..

They don't think that they had never faced such a scene in their lives!

F***! The attention they were getting was just over the roof.

And at some point, Beverly started blushing when listening to the comments from those at the sides.

God!... She felt so young listening to their undisguised praises about her beauty and her figure.

Her blood pumped and soared while walking next to her daughter and her husband.

Uther's ears also blushed after experiencing such a thing.

Giggle. Giggle. Giggle 

Lucia giggled after seeing her parents like this.

Shy much?


The gang walked on until they finally ascended the Grand stairways.

And almost immediately, the limos were then directed to the building where each guest would be staying.

There, their luggage would be offloaded and kept in their rooms... After all, they didn't have the expensive V.I.P treatment from the airports.

Nonetheless, the Baymardian Royal guard had long been tasked with picking them up after they all checked out in the traditional way ordinary people did.

But for sure, amongst those in the limos were also a few head guards... After all, they couldn't just leave their monarch unprotected even if they trusted their Saviour. It was in their job description to be by the Monarch. And they dared not slack at it.

With that said, the rest of the Royal Zalipnian guards that arrived later would be shown to their corresponding rooms later on.

You know, during this period, a multitude of Royal guests were expected to arrive.

So all Hotel-like Guest buildings in the palace would definitely get used during these few weeks.


Kora blinked in shock and disbelief when staring at the dark-skinned people headed her way.

You know, when her brother came back from Zalipnia, she did receive a gift from her aunt Lucia who she had only seen in pictures.

So even though she was knowledgeable and prepared for this moment, she still couldn't hold back the shock in her eyes.

White long hair that was almost silvery, long pointy ears, dark skin and several other features that seem to make them all so beautiful.

Again, was it just her or did it seem like these people, be it the ministers, elders or even the royals, almost had similar body sizes and tall heights too.

It was as if they, the Zalipnians, couldn't grow too buff or big.

They were just right, with the perfect amount of lean muscles too.

And their long pointy ears for one, made them look like humans out of this world.

Kora smiled and blushed like a fool when Lucia started making a fuss over her.

Dear God! She was a lady and was already falling into Lucia's charms.

Sigh... What a fatal beauty.

She looked at both Lucy and Lucia and felt that their skin complexions were like day and night.

Lucy had always seemed different to her.

Lucy's skin was so light and not like anyone's in Pyno. And after seeing the witches, it was clear that Lucy wasn't a person from Pyno.

Kora looked at both gorgeous women and only wanted to give the heavens a thumbs up for their creations.

Indeed. Both women were lethal beauties.


Everyone was getting along merrily, and soon enough, the guests now retired to their rooms after a hefty meal.

And the moment Landon stepped into his office, his entire body turned cold.

'System. Transmute mission!'

'... Good host...'


Landon didn't even want to bother talking to the system because if he did, he would've definitely grown crazed instead.

His wedding was in a week and 5 days. So what kind of bloody mission did the system think of now?

Hehhehehe... If he left Lucy at the altar, best believe that she would choke him to death instead.

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth in full-on rage while finally looking through whatever mission the system had brought up.

And now that he was away in the confines of his office, he wanted nothing more than to kill that dog system of his.

'I'll kill it!... I'll Kill it if I ever get to the heavens!'



Landon quickly took deep breaths while trying to calm himself.

[Host... Your anger levels are rising too high.]


Landon, who had found a way to calm himself, was again angered just from hearing the system's voice.

Dammit! Dammit!

He only prayed that whatever mission it was, was one that he could get done over a long span of time.

No quick mission, please!

[Main Mission: Use last awarded medical knowledge to Prevent the catastrophic disaster in the continent of Romain. 

Mission Rewards: Advanced 20's Tv configuration... Meaning no more Cathode Ray Tvs.

Dateline: If left untreated, the Entire Romain will get infected by Next June. And by then, over 80% of the population will be wiped out. The situation is worse than Earth's black plague and cannot be left undone. So the faster the host takes action, the less likely the virus will spread. FAILURE: DEATH and Soul Obliteration... Since the host has failed to save over 80% of Romain's population

Oh... And host, this system wishes you a Happy Wedding.]

(-_-)... I don't need that coming from YOU!

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