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Chapter 1347 - A Righteous Claim!

Chapter 1347 - A Righteous Claim!

Today's weather was dull, with very little to no sunshine.

Many quickly checked the weather report before stepping out.

"No~~... The weather says there's a 90% chance of rain from 11 A.M to midnight. Dammit! Does this mean that I won't be able to walk back home after work?"

Many were now used to listening to the weather reports on a daily and weekly basis, thanks to those in the weather & Atmospheric Academy.

With thousands and thousands of years of recorded information, it was easy to overlap and map out the chances of rain, snow, or sun shining hourly... Though at times, it would get delayed for a bit or arrive earlier than expected.

But all in all, the chances could only be said to be slightly different.

This alone had saved many while going about their businesses.

Like so, the news reporters had long planned for today's matter, setting up cameras in their vans or building tents to accommodate them for the time being.

The rain today would only get heavier by 3~4 P.M.

Thankfully, the meeting would end at 2 P.M.

This meant that they had to hasten their post-interviews before the weather got harsh.

8. A.M.

The various news reporters from different stations were posted around, looking at the roads for the emergence of the many protagonists today.

"Look! Look! It's Queen Lucy! Quickly, take a shot!"

"Over there! Whose vehicle is that?"

"Wait!.. Isn't that the same vehicle that picked up the Rolnad council when they first arrived in Baymard? Look! There's even the famous green-friendly flag on the limos, indicating that those inside should be foreign guests."

"Ahhh~ the chuckles are pulling up. Look! You were right! The Rolnad council is here! Well then, what the hell are you waiting for? I want eyes on them. Make sure you get them good!"


Like so, the camera crews from various stations were going crazy, competing with one another. Meanwhile, Gillard and his men finally stepped out, heading into the massive building before them.

Looking left, looking right, Gillard lifted his nose to the sky arrogantly.

"Sir Gillard, please...this way."

"Hmm..." He replied, filling the security staff into the massive room.

And once he found his seat, alongside that of his men, he sat down arrogantly, crossing his arms against his chest.

Here, many shook hands and saluted one another to express peace... But when a person tried to be nice to Gillard, he only felt they were provoking or mocking him even more.

'Bastards! Just you wait! After the sufficient evidence I present, you'll all be begging me for assistance!"

Lucy glanced at the grumpy fellows, not bothering to care about them.

Jemini stood by Lucy's side like a statue, carefully observing everything around her. "My queen, they're planning something. I don't think they'll be able to go down without a fight."

Lucy suddenly smiled. "That might be true, but are you forgetting that we have several other secret weapons of our own?"

Almost immediately, Jemini's eyes twinkled, looking at the other incoming guests.

That's right. They had other counterattacks too.

Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock.

Time flew by swiftly, with representatives from all Pyno empires attending. There were also a few others in various professions that were allowed to grace the massive hall too.

And soon, it was already 9 A.M.

The cameras were recording, and the meeting had officially begun.


First, Lucy gave a brief welcome, outlining the agenda and firmly addressing the prominent giant in the room.

"And now, we will give way for Council least Gillard," Lucy said, gesturing to Gillard, who was now leaning forward, closer to the microphone on his table.

This was it! This was his moment!

With a confident smile on his face, Gillard went straight to business.

"For easier purposes, my council had properly organized our facts, lest some of you brainless people don't understand."


Is this how you begin?

Everyone in the room was cold, though they held their anger.

Seeing this, Gillard sneered.

What? Has his intimidating aura finally pressurized them?

"Yes, brainless is what you all are. Your various theorems are what will cause the end of the entire world as we know it!"


"First up, let's talk about one of the root issues caused by your facts and misleading advice to many. As many of you know, all women have your bloody shedding linked to the phases of the moon."

The Rolnad members glared at everyone, fiercely nodded as though trying to force everyone to accept these facts.


And the more Gillard spoke, the more confident he was.

"Women!... We all know that because of their connection with the phases of the moon, this is in itself evidence that they are linked to the moon goddess, the key holder of fertility!

Again, many of you are also aware that a woman's shedding symbolizes heaven's punishment on them! That's why, unless women's periods are strictly monitored and synchronized, the world will descend into chaos! Look! It's already begun plummeting, with the emergence of the Zombie virus!"



Lucy and many listened, almost their eyes heavenwards.

So they're blaming it all on women and them, the Baymardians?

Do women hold that much power over nature?

Firstly, the fact that a woman's shedding was linked to the moon's phases due to some supernatural or heavenly punishment was inaccurate.

The reason why such a myth might come up was that a majority of women start a new monthly period every 29~30 days, which was similar to the moon's 31-day orbit around Hertfilia.

Back on earth, the moon's orbit was a 29.5 one... But here, it was a 31-day orbit.

Thanks to Landon's input and books, though they've never gone to the moon, many could undertake this basic fact.

Of course, even back on earth, the 18th and 19th-century humans had studied and understood the moon before sending the first astronaut or satellite to space.

Those 18th and 19th-century people had debunked most of these myths... though a bit too late since women had been suffering oppression for centuries, through the 9th, 10th, 11th to the 17th century.

The moon's orbit around the world and the fact that most women begin a new period at that specific time caused the myth and link to be made.

Lucy found Gillard's claims ridiculous.

Was he trying to say that the Zombie virus resulted from less monitoring of women?

Please!... If they had such powers to turn the whole place apocalyptic, wouldn't they know?

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