I'm the King Of Technology

Chapter 18 Cooking?

Once Landon went to his room, he decided to look at his reward for completing his first mission.

"System, show me my stat and rewards"

>Host name: Landon Barn

>Age: 15

>Status: King of Baymard

>Level: Beginner (Level 1)

>Current Sitaution: Healthy

<Fixing Barrren lands and mapping territory with the help of the system completed

<Rewards: knowledge on gun powder and canon making. Host will also receive 100 development points.

<Overall Points: 100 Development points (DP)

A pop of message showed up when he was done reading the information on his screen.

[ Receive Rewards: Yes or No ]

Landon accepted it and immediately felt a surge of information flowing into his brain. After using 30 minutes to digest the large amount of information from the system, he decided to view his next mission.


Mission: How can you protect your technology, if your kingdom defenses are so weak? Use your newly acquired rewards to create and test warfare cannons for the protection of your kingdom.


•Will your people keep living in thatched and mud houses? As the future kingdom for technological advancement,it's very humiliating. Hence, host will receive all knowledge on cement manufacturing.

•Host will also receive 20 Godly food recipes and 5 spice making recipes. In the future, if host needs to create toaster's, microwave's, oven's and so on, your people should know why they need them in their everyday lives. Hence they need to appreciate these various cooking appliances, so as to create new ways of cooking and satisfy their pallets.

•Lastly, host will also receive 250 development points (DP) and 1000 Technology points (TP).

Deadline: no specific time required


Landon looked at the mission and was completely baffled. The rewards for the new mission left him stunned.

It's not that he had a problem with cooking. But when anyone is asked about technology, they would think about A.I systems, laptops, cars and so on...No one would ever mention anything about cooking.

But now that he thought about it, if he could come up with different spices and dishes, people would want to eat them everyday. Hence they would ready appreciate cooking appliances like frying pans, ovens, grills and so on. So in a sense, it was still a technological improvement in this era. Afterall, people want things that make their lives better and easier.

Making them learn how to cook these godly recipes with their crude cooking methods, will make their pallets satisfied.

But once things like frying pans, microwaves, toasters, oven's and so on come out, they'll see how crude they're cooking methods were and understand the importance of technology. They'll see how using these appliances can save time, cook efficiently and open new doors in the cooking industry.

More importantly, those appliances would be available to all...not just royalty or large households. Peasants would be accessible to them, and sooner or later, they'll see these appliances as essential needs for everyday living.

For a moment, Landon thought this system was actually trying to brainwash people. I mean, he loved technology and all, and he saw its importance...but why couldn't he create these cooking equipment's first before introducing these godly dishes?

The system wanted these people to crave for the dishes. The more they craved, the more they'd try cooking them over and over again.

By doing so, they would spend lengthy amounts of time cooking a single dish. And when Landon makes cooking appliances that reduced the amount of time to used in cooking, they'd be hooked on them for good.

The system just wanted people to practically worship technology. At this point Landon wouldn't be surprised if in the future, a 'Technology Church' popped up as a religion.

In fact Landon observed that the people didn't really know about deep frying methods. They knew about frying food, but these fried dish's were only served in the palace and top class restaurants or large households.

Even the way they fried was terrible, it was like they were so afraid to fry anything else other than rice, eggs and meat. Landon thought this era was somewhat equivalent to the 10th Century Medieval times back on earth.

He just couldn't understand why they couldn't even fry vegetables or something else? What baffled Landon was that fish was often boiled, baked or roasted but never fried. I mean.... if you could fry meat, why couldn't you fry fish? What kind of logic was that.

But he knew that he also couldn't entirely blame them too...Afterall, frying only became popular 60 years ago in the empire.

Landon's late grandfather who he never met, had gone on a sea voyage to one the empire's in Pyno, called Terique. He had tasted the fried meat there and instantly fell in love with the taste.

He later sent a group of chefs to learn about frying from them. These chef's returned after 6 months and taught the different chef's in the Capital of Arcadina. As time went by, these practices spread out to other chef's, but majority of the chef's never experimented beyond what they learnt.

Landon guessed that the few popular chef's who did experiment, failed when trying to fry vegetables, fish and other foods. So they concluded that these foods couldn't be fried. They probably fried them using the amount of time needed to fry meat as a basis. For sure, the results were catastrophic.....The foods were burnt to a crisp.

The more he thought about it, the more he changed his mind. It's not that they didn't understand logic, it was just that they were ignorant. Afterall seeing is believing.

Back on earth, people believed that the world was flat until someone proved them wrong. They also believe that someone with a dying heart couldn't be saved, until some performed the first heart transplant in the world. If someone told Landon they could breathe in space, he would tell them to prove it first before he believed in them.

Humans believe what they see. So when those chef's failed in experimenting with frying, they only said what they saw and believed.

Afterall back on earth, it was only until the 13th century before people knew other foods could be fried. And only until the 16th century before people knew manure was good for crops. Unless you provide substantial evidence to support your claim, no one would believe you.

Coming back to cooking, most people just roasted or boiled food over the fire for long periods of time. Then they would add various leaves, honey and salt as spice's. Landon thought grills were an absolute must as well as fridge's. Some people didn't even use salt because salt was very expensive.

Some of the cooking appliances in this era eere not practical for everyday use. Their pots didn't have handles and were unnecessarily large. They looked like a witch's Cauldron in those fantasy movies.

The only thing that Landon found ok, was their baking methods. They could make sweet delicious pastries, pie's and a various types of puddings.

Their oven's were used in baking and also used in making mud-bricks. They were really expensive for peasants to use. So he already decided to make ovens that ran on electricity like those found on earth.

Most ovens only existed in large households and bakeries. In larger and flourishing cities, it was common for a community to have a shared ownership of an oven to ensure that bread making was accessible to everyone rather that private individuals.

'Ahhhhhh....I have a long way to go.....I see why I need those dishes...I wonder when I'll be able to eat Pizza again?' Landon thought as signed helplessly when he thought about the backwardness of this era.

Just thinking about how much work he had to do in the future, gave him a minor headache. Why couldn't he transmigrate into an era which was close to the 18th century on earth or more? Truly tragic.

Landon decided to sleep early, as he had to give the knights their first military test in the morning.

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