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Chapter 599 Making History Again: T.Vs

Chapter 599 Making History Again: T.Vs

Winter laid down her ice blossoms, and Spring swooped in like a mighty wave in the ocean.

As the days turned warm, the sun stretched out even more in attempts to melt the land's frozen body.

Springtime came like music to the soul that played like a sweet lullaby, rocking the winter back to slumber.

Because though the winter was cherished, Springtime usually brought about the first blooms of vegetation on Hertfilia.

The newly green wings shell out of their cocoons joyfully, the land starts preparing for growth.

Of course, it had also rained both heavily and lightly for 5 days straight.

And now, according to the system's weather forecast... Landon knew that the next 3 days would be slightly sunny with no chance of rain falling anytime soon.

Hence these were the days that were chosen for today's matters.


Finally, the Hertfilian world would have its first-ever Television marketed out.

And so, how could the people not get crazy?


'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'


'Peep! Peep!'

The sounds of cars honking and driving, as well as hurried footsteps... Could be heard all across Baymard.

Everyone was both excited and determined to get their own TV and cassette player.

After all, before TVs were made public... There were many adverts on the magazines, billboards and even within several buses and trains that emphasized how life-changing they were.

It was said that these Tv thingies could make pictures talk and move all on their own.

Additionally, it was said that it was very similar to watching mini-humans in the Tv box thingy.

So how could the Baymardians not be overly excited?


Even the non-Baymardian residents, international students, visitors, merchants and others from outside... Also rushed to the stores as well.

This was something revolutionary, so would be they be stupid as to not get there now?

Their hearts surged with excitement when they pictured what it would be like.

And with that, everyone who was free or off from work quickly made their way to the stores.

As for those who worked or were engaged with other matters like going to the hospital... All wanted to cry and curse their luck.

Why did they have to be busy on such an important launch date?

It was just not fair!!

"Oh my heavens!

So they're real?"

"Look! Look!

Look at the store T.V that is on!!!"


The pictures are actually moving!

How....how is that even possible?"


Truly brilliant!"

"Look! Look!

The man on the TV is about to eat worms.

Ugh!... How disgusting but exciting!"


What is showing on the Tv there?"


It says that it's a Tv series called Fear Factor!"

"Tv series?

What's the difference between that and a movie?"


Are you living under a rock or something?


Take this magazine and have a look!"


I get it now..... The Tv series had many episodes, while movies didn't."



bro... Why are you putting in a helmet?"

"Are you new here?"

"Yes, I just came in last week!"

"No wonder...

Now look around!"


How come most people are also wearing helmets too?"

"Well bro, you'll just have to find out for yourself, would be you.

Now if you don't mind... It's finally time for me to dive in."

"Wait... What do you mean?"




And just like that, everyone went crazy as they tried to fight their way towards the back of the stores.

Of course since both Tvs and cassette players were huge, once they reached a certain distance ahead... All fighting had to stop and everyone had to stand in line, just in case they accidentally broke the other Tvs in the stores.

So right now, everyone was just fighting to grab carts and line up instead.

Because without the carts, even they were scared that they would break these heavenly objects.

And so people wrestled and fought for carts even right outside the stores.

Of course on such a day, how could the royals also sit quietly?

It's been a few weeks since William and his family had arrived in Baymard.

And within this time, Landon had also introduced them to King Micheal of Terique as his family too.

Both families were shocked that Landon had rescued the other, and to their surprise, they had also been placed as neighbours here in Baymard too.

Additionally, Landon had spoken about the fact that he had already signed treaties with them... Which made them gasp at how fast and thorough the great was.

And since they had signed the same treaty, that meant that they were now brothers with one another... Who would strive for peace and unity alongside Landon.

So it didn't take too long before but Oden and Micheal became close..... As they talked about politics and other exciting things within Baymard.

For sure, their women, Mona and Jasmine... also hung out together as well.

Because to them, they were very similar since they were both undercover.

Their children also bonded with each other, and they had even shared some of their plans on bettering their empires after all this charade was over.

Of course these past few days, they too had heard all about these Tv thingies as well.

So how could they not go out and get theirs?


Right now, they were starting at the massive crowd that seemed to be martial arts experts.

Even a 14-year-old was deadly when it came to matters like these.

"Michael, you old boy!

I see why you asked us to wear helmets."

"Hahahhahahaha... Trust me!

This is the famous Baptism that you all have been hearing about."

"But... isn't this a tad bit too much?" Oden said while smiling wryly.

From what he was seeing, wasn't this the same as battle?

How was he and his family supposed to get their own TV and Cassette player amidst the crowd?

He felt like it was too shameful for him to do so.

But before he or his family could say anything?

Jasmine, Micheal and William all pulled up their sleeves and readied herself for the fight ahead.

"This is Baymard tradition, so don't be shy."

"What shy?

Bro.... Don't tell me your scared.

Hahahahhahahaha haha!"

"Dad, mom, uncles...as someone who has been here before, you need to get with the program alright?"

Oden, Mona and uncles: (-_-*)

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