Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 10: Great treasure, Moonstone

Chapter 10: Great treasure, Moonstone

Elder Zhang was checking on the person who had been electrocuted. If he had yet to stop breathing, there was a chance to save him. The only consolation he felt was when he heard the person in blue say that he was going to give him a Superior Grade Yellow Ranked Martial Technique.

He got very excited. Even in the entire Zhang Clan, only two or three copies of a Superior Grade Yellow Ranked Martial Technique was in their possession. It would be worth it even if that Zhang Clan disciple died.

Elder Zhang received it and smiled. “Many thanks to senior. Should we turn back and take another path?”

The person in blue shook his head. “There is no need, the road on the right will probably lead to the same destination, the exit is definitely within this stone room.”

When the person in blue ended his statement, he carefully inspected the entire stone room, sweeping his eyes across the four walls before finally resting his gaze on the wall in front of the table. A hunch told him that the exit should be located in front of them, but he was simply not familiar with these strange mechanisms. If he wanted to find a switch by chance, it would be very difficult.

Since he could not do it that way, then he would do it the hard way! The person in blue began to speak in a deep voice: “Move aside, I am going to pierce through this stone wall.”

When a Martial Saint expert took action, it was difficult to avoid any casualties. When the surrounding people heard what he said, they hurriedly hid behind him. Shortly after, the rocks appeared on the right arm of the person in blue again.

The rocks were moving around strangely on the arm of the person in blue, in fact slowly embedding into his skin, leaving behind a small gray line that seemed to move towards his palm like a poisonous snake.

When that line arrived at the palm, it formed a spiral and continuously rotated. A terrifying energy seemed to blast out from his palms, after which he immediately jumped up and quickly struck out, his palm hitting the stone wall in front.


The entire stone room shook continuously. There were plenty of stone fragments continuously falling down as well. With a bang, the stone wall in front was blasted apart, revealing a hole large enough for two men to enter.

The person in blue withdrew his hand. Looking at the hole in front, he indifferently said: “Let’s go.”

Although the person in blue said to go, he did not make a move. Elder Zhang couldn’t help but call him an old fox in his heart, but, at this moment, he could not afford to offend him. He led the members of the Zhang Clan and entered the hole.

After going through the hole, the viewing range in front widened, opening up to reveal to their eyes a vast stone platform further ahead. When he raised his head to look at the ceiling, he measured it to be somewhere around a hundred meters high. There was a stone pillar in the middle of the stone platform, the faint radiance glowing off of it attracting all of their gazes.


“What a big piece of Moonstone!”

That glowing stone pillar was actually carved out of a large piece of Moonstone. Damn it, what a waste, he actually used Moonstone to carve a pillar. Each and every one of them reprimanded exactly this in their hearts.

In the Tianwu Continent, Moonstones were quite rare, and the few locations that had Moonstone quarries were already confirmed to have dried up many years ago.

With such a large piece of Moonstone, they could forge a countless amount of Spirit Weapons. If they used the entire piece and mixed it with some other rare materials, it would even be possible to make a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon. Due to the scarcity of Moonstones, the Tianwu Continent had not seen any Heaven Grade Spirit Weapon in hundreds of years.

Not only the person in blue, but everyone in the Zhang Clan would wish to obtain it. When they thought about the value of this pillar made of Moonstones, they could not help but swallow their saliva. However, the gaze of the person in blue was not completely focused on the pillar. He noticed an exposed sword hilt at the top of the pillar.

That should be the sword hilt of a Spirit Weapon, a Spirit Weapon that was inserted into the Moonstone. What rank was this Spirit Weapon? Earth Ranked? Definitely not, it was at the very least a Superior Grade Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon, and it might even be a legendary Divine Weapon. When the person in blue thought of this, his blood began to boil.

However, when he thought of the owner of the cave, the person in blue immediately calmed down.

“You guys, go in front and check out the situation. After this matter is over, I will reward you guys will 500 taels of gold each.”

Under the promise of a great reward, the morale of the Zhang Clan disciples was raised tremendously. They all condensed a protective barrier and walked towards that stone pillar carefully. When they were about fifty meters away from the stone pillar, a faint yellow barrier suddenly appeared. It blocked their passage as though it was a wall, and even their vision seemed to be blurred.

Regardless of how hard they tried, the few Martial Disciples could not press forward. They used their Martial Techniques to smash against the thin barrier. In an instant, many Martial Techniques flew at it.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!”

When the Martial Techniques struck the thin barrier, they were actually reflected back at the crowd, their speed and might increased by a fold. In an instant, the Zhang Clan disciples were all struck by their own techniques, causing them to fall to the ground and cry out in agony.

With this sudden unforeseen turn of events, the Zhang Clan disciples all immediately became afraid. This yellow barrier was too weird, and the other Zhang Clan disciples who had yet to go up did not know what to do.

The expression of the person in blue did not change, as though he had expected such a scenario. He slowly walked to the front and placed his hands on the yellow barrier. A wave of Essence extended from his palms onto the barrier, his consciousness controlling the Essence to move around on it. After a long period of time, he understood what to do.

The Essence in his body quickly circulated, and even more Essence came out of his palm, like tiny snakes swimming about on the thin barrier. When he saw that the barrier was completely covered with his Essence, he stopped supplying it and used his consciousness to control the tiny strands of Essences to tightly stick to the barrier.


The person in blue shouted softly, and the Essence that was stuck on the barrier started to flow back. The thin yellow barrier started to shake, after which a tiny hole the size of the eye of a needle appeared on the thin barrier. The person in blue felt joy in his heart and used his left hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

“Elder Zhang, this thin barrier is the restriction left behind by that predecessor. Based on my strength alone, I can only open a hole the size of one person. Remember to get your men to move faster.”

In the stone room that Xiao Chen was in.

A horrifying electrical current shot out from the Thunder Roc on that embroidered box, hitting and catching Xiao Chen off guard. The electricity traveled through his fingertips into his body, the devastating energy frantically filling his meridians without any restraint. The Essence in his body attempted to resist the invasion of this lightning, but it immediately dissipated when they came into contact.

The horrifying energy traveled up Xiao Chen’s arms through his meridians, rapidly heading toward the Dantian. Xiao Chen was startled…...

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