Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325: Arriving at Myriad Fiend Island

Three days later, Mo Chen succeeded in refining the special lamp oil. After filling the Buddhist lamp with it, she handed the lamp to Xiao Chen and said, "Alright, bring out the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame and place it on this Buddhist lamp."

With a thought, the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame came out of the Heart of an Emperor. Then, he opened his mouth and spat it out.

The dim Heavenly Snow Divine Flame seed was snow-white, giving off a gentle beauty. It easily made one forget the malevolent nature of a primal-chaos-level flame.

Xiao Chen found it strange when he discovered that the Udumbara seed in the flame had taken root in the Heart of an Emperor and did not fly out with the flame seed.

However, he was not concerned with this at the moment. When the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame landed in the Buddhist lamp, the lamp immediately ignited, and Buddhist chanting rang out full of peaceful thoughts.

Mo Chen felt intoxicated by this. "There are different ranks of flames, nine of them. Right now, this Heavenly Snow Divine Flame is unranked. Although the Buddhist lamp is nurturing it, it will take about half a year to reach Rank 1. If a high-ranked monk were maintaining this, it would rank up much faster."

After some thought, Xiao Chen took out the Maheśvara Buddha's śarīra and placed it above the lamp flame.

Instantly, rings of Buddhist halo light appeared. The Buddhist chanting became even more pronounced. An arhat was vaguely visible in the middle of the Buddhist halo lights, maintaining the lamp flame. That was the remnant willpower of the Maheśvara Buddha.

"Big Brother Xiao Chen really had a lot of fortuitous encounters. This is a Buddhist śarīra. It is better than having a high-ranked monk maintain the flame," Mo Chen said excitedly.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and opened his right palm. Then, the Buddhist lamp, together with the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame, slowly sank into it. There was a Beautiful Mountain and River Painting in his right hand, which he once refined. The painting was damaged, and he never got it repaired. Now, it was useful for placing this Buddhist lamp.

"I'm leaving. I'll be gone for at least three months, but I will be back within half a year," Xiao Chen said softly after he dealt with the Buddhist lamp.

With the Deity Dao Union pressing over, he needed to leave—for the Supreme Sky Sect, for the Kunlun Realm, and for himself—to fight for hope.

How could hope be obtained?

It could not be begged for or pleaded for. It could only be fought for, with man, with one's self, and with heaven!

After leaving Heavenly Star Island, Xiao Chen did not choose to head for the Black Sea or the even farther Human-Demon Sea.

The Thirteen Great Bandits of the Black Sea, as well as the Human-Demon Sea's Dugu Kuang, should be rather easy to convince. Xiao Chen had a friendship with them and knew that they would not be much of a problem. This was especially so for the Thirteen Great Bandits of the Black Sea; they would be even easier to convince.

However, the Deity Dao Union was very strong. He could not truly block it with just these reinforcements.

So, Xiao Chen went to seek new allies. He set his sights on the Heavenly Starry Ocean. The first stop was Myriad Fiend Island.

The Myriad Fiend Island ruled the Fiend Race of the oceanic world with the Myriad-Law Fiend Master as the ruler. They did not have a close relationship with the Fiend Race of the Kunlun Continent. The Myriad Fiend Island was very strong, especially the Myriad-Law Fiend Master, who was a Prime. They occupied their own territory, and no one dared to offend them.

Trying to convince them would clearly be very difficult.

However, opportunities and hope were fought for by oneself. If one did not fight, there would be no opportunities. If one fought, there would at least be a chance.


Three days later, Xiao Chen arrived in the sea region that the Myriad Fiend Island occupied, a vast sea region full of life.

When Little Yellow Feather was born, Xiao Chen accidentally entered this sea region and fought with a Fiend Race archer. He knew that while the entrance looked very peaceful with only uninhabited islands, it was tightly guarded. Anyone who was not a Fiend would immediately be discovered when they got close. Even Fiends of unknown origins would find it difficult to enter.

Given Xiao Chen's current experience and eyes, he could tell that the entrance to this sea region should have a formation. The many islands appeared disorderly but were actually nodes of the formation.

There were thousands of these small islands spread out over five thousand kilometers. This showed how wary the Myriad Fiend Island was of outsiders.

Just as Xiao Chen was thinking, three figures flew over from a distant island.

Sonic booms rang out, and three figures stopped in front of Xiao Chen in mere moments. The red-haired Fiend Race cultivator in the middle looked at Xiao Chen and asked, "Who are you? Right now, the Myriad Fiend Island is sealed up and does not welcome outsiders."

After the Thunder Sovereign disappeared, the Kunlun Continent sank into great chaos. Even the Heavenly Starry Ocean could not escape it. The Myriad Fiend Island already sealed themselves up very long ago, not wanting to be swept up in the chaos and unwilling to get involved.

These words stunned Xiao Chen when he heard them. Then, he laughed in his heart. This stance might appear cautious, but it was actually just waiting for death.

A Demonic Calamity of an unprecedented scale was arriving. No one in the Kunlun Realm would be able to avoid it.

"The Dragon's Gate's Xiao Chen is here to request a meeting with the Myriad-Law Fiend Master," Xiao Chen said calmly as he performed a cupped-fist salute while looking at the three Fiends before him.

When the three Fiends heard Xiao Chen's name, they were all stunned and in some disbelief. The fame of the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen had already spread throughout the four seas; few would not know of him.

The red-haired Fiend appeared rather calm. He asked, "What proof do you have? I do not remember the Azure Dragon King's hair being white."

Xiao Chen removed the Azure Dragon King's insignia on his chest and tossed it over without saying a word. The red-haired Fiend caught it and carefully inspected it.

Azure dragon patterns were carved on the ancient insignia. When the red-haired Fiend touched its surface, he heard a dragon roar from it.

"It is real!" a person at the side exclaimed. When he looked at Xiao Chen, his expression changed from suspicion to respect.

Although the Azure Dragon King was not one of the peak major characters at the moment, he still possessed a rather strong deterrence.

The red-haired Fiend returned the insignia and said, "The two of you, bring the Azure Dragon King past the Thousand Star Formation. I'll go back and report."

The two Fiends led Xiao Chen through the huge, complex Thousand Star Formation. As Xiao Chen traversed it, he could feel many people's perception sweeping over him.

Several times, Xiao Chen even sensed danger.

On the other side of this Thousand Star Formation, the scene before Xiao Chen changed suddenly, an incredible island appearing before him.

The island was thirty kilometers tall and had rings layered over each other. As it sat on the sea, it was like a majestic mountain rising from the ground, astounding Xiao Chen.

He had never seen such a tall island before. Even the Immortal sculptures that he once saw could not compare to this.

Is this Myriad Fiend Island? Why does it feel like it would be better named Myriad Fiend Mountain?

Aside from this island, there was no other island around for thousands of kilometers. It seemed like all the Fiends of this sea region lived on this island. This was surely a lively and bustling place.

"Brother Xiao Chen, how are you so free to come and visit Myriad Fiend Island?"

A person in the distance ran on the water while laughing. With each step, huge waves soared up with loud splashes.

When this person got closer, Xiao Chen saw that it was Di Xinhan, the one with the Heavenly Spiritual Body, a person he once fought at the Four Seas Hero Gathering and someone whose skills he appreciated.

"You guys can leave first. I'll entertain Brother Xiao Chen." Di Xinhan walked over quickly. Then, he waved his hands and dismissed the two Fiend Race guards.

"Yes, Young Master!"

After the Fiend Race guards bowed, they left respectfully.

After not meeting for a few years, Di Xinhan was much stronger. However, he was still not a Consummation quasi-Emperor; he had not condensed a vague form of the Heart of an Emperor, although he was only slightly short of it. Given an opportunity, he could advance at any time.

This was a huge improvement. Nevertheless, compared to the Kunlun Continent's demonic geniuses that returned from the Astral Battlefield, he was still slightly weaker. However, Di Xinhan possessed the Heavenly Spiritual Body. If he truly fought one of the Kunlun Continent's demonic geniuses, he might not be at a disadvantage.

As Xiao Chen sized up Di Xinhan, the other party was sizing him up as well. After a while, he shook his head and smiled bitterly. "I took a nap, and when I opened my eyes, I discovered that I could not even see your back anymore."

Xiao Chen said calmly, "Brother Di, you are being too humble. It was just a coincidental fortuitous encounter that gave me a method to condense the Heart of an Emperor in advance. In the future, when you advance to Martial Emperor, your accumulations will not be any weaker."

Di Xinhan smiled faintly and said, "Let's not talk about that for now. Can you tell me what you are here for? My martial uncles heard that you came, and all of them came out. This is something really rare. Can you tell me in advance what it is about?"

Xiao Chen thought, Although the upper echelon of this group of Fiends chose to seal themselves up, it looks like they are still up to date on the news.

They can see the situation in the Kunlun Realm clearly. Perhaps this will make things easier.

Xiao Chen had a deep impression of this Fiend Race outstanding talent, who had been willing to fight him fairly. After thinking for a while, he told Di Xinhan the truth.

After Di Xinhan heard everything, he stopped and looked at Xiao Chen in shock. "Brother Xiao, I did not hear wrong, right? You are here to convince that old ancestor of mine?"

Xiao Chen asked, "What's wrong? Is it very hard?"

Di Xinhan smiled bitterly. "Too difficult. This great grandfather of mine is very obstinate and never changes his mind. As far as I remember, no one has ever managed to convince him of anything, even if we check the past one thousand years."

Xiao Chen was flabbergasted to hear this. He smiled and said, "I'll still give it a try. A great calamity is arriving; no one will be able to avoid it. I believe that Senior Myriad-Law Fiend Master should be able to see this clearly."

Di Xinhan nodded and smiled. "You are ambitious! However, the ones managing the Myriad Fiend Island now are my martial uncles. Great Grandfather has not appeared for a long time already. If you want to meet the old ancestor, you have to clear the stage of my martial uncles first. Just this group of people is already a headache.

"Oh, right, I would not have thought about it if you had not mentioned it. Two days ago, people from the Deity Race came. Back then, I was in quiet cultivation and did not care about this news. Now that you told me all that, I think they must have come here on the Deity Dao Union's business."

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. This was not a piece of good news.

The Deity Dao Union was already very large, yet they did not give up on pulling in any faction worth pulling in.

The two chatted as they walked. Soon, they arrived at Myriad Fiend Island. The liveliness of the island far surpassed Xiao Chen's expectations. This was his first time seeing so many Fiend Race cultivators. Some of them had not even transformed into human form, walking on the streets in their true form.

Such a scene could appear only on Myriad Fiend Island.

As each ring layered on the previous ring, its height increased. The higher one went, the more clearly one sensed the dense Spiritual Energy. With Di Xinhan leading the way, they moved unhindered; no one questioned them.

After a few kilometers, the island already pierced through the clouds. The buildings on the island appeared ethereal like celestial palaces.

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