Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712 (Raw 1724): Leaving the Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion

On the Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion's seventh floor, Xiao Chen held on to the Tyrant Saber. His body was bathed in blood, and his figure wobbled.

His body suffered not only the accumulated injuries containing various Great Dao Energies—ice, fire, lightning, and several others, all different from each other—but also the side effects of activating the Azure Dragon bloodline.

With the multiple layers of injuries erupting simultaneously, it was like a flash flood breaching the banks, unstoppable once it started.

The strong Azure Dragon War Body and Xiao Chen's tough and resilient physique were like a dam stopping the floodwaters. They could not do anything at all, only containing these terrifying energies and letting them rampage through his body like it was a pool without an outlet.

If these energies were not controlled, the outcome would be extremely horrifying, his body exploding in the next moment.

This was no exaggeration at all. The might of a Dao Tool was that horrifying in the first place. Furthermore, Xiao Chen sustained injuries from several dozen types of Great Dao Energies, which layered over each other. His body could be said to be in complete chaos at the moment.

Xiao Chen's blood vessels ruptured, and blood leaked out all over his body. He now looked utterly terrifying, thoroughly covered in blood.

Hua Yunfeng reacted very quickly. In this opening of chaos, when the others were still stunned, his figure flashed, and he arrived beside Xiao Chen. Then, he laid his hand on Xiao Chen's back.

At this crucial moment, Hua Yunfeng sent in some warm Veritable Essence Energy. He was a fire-attributed cultivator. Although he had not comprehended the Fire Dao, he already grasped the Fire Domain and could control fire-attributed energy as he pleased.

This warm Veritable Essence Energy was Xiao Chen's last hope. It temporarily soothed the various rampaging Great Dao Energies in his body.

This gave Xiao Chen's body a precious chance to relax. Originally, his body was like a pool of stagnant water without any output. Now, it was like a highly efficient and exquisite machine, slowly starting up to circulate his energy.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Just at this moment, several gazes containing murderous intent landed on Xiao Chen at the same time.

A Dao Tool's appearance would definitely change the genius ranking of the three blessed lands. Further into the future, it would affect the ranking of the various large factions for the next few hundred years.

Whether it was on themselves or their sects, there would be a direct effect.

The outstanding talents here, be it the monks or the Heavenly Shaking Mountain's Confucian scholars, were all people who were decisive in killing. They were extremely smart, and in an instant, a murderous intent bloomed in their hearts.

"Go first. I'll help you to hold them back for a while."

There was no point in wasting time speaking. Hua Yunfeng moved, shielding Xiao Chen. Then, with a backhand, he pushed Xiao Chen to the entrance of the seventh floor.

Hua Yunfeng was a person who was calm with many plans, someone who cherished his schemes.

Hua Yunfeng had already clearly shown his character at Thunder Controlling Peak when he did his best to help out Xiao Chen. However, once the cost exceeded what he was willing to bear, he would start considering the consequences and move according to his plans.

Nevertheless, the situation right now involved the benefits of Hua Yunfeng's sect. Regardless of right or wrong, he was extremely decisive in this.

At this moment, Hua Yunfeng had to protect Xiao Chen. No matter what, he had to let the Dao Tool end up in his sect. He would be much better off, even if he did not obtain the Dao Tool, than if the Dao Tool was snatched away by other sects.

Pushed by Hua Yunfeng, Xiao Chen soared into the air and smoothly exited.

He glanced over his shoulder at Hua Yunfeng helping him to delay the others. This was a friend worth making.

Xiao Chen only took one look before quickly turning his attention forward.

In the current situation, remaining here would just result in Xiao Chen's death. Not only could he not help the other party, but he would even drag him down. Hua Yunfeng should have some life-saving measures and would not die so easily.

The instant Xiao Chen turned his head back, his face sank. He discovered that the heroic-looking female disciple from the Heavenly Shaking Mountain had been waiting here for him already.

Bai Yu was very intelligent. After being awed by Xiao Chen snatching the Dao Tool, she knew that this was her opportunity.

So, she had moved away from the chaotic seventh floor and gone to the entrance to await her windfall.

Xiao Chen's first reaction was to draw his saber. However, when he tried to, he could not unsheathe the saber. His face betrayed his shock.

A confident smile appeared on Bai Yu's face. "It looks like you did not have enough time to completely subdue this saber. Hand it over."


However, who knew, after showing the stunned expression, Xiao Chen just brandished the sheathed Tyrant Saber.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, he executed the Flawless Saber Technique's Heartbreaking Stance.

This saber strike first shattered one's own heart before shattering that of others.

Xiao Chen's body was riddled with all sorts of injuries in the first place. When his heart shattered, he experienced intense pain. The pain that came from the Heartbreaking Stance reached an unprecedented level.

The sharpness of this move was also unparalleled. Bai Yu revealed an extremely shocked expression.

She had never expected that Xiao Chen would still dare to push himself this hard despite his grievous injuries.

Caught off guard, she appeared unscathed when the weapons clashed. However, her heart instantly shattered. The acute pain caused her entire body to tremble.

"I knew that it couldn't be drawn in the first place. It was just a ruse."

Xiao Chen did not capitalize on his victory by continuing to attack Bai Yu. After knocking her away, he headed downstairs quickly.

Bai Yu fell against the wall, holding her chest, her face betraying unbearable pain. Since birth, she had not felt such intense pain before.

The moment Xiao Chen entered the sixth floor, the many true inheritors immediately discovered his blood-soaked figure. Then, they all showed stunned expressions.

After the true inheritors looked around, they all stared at the Tyrant Saber in Xiao Chen's hand. Their hearts immediately raced as two exciting words appeared in their minds.

Dao Tool!

Even the strongest, Gongzi Mo, thought very quickly, wondering if he should take a gamble and activate his Great Desolate Eon bloodline.

However, Gongzi Mo remembered how Xiao Chen knocked him back in one move, inspiring in him a sense of helplessness; he feared that Xiao Chen still had trump cards or would fight to the death.

Making a move here would result in both sides getting injuries, allowing others to take advantage for nothing.

However, everyone was unwilling to give up just like that. Should I make a move? Should I make a move? Gongzi Mo's heart felt conflicted.


How could Xiao Chen care so much? Upon seeing Gongzi Mo's expression, Xiao Chen charged over in a flash, without even thinking, and ruthlessly struck Gongzi Mo's chest with the scabbarded Tyrant Saber.

Gongzi Mo got knocked to the floor, where he vomited a mouthful of blood. His face paled, and his eyes filled with horror.

Seeing Xiao Chen's fierce gaze and domineering aura, Gongzi Mo felt that he was on the brink of death for the first time in his life.

Hesitant and indecisive. Even with an opportunity before him, this Gongzi Mo could not grasp it, either. While he possessed strength, he was just trash in the end.

"I'll let you live," Xiao Chen said coldly, not having the energy to continue attacking. Before the others reacted, he rushed down.

Gongzi Mo held his wound and released a drawn-out breath, feeling that it was good to live.

However, he suddenly thought of something, and heavy regret appeared on his face.

This bastard attacked so ruthlessly. With how decisive he is, how could it be that he did not kill me when he could?!

He is injured in the first place and cannot continue attacking me.

The normally thick-headed Gongzi Mo finally became smart for once. However, his injuries were severe, and he had not given chase.

Gongzi Mo shouted, "You bunch of fools! What are you standing there, stunned, for? Quickly, go after him. He is holding a Dao Tool. How can you let him off?"

His words jolted the true inheritors of the other sects to their senses, regret written on their faces. They had all been frightened by Xiao Chen earlier.

However, now having been reminded, the true inheritors gave chase.

The vast sixth floor emptied out save for Gongzi Mo alone. He clenched his fist and hammered the floor while lying down.

"Damn it! Damn it! Why did I hesitate?!"

That earlier moment had been Gongzi Mo's best chance to obtain a Dao Tool in this life.

However, not only did Gongzi Mo fail to take action, but after Xiao Chen injured him, he even felt grateful to Xiao Chen for sparing his life.

Gongzi Mo's thoughts were like pins and needles prickling him. Regret and hatred mixed together. His lips twitched, and he found breathing hard, vomiting out a mouthful of blood.


"Stop him. He is holding a Dao Tool!"

Upon reaching the fifth floor, Xiao Chen could no longer muddle his way through. The cultivators of the various floors all startled awake and relentlessly pursued him.

Xiao Chen's face remained calm as he held the Tyrant Saber. Aside from occasionally causing some chaos, he did not linger to fight.

However, the people pursuing Xiao Chen were not limited to them. There were the sixth floor, the fifth floor, the fourth floor, the third floor, the second floor…

The longer this went on, the more people there were until Xiao Chen reached the first floor after much difficulty.

"Kill him! He is holding a Dao Tool!"

Countless shouts came from the second floor, rousing the cultivators on the first floor to action, and greed appeared in their eyes. They all looked at Xiao Chen, preparing to launch themselves over.

Xiao Chen immediately felt a fire blaze in his heart. It was like the flames of rage flaring high.

The sixth floor, the fifth floor, the fourth floor…it was fine for the people there to chase him. However, the ones on the first floor were the weakest disciples.

These were ant-like existences, and yet they dared to try and humiliate Xiao Chen.

This was unbearable. Xiao Chen roared furiously and spread out his Great Dao Energy.

"Clang!" Exuding a boundless tyrannical air, he controlled the Profound Tools on the first floor, sending them shooting out with the power of the Dao.

The Profound Tool weapons containing the power of the Dao were not things that the people of the first floor could block.

Instantly, miserable shrieks rang out. These were the cultivators that launched themselves at Xiao Chen.

These cultivators either died or were injured as they were knocked back. They fell to the ground, a sorry sight to see.

This was especially so for a particular pile of people who got knocked away. With Xiao Chen's purposeful control, they blocked up the stairs to the second floor, gaining him some precious time.

Xiao Chen turned around and gently floated out of the Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion. After he landed, he did not even turn his head back as he dashed forward.


Just at this moment, the light from the thousands of Dao disks encasing the Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion vanished, leaving the scarlet light from a single Dao disk.

This light gathered into a majestic, mighty warrior, a tyrannical and powerful figure that shouted and caused the entire Fiendish Demon Battlefield to shake intensely.

It was like the figure was announcing a secret before laughing loudly. The laughter sounded solemn and stirring, peerless. Amid the grimness, there was a mockery and contempt for life and death.

The lingering laughter rang in the ears of everyone in the Fiendish Demon Battlefield.

After the laughter faded, that figure seemed extremely delighted. Then, it turned into a boundless scarlet light and entered the Tyrant Saber in Xiao Chen's hand.

The sky immediately turned dark, and profound darkness descended upon the Fiendish Demon Battlefield. However, a scarlet light shining from Xiao Chen's body soared into the clouds, looking exceptionally eye-catching.

"Damn it…there is no way to leave now."

Xiao Chen gripped the trembling Tyrant Saber amid the scarlet light, appearing helpless. Although he knew that this was some kind of inheritance, now was really not a good time for this.

The scarlet light vanished only after a while. Then, the Tyrant Saber in Xiao Chen's hand became heavier.

At the same time, at certain places, thousands of kilometers from the Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilion, Shangguan Lei, Wang Yueming, and the Profound Light Temple's Zhen Yuan all felt this Dao Might.

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