Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2110 Raw 2215 : Bloody Massacre

Chapter 2110 Raw 2215 : Bloody Massacre

Chapter 2110 (Raw 2215): Bloody Massacre

“I heard that an incredible demonic genius appeared in our Desolate City test zone. He is only forty-seven, and he made his way into the top two hundred of Secret Realm 97.”

“That is a fact. Ten days ago, I saw him kill a Peak Sovereign Personage. He grasped Martial and Soul as One. You did not see it. Those Sovereign Emperors on the thrones felt so shocked that they jumped to their feet.”

“Damn! Martial and Soul as One! This is too demonic and deviant. He is only forty-seven. Oh my goodness!”

“Comparisons are odious.”

“However, it is still going to be difficult for him to make it into the top one hundred. This stage is simply too difficult. There are more than one million participants, the highest the Heavenly Alliance has ever had.”

“We can still hope. After all, he is from our Desolate City zone. City Lord Shangguan appears to be very happy. Perhaps if he does better, we might all be rewarded.”

“Right, right. There are still ten days. There is still a chance.”

When Lei Hao heard the discussions in the surroundings and the shock passed, a smile slowly appeared on his face.

My brother became famous. He managed to gain face for the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor.

Even though Lei Hao got eliminated, he felt much less depressed.

Time passed quickly. Another seven days flew by in the blink of an eye, leaving only two days until the end of the first stage.

After the long calm, the final decisive battle finally erupted in the many secret realms. All the people with a chance to be in the top one hundred went crazy, frantically rushing about snatching Faux God Spirit Jades. If they still did not fight for it at this moment, there would be no more chances.

The final frenzy formally started. A bloody storm spread throughout every secret realm.

Secret Realm 97 was no exception.

“Congratulations, Participant Xiao Chen. You are now ranked one hundred seventy-eighth.”

“Congratulations, Participant Xiao Chen. You are now ranked one hundred seventy-sixth.”

Xiao Chen’s rank jumped continuously for some reason, moving from one hundred eightieth to one hundred seventieth.

However, Xiao Chen’s Faux God Spirit Jades did not increase. He also had not killed another participant.

Xiao Chen had just been preparing to make one final push. Now, he looked at the little light figure in confusion. “You must be mistaken. My Faux God Spirit Jades did not increase.”

“Please don’t doubt the Realm Spirit’s words. Congratulations, Participant Xiao Chen. You are now ranked one hundred sixty-fifth.” The little light figure’s robotic voice had no fluctuation as it calmly reported the changes.

That’s not good!

Someone started a massacre, continuously killing and eliminating the participants ranked higher than me. My ranking is passively increasing.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly. This was not a good thing. There were no weaklings among those ranked higher than him.

This person eliminated ten-odd people with such speed. What kind of enemy did they run into?

Just as Xiao Chen felt doubts, he discovered many participants with horrified expressions in the air fleeing into the distance.

Xiao Chen could not think of an explanation for this. He quickly rushed over and stopped one person. “This brother, what happened? Why is everyone fleeing?”

“Scram. Don’t block my way!”

That person threw a palm strike at Xiao Chen, wanting to knock him back. After Xiao Chen received the palm strike, he recognized Xiao Chen, surprise appearing on his face.

“Sorry. So, it is the White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen. Sorry for the earlier offense.”

After this person recognized Xiao Chen, his attitude improved significantly. However, he still looked back occasionally, clearly very anxious.

“What exactly happened? Did a ferocious beast appear?”

That person quickly replied, “It is more terrifying than a ferocious beast. For the sake of the final ranking, the top ten participants in our secret realm split up the entire secret realm among themselves. The region we are in is the territory of Gong Liangyu, the top rank. Do you think that is terrifying or not?!

“I’ll go first. You should also leave right away. Although we would still have to face one of the top ten participants in the other regions, that would still be better than facing Gong Liangyu.”

After that person finished speaking, he immediately rushed far away.

That person ran quite a distance. Just as he reached the limits of Xiao Chen’s sight, his body suddenly exploded. Faux God Spirit Jades flew everywhere.


Xiao Chen could barely make out a blue-clad figure collecting the Faux God Spirit Jades with the sweep of a hand, making them vanish.

He vaguely sensed the other party glance at him.

It was just one glance, but Xiao Chen felt tremendous pressure, like he had been restrained.

“Realm Spirit, what is going on?” Xiao Chen quickly asked after he called out the little light figure, feeling somewhat afraid.

The little light figure answered in its robotic voice, “The top ten of the overall ranking in the first stage will receive a seeded slot in the second stage.”

“How come I did not know?”

“Only the top ten participants in the various secret realms will receive this information without asking for it.”

No wonder!

Xiao Chen understood after hearing that. No wonder he had felt an extremely strong Soul Energy sweep through the entire secret realm.

It turned out that ten days ago, the top ten participants in the secret realm had started discussing their territories.

This was really not good. Those that could rank in the top ten were definitely participants with an overwhelming edge.

If the Realm Spirit had not informed them, they might not have erupted like this to preserve their strength.

The other participants would feel less pressure.

However, now that the top ten participants knew about the seeded slots in the second stage, they would definitely do their best to fight for one; hence, this apocalyptic disaster for the other participants.

Under the top ten participants’ meticulous planning, the other participants became like lambs to be slaughtered.

The faces of the many Sovereign Emperors in the Starry Heavens above Desolate City changed.

The faces of the many eliminated participants on the Dao Platform changed drastically. The scenes of the top ten participants massacring the others on the light screens were simply too cruel.

“Lord Shangguan, what’s going on?” a Sovereign Emperor asked the purple-haired old man, unable to hold back anymore. This increased the difficulty of passing the first stage severalfold.

This made the first stage even crueler, even more cold-blooded.

The purple-haired old man replied, “I only just received news of it. This is a last-minute decision made by the Heavenly Alliance. There are simply too many participants in this test, so the selection has to be stricter. Otherwise, if we follow the old standards, we can’t catch up with the other super factions.

“When all the secret realms have less than one hundred participants, the first stage will end early. We can only wish them good luck now.”

The top ten in every secret realm were extremely strong existences that inspired fear in others. They held a suppressive advantage over the other participants.

On the light screen, the top ten participants of each secret realm simply massacred the other participants when they erupted with their full strength. There were very few exceptions.

The number of people in each secret realm decreased rapidly. This felt very shocking, unbearable to see.

It was too cruel. This round of the Heavenly Alliance’s test already had the largest turnout, more than one million. Now, the Heavenly Alliance suddenly made such a move. This caught everyone off guard, and they struggled to cope.

“City Lord, it’s not good. The territory Xiao Chen is in was taken by Gong Liangyu, the top-ranking participant in Secret Realm 97.”

“Gong Liangyu?”

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor frowned slightly. He had an impression of this person, who was a disciple of an old friend. This person was three hundred eighty years old and had advanced to Peak Sovereign Personage at the age of one hundred. His Veritable Essence Energy, will, Martial Techniques, and various other aspects already reached the limits of a Sovereign Personage.

Gong Liangyu only lacked an opportunity; he could take the tribulation at any time and become a Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Personage.

Gong Liangyu’s strength was far beyond Qiong Ying’s. Despite grasping Martial and Soul as One, Xiao Chen was not his match.

Xiao Chen was too young. A Peak Sovereign Personage who stalled for two hundred and eighty years held a substantial advantage in every aspect when fighting against him.

If Xiao Chen had another fifty years, he might not fear this Gong Liangyu. But now…

No matter what, Gong Liangyu could be considered Xiao Chen’s senior. When he became a Sovereign Personage, Xiao Chen had not been born yet.

Making the two fight each other was not fair.

Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor said sullenly, “The odds of surviving a meeting with Gong Liangyu are too slim. This Heavenly Alliance’s test is too cruel. I can’t bear to keep watching.”

Old Cui sighed, “How unfortunate. The Heavenly Alliance’s last-minute change is too ruthless.”

With the top ten of each secret realm erupting with their full strength, some participants even died before the Realm Spirit could rescue them.

Such situations rarely happened in past tests.

However, they now did in practically every secret realm.

The people on the Dao Platform, who were eliminated earlier, suddenly felt celebratory, rejoicing that they had been eliminated early.

The participants who had held out until the last two days were simply too miserable.

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