Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 908

As long as Xiao Chen did not stop, this evil Demon clone would suffer endless torture forever.

Seeing Xiao Chen subdue and put away the evil Demon clone, Yao Yan wanted to advise him. However, she knew what his character was like. Changing his mind would be difficult, so she could only leave it be.

A sharp sound suddenly resounded. A green light flashed under Xiao Chen’s feet as many tree branches appeared.

Flickering with a green light, these tree branches were as thick as an arm. They possessed a strong lifeforce that allowed them to grow wildly.

The tree branches completely covered Xiao Chen in an instant, but they did not stop growing, holding on to him firmly, obscuring even his clothes.

The person responsible was the green-robed youth from the One Dao Palace. In his hand was a green banner that had a resplendent star embroidered on it, giving off a boundless lifeforce. This was the Greenwood Star of the nine glorious star lords.

The instant the green-robed youth trapped Xiao Chen, that Chen Lin made a move as well. Evidently, the two previously discussed this at length and had great coordination with each other.

“Rumble…!” Five different colors of lightning—representing metal, wood, water, fire, and earth—struck Xiao Chen, who was held immobile by the tree branches.

It did not end after the various lightning bolts struck. They turned into five balls of electricity and materialized the profoundness of the five elements’ interaction, promoting and countering each other in a balance. A hum resounded from within the tree branches.

Chen Lin stood upright, clasping his hands behind his back. He laughed loudly and said, “Senior Brother, the might of your Greenwood Banner is indeed extraordinary. It managed to trap this insufferably arrogant Xiao Chen easily.”

The expressions of Yao Yan, Long Fei, and Qi Wuxue all suddenly changed. They stood together, standing guard in front of Xiao Chen, and stared at the two angrily.

“Quickly remove your Immortal Arts. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being nasty,” Yao Yan said sullenly. The Thorn Sovereign Circlet on her head gave off green light, her aura soaring continuously.

When the green-robed youth heard the thunder still rumbling, he felt very confident. He put away the Greenwood Banner and said coldly, “Princess Yao Yan, don’t be in such a rush to be angry. After repeatedly killing so many evil Demon clones, he is the only one gaining the Heavenly Soul Pearls. Now that this white evil Demon clone has been dealt with, this Xiao Chen actually wants to monopolize this white-jade Heavenly Soul Pearl. This is too much. He has to die.”

“Very good! He has to die?! Brother Xiao killed the evil Demon clones by himself. It is natural that he got the spoils. Do you think that you are some big shot entitled to demand the Heavenly Soul Pearls that he worked so hard to get?”

For the first time, Qi Wuxue released his baleful aura. His black hair fluttered, and he became like a blood-soaked demon god.

Long Fei put away his folding fan, and the state of ruin gathered in his eyes. The mysterious phenomenon of zither and flute playing sounded from behind him once again. Clearly, he was truly angered.

Chen Lin smiled nonchalantly and said, “After suffering my Five Element Divine Lightning all this time, Xiao Chen should be blasted to slag by now.

“Princess Yao Yan, you still need to suppress the main body of the evil Demon clone. Now that Xiao Chen is dead, aside from me, no one else has the Purple Thunder True Fire. You best think carefully before making your move. Your Merfolk Race can only count on me now.”

The green-robed youth appeared to feel secure in their hold over Yao Yan. He added, “This time, we have to extract the gold Heavenly Soul Pearl from the evil Demon clone’s main body. At that time, the evil Demon will be crippled, eliminating the danger to your Merfolk Race.”

“What a shameless boast! I have long been waiting for you two to make your move.”

Suddenly, there was an explosion behind Yao Yan, Long Fei, and Qin Wuxue. An overwhelming shock wave surged out, sweeping before it wood fragments and filling the sky with them. A white figure flew out from within, shooting towards Chen Lin and the green-robed youth at lightning speed.

Peach blossoms bloomed, the summer sun rose, the autumn wind blew, and the winter snow fell. Everywhere Xiao Chen passed, the season changed between spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It was like the years were flying by.

“Flawless saber Dao, Flawless Four Seasons!”


The Buddhist robes of the green-robed youth holding the Greenwood Banner, as well as Chen Lin’s, glowed with spiritual light. Defensive formations appeared as the two tried to block this Flawless Four Seasons.

However, how could they bring out more strength when caught unawares? Four different saber lights cycled endlessly with unparalleled sharpness, instantly shredding the Buddhist robes of the two to pieces.

“Pu ci!” The two vomited blood and fell to the ground, their eyes wide with shock.

“My Five Element Divine Lightning is effective even against grandmaster-level Martial Sages. Why are you unscathed?” Chen Lin looked at the white-robed Xiao Chen in disbelief.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly and said, “After undergoing my Lightning Tribulation, what lightning have I not seen before? I even survived the even more horrifying nirvanic Divine Lightning and the void Divine Lightning. Do you think I would fear your Five Element Divine Lightning? The thing I fear the least is lightning.”

“Junior Brother, don’t bother speaking nonsense with him. We should work together and execute our Minor Magic Skill—the Ten Thousand Swords Killing Evil Art—to destroy him.”

The green-robed youth and Chen Lin did not say anything more. They both retreated a kilometer and stood in the air, forming hand seals.

Instantly, the Magic Energy of the two drained. Vast and righteous energy surged out, their auras became extraordinary, and they gained a sage-like atmosphere.

Swords flowing with starlight came from their bodies and formed a vast Evil Killing Sword Formation overhead. Boundless killing Qi poured out from the formation. Swords flew around. Yao Yan, Long Fei, and Qi Wuxue had no choice but to retreat a little.

“Minor Magic Skill! These two actually know a Magic Skill of the Immortal Arts!” Yao Yan and the others had heard some things about the Immortal Arts’ Magic Skills before.

This was something that surpassed a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique. Even in the Penglai Sea, not many people knew a Minor Magic Skill; Major Magic Skills were all the rarer.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and quickly formed hand seals as well. The vast Magic Energy in his sea of consciousness burned as he executed his peak Minor Magic Skill—Starry Heaven Storm.

One side needed to work together to execute a Minor Magic Skill while the other side could easily execute a Minor Magic Skill all by himself. It was clear who had more Magic Energy.

Stars appeared behind Xiao Chen, crossing each other and materializing the universe and the chessboard of fate. At the same time, he pushed two stars and shouted. Fate rippled and the Heavenly Dao turned chaotic as he controlled the Starry Heaven Storm to descend.

“This is a peak Minor Magic—”

Before Chen Lin could finish speaking, the black Starry Heaven Storm descended and instantly destroyed the vast Evil Killing Sword Formation. The shattering of countless swords resounded.

Then, the two’s bodies crumbled into dust before the Starry Heaven Storm created a five-kilometer gorge.


Two Yuanyins appeared and entered their life Magic Treasures, which fled in ignominy.

Xiao Chen was very familiar with Immortal Cultivation. Naturally, he would not let off these two Yuanyins. Electric light flashed under his feet since he had anticipated their appearance.

Xiao Chen caught up with the life Magic Treasures and took them in hand. A purple fire burned in his eye. He incinerated the two Yuanyins, not allowing them to escape.

Two life Magic Treasures—the green-robed youth’s Greenwood Banner, the other a Five Element Medallion—landed in Xiao Chen’s hands.


On the surface of the vast Chaotic Demonic Sea was a lotus leaf about seventy thousand square meters large. There were rivers and a mountain on the lotus leaf.

A white-haired old man sat on the summit of the mountain. He had a ruddy complexion and a drawn-out aura. As he exhaled, he exuded pure Immortal Qi.

Towering waves surged up in time with this old man’s breath. Occasionally, the waves tossed huge sea creatures into the air.

Such startling energy was the result of this person merely breathing, leaking it out unconsciously.

Suddenly, this old man opened his eyes, and a cold light appeared in them. He whispered, “Chen Lin and his senior brother are actually dead? What’s going on? With the Purple Thunder True Fire protecting him, he should have nothing to fear from the evil Demon clones. Furthermore, I passed down a Minor Magic Skill to the two of them. How did both of them suddenly die? Their Yuanyins were not even able to escape.”


Back at the great hall of the Sea Monarch Palace, Xiao Chen inspected the Greenwood Banner and the Five Element Medallion and discovered them to be pretty good Magic Treasures.

The Greenwood Star in the Greenwood Banner contained strong wood-attributed energy, which was very suitable for trapping people. At first, Xiao Chen had been unable to struggle free when the tree branches caught him. If not for burning his Vital Qi and achieving half a Dragon Force, he would have failed.

He felt that the full might of this Greenwood Banner had not been brought out yet.

That person probably had not had the Greenwood Banner as his life Magic Treasure for very long. Otherwise, even bringing out half a Dragon Force might not have done the trick.

As for the Five Element Medallion, Xiao Chen liked it even more. Chen Lin had executed his Five Element Divine Lightning through this Five Element Medallion.

With this Five Element Medallion, he would finally be able to utilize his will of thunder to great advantage.

The Greenwood Banner and the Five Element Medallion together would be sufficient to heavily injure a grandmaster-level Martial Sage. They might even be enough to kill one who had not undergone a Lightning Tribulation and gained a strong resistance to lightning.

Yao Yan and the others revealed doubt on their faces. Earlier, they seemed to have heard Chen Lin say something about a Minor Magic Skill before he died. Could it be that Xiao Chen knew Immortal Arts as well?

This news shook everyone. No one had ever heard of anyone capable of both Martial Cultivation and Immortal Cultivation. Immortal Cultivation required an Immortal Destiny, a special kind of physique.

Furthermore, Immortal Cultivation was of a different system from Martial Cultivation. The Cultivation Techniques clashed with each other and could not be cultivated simultaneously. Otherwise, one would explode and die.

I probably heard wrong. I definitely heard wrong, these people thought to themselves, trying to comfort themselves.

Seeing Xiao Chen put away the two Magic Treasures, Yao Yan walked over and spoke to him about going to rescue Yan Chihai and the others once again.

Xiao Chen raised his head and looked around. He said, “There is no need. They are already here.”

The moment Xiao Chen spoke, loud rumbling sounds came from the distance. The group looked over and saw Lang Taotian, Yan Chihai, and the others fleeing miserably. They ran with all their might, not holding anything back, executing their Movement Techniques to their limits.

Their flight kicked up a violent wind so intense that it sounded like thunder to the group’s ears. One could easily imagine how anxious those people were.

When Lang Taotian and the others saw Xiao Chen, they immediately cried out joyfully, “Young Master Xiao! Save me!”

Eight white figures could be seen behind the fleeing people. These white figures had jade-like glows and overwhelming evil auras.

“Eight jade-white evil Demon clones are coming all at once!”

Everyone’s expression changed. Even Xiao Chen felt a headache over this. Just one jade-white evil Demon clone already needed him to put out a lot of effort. Asking him to deal with eight of them together was simply wanting to kill him.

Qi Wuxue immediately cursed, “Damn. This group of bastards. Back then, they were not willing to come with us, yet now they all run over. This is pure sabotage.”

“Let’s go. Don’t care about them. We need to flee first.”

Xiao Chen did not hesitate to turn around. He already expended a significant amount of his Origin Flame while trying to kill the white evil Demon clone. Now, there were another eight jade-white evil Demon clones.

Chapter 908: Greenwood Banner

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