Immortal Becomes a Stay-at-home Dad After Return

Chapter 1

Chapter 01: Return

Central Sea City, Peaceful Residents community.

Peaceful Residents community is located in Haicheng suburb. The environment of community is not good. The residents’ committee survived in name only.

Therefore, even if many unit downstairs iron gates rusted, locks a door continually was a problem, this iron gate as before has not actually replaced.

Chen Xi stands in community entrance in rags. Looking at several young boys are in the garden cheerful played the soccer, in the heart suddenly is having the feeling of separated from the world.

Just likes separated from the world…

Yes, 500 years, five centuries like this long.

Looked like has had a very long very long dream, until conscientious station here, careful was feeling periphery familiar all, Chen Xi thought one woke from that nightmare finally.

His venerable Master had said that in his heart has obsession unable to put down, therefore this life can only stop.

Regarding this, Chen Xi actually slightly thinks otherwise.

Can cultivation base be what kind of again high?

To live 1000 years? 10,000 years? Even live forever?


Fight everyday for cultivation resources. Not able to trust anyone. Conspiring every minute. He was sick of it…

The wisp of obsession that in the heart survives, Chen Xi already could not insist, changed into pou loess in that brutal world.

Now recalls that so-called immortal, does the bastard animal that also struggles the food with these chicken coop pig fences in what have to distinguish?

Earth is good, even though exhaustive but still makes people think comfortable…

Chen Xi delicious is thinking, cannot help but has smiled.

A 4 or 5-year-old boy stands in not far away looks at present this silly odd person.

While he wants goes forward to study well this odd person the time, a fat aunt actually fast flushed from side, then seizes the ear of boy, dragging his ear to walk toward the unit building.

Walks, the fat aunt also while scolds saying: “Your are not at all obedient. How many times have I told you to stay away from strangers? This old man would have killed and then eat you.”

After hearing the words of his fat mother, the young boy obviously is afraid, hastily shrank in herbosom, hid in the unit building under her protection.

Chen Xi stands silently looks has one that at present, on the face unprecedented one embarrassed, then looked down, somewhat helpless smiling.

His present appearance is pitiful.

A white long unlined close-fitting gown already rottenly has become the broken cloth strip, the hair also rotten brewer’s grain like the chicken coop, sends the tree top place even also to have the obvious air burn trace.

His appearance walks, is regarded as on the avenue depends upon to turn the trash can for the fresh lunatic, naturally was also nothing unusual…

His soul is injured, cultivation base has been damaged greatly plus body has innumerable internal injuries…this is the price he paid for coming back .

However turns over to miserably miserably, at least successfully lived is not being?

He crossed the void forcefully by his cultivation base of Divine Transformation stage. He passed through several space cracks, surmounts many galaxies, after the untold hardships, must depend upon mystique method combustion blood essence finally to return to Earth finally…

Can not exaggerate said that after this absolutely is unprecedented , the magnificent feat of non- future.

Chen Xi returned to normal the mood, walked in that familiar direction.

But is getting more and more near along with that familiar unit building, his heart starts the fierce beat unexpectedly.

This intense restless feeling, he 500 years has not realized!

In the cultivation world with hardship suffering 500 years, he a janitor from lowest level became Divine Monarch that overawes regions, actually as before discards all finally, went all out also to return forcefully.

Actually, is not because that wisp of obsession in heart.

Since this lives the hopeless card to result in the imperial throne, why not people eventually go back home, early does rest?

Hugs Chen Xi who must be determined deadly on such depart, but the heaven as if also finally enlarged ones vision.

Thinks one come back also only to see that once all changed to the blue sea turned into mulberry fields entirely, but no one has thought that after Chen Xi arrived at Earth , the surprised discovery, the time on Earth unexpectedly only passed for five years!

Only passed for five years!!!

Actually this is any reason causes, Chen Xi does not ravel, does not want to ravel.

He only cares about a problem now.

Five years passed by, she…

Waited for him?

She now…

Suddenly, Chen Xi does not dare to imagine again.

That only used for 500 years to ascend a height to get a broad view the position of Divine Monarch, was honored as talent list Supreme he, suddenly somewhat was afraid.

Last year in today’s this, lover of last year is gone while the peach blossoms remain the same served as contrast red.

The person surface does not know where, the peach blossom smiles the spring breeze as before.

If you marry other man , I will also complete at that time once to the promise that you made…

Finally made any decision to result in likely, Chen Xi abandoned heart these complex distracting thoughts, entered this leaf of familiar iron gate in big strides.

I struggled to become an Immortal is not for immortality.

Only for…

To protect you for lifetime and give you all happiness.

Third Floor, Room 302.

When sees on the iron gate that already slightly the discoloration ‘luck’ sign, Chen Xi was shocked suddenly.

The ‘luck’ sign has not traded, the antithetical couplet has not traded.

Before he disappeared, he along with her personally pasted this luck sign.

Don’t tell me…

She is waiting for me?

Chen Xi shivers slightly is extending the right hand, has knocked on knocking at a door gently.

Present he, not only stands in the wedding stage the bridegroom who likely prepares to greet the bride, and is one receives the written invitation but actually not to dare to look at the above bridal name.

Chen Xi li takes care of the tattered clothes, wants to stroke them is slightly pleasing to the eyes.

Afterward, he pulls his hair, that skillful movement more than 500 years ago, but also in reading university that little while, every morning before going out the appointment, to the advertisement movement that the mirror will be making.


How long Chen Xi has not waited, in the room transmitted one to answer the door the sound.

Hears this sound that flash, Chen Xi as if thought that his heart instantaneously becomes empty.

This is not her voice…

Absolutely is not.

Perhaps to confirm Chen Xi’s guess, after this sound falls, the gate opens.

At the gate, is one seems the roughly 50 to 60 years old aunt.

The aunt in seeing Chen Xi this tattered appearance, in the eye flashes through a flurry immediately, thinks that was any bad man must come to her home to rob.

“You must do!" The aunt raises the throat to roar intentionally asking.

She somewhat is afraid at present this person, therefore intentionally loud speech, thus alarms the neighbor

“Sister, I am not a unprincipled person…"

Chen Xi helpless toward retroceding several steps, this very reluctant squeezes a smiling face, said: ” I was occupied by here, afterward me before walked, remains my wife to live here… The aunt you knows when she moves out?"

“What thing? I have lived in this! Lived for several years! How to have seen you? Are you here steal ? Did not walk me to report to the police!"

“Don’t… I will leave."

Chen Xi’s helpless smiling, deep after looking at an iron gate above door plate, his then some not willingly has gone down the staircase.

Was not he has possibly remembered incorrectly, was absolutely impossible.

This is his home.

At least, once was his home.

The aunt hides behind the gate, looks after Chen Xi turns around to depart, relaxed much.

Sized up Chen Xi’s silhouette secretly, the aunt is remembering anything to resemble to result in suddenly likely, could not give a thought to that many, opened the door to hastily.

“You wait …"

Before the aunt arrives at his body, raises head carefully look at him some little time, always thought that this person’s in person with that picture looks like very much.

Suddenly, the aunt holds Chen Xi’s both arms fiercely, excited saying:” Is you, originally is you! Chen Family boy! You came back finally!"

“You… Are you Aunt Zhang?"

Before was also only distant has seen one side Aunt Zhang, therefore Chen Xi to Aunt Zhang many impressions, luckily Aunt Zhang will not have recognized him.

“Did you turn into this appearance? In the home is the picture that you left behind at that time, I do not recognize you today… Thank God, has not driven away you fortunately… You came back finally, actually did these years go which? Knows she and others you and others had laboriously…"

Aunt Zhang is drawing Chen Xi’s excited speech, was saying was saying, she like has actually remembered any painful event, could not bear has shed tears.

“Aunt Zhang, sorry, is my mistake, I have not taken care of her."

The appearance that sees Aunt Zhang, Chen Xi does not have heart acid of reason unexpectedly.

That already rock-solid heart unexpectedly also painful.

Reaching an agreement from now is bound by a common destiny, has not thought of Chen Xi actually walking away not making a sound.

This walks, is five years.

“Aunt Zhang, she at home?" Chen Xi shivers the throat to ask.

However, Aunt Zhang has actually wiped tears, off and on saying:” She walked, before being very long, walked, walks had not said which she must go…"


Although has made the innumerable preparations beforehand, but hears this news from the Aunt Zhang mouth truly time, Chen Xi somewhat did not accept.

Calms down in Chen Xi, wants to ask Aunt Zhang more details time, a crisp sound suddenly has actually uploaded from the building.

“Grandmother, are you doing a?"

Chen Xi goes following the prestige, sees only one seems roughly only then 4 or 5-year-old little girl timid standing in staircase.

“Niannian, looked quickly that your father came back."

Aunt Zhang beckoned to call the little girl, then squatted side her, pointed at Chen Xi saying:” Look, don’t you want the father? Your father came back, called father quickly."

Chen Xi was shocked.

Looks that at present this powder carves jade to carve the fine little girl, has a look at Aunt Zhang again a face earnest expression, he compelled ignorant.

The little girls looked at Chen Xi one eyes timidly, then with encouragement of Aunt Zhang, anxiously and somewhat restless calling made noise.


Chen Xi’s head blasts out loudly!

Papa although is very light, but falls in his ear actually just like the thunder crack, making his fine hair but actually vertical.


Has not gotten Chen Xi’s response, little girl also called one.

However this she no longer such fear, in the bright big eye seems having an anticipation.

“Did she have a daughter for me?"

Chen Xi squats down the daughter fiercely grasps, for 500 years such as attach the deep-rooted ulcer of bone to circle throughout in lonely of his apex cordis, finally vanish in this flash finally.

One generation of Divine Monarch, have shed tears in this moment unexpectedly.

For more than 500 years pacing back and forth and worrying, lonely with struggling…it was worth it!

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