Immortal Mortal

Chapter 23: So… You are Mo Wuji?

Chapter 23: So… You are Mo Wuji?

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Ding Bu'Er's face immediately revealed an expression of worship, "Of course! That is the old duke's daughter, Han Ning. She can be considered a genius even in the entire Cheng Yu State. The quality of her spiritual roots are also very good. Three years ago, the old duke specially brought her to Chang Luo, the royal capital, to open her spirits, and she immediately opened seven spirit channels. Now, the little miss is in Channel Opening Stage Level 5, with more than 20 spirit channels opened. If not for this Spring Immortal's Gate, the little miss would have entered a sect three years ago."

Mo Wuji had heard about spirit channels before; the more channels you opened during your spirit opening, the greater your potential. A higher quality spiritual root would cause more spiritual channels to open during the spirit opening. But Mo Wuji only had mortal roots; he didn't even have spiritual roots. Previously when he tried to open his spirits, he could not open any spirit channels whatsoever.

"Why must she wait for the Spring Immortal's Gate? Wouldn't it have been better for the little miss to join a sect three years ago?" Mo Wuji asked puzzledly.

From his point of view, there was an obvious difference between cultivating in a sect and cultivating at home. If Han Ning entered a sect three years ago, her cultivation level would probably be higher than her current Channel Opening Stage Level 5.

Ding Bu'Er laughed cheekily, and made a mysterious expression. Speaking in a teacher-like tone, he patted Mo Wuji and said, "This is where you don't understand. The true, big sects only accept disciples during the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference. If the little miss was to enter a sect three years ago, she could only join some small sect. Do you think these small sects can compete with the resources and techniques of the big ones?"

So that was the reason. Mo Wuji also agreed with this argument. When comparing the resources of Peking University and a diploma mill, Peking University would definitely emerge victorious.

"The old duke allowed me to come here, was so that I could be the little miss's follower and accompany her to the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference. Bu'Er, when can I meet the little miss?" Mo Wuji took the initiative to ask.

Ding Bu'Er shook his head, "Brother Wuji, the old duke only said that to appease you. The one who will be following the little miss to participate in the Spring Immortal's Gate will not be either of us."

"Why?" Mo Wuji was shocked. That was the reason he came. If he didn't get to attend the conference, then what was the point of coming here?

Ding Bu'Er whispered in Mo Wuji's ear, "The little miss will personally pick her followers. She doesn't even know us, so we definitely won't be picked. In all honesty, my chances of being picked is even higher than yours. After all, I take care of the yard and I am also the door guard. At least, the little miss would have noticed me."

Mo Wuji's heart sank. If this was how Han Ning really picked her followers, he really would not have a chance.

Ding Bu'Er patted Mo Wuji's shoulders and brought him to his personal residence with slight sympathy.

"No, I came here to go to the royal capital. If what Ding Bu'Er says is true, I need to find ways to meet Han Ning.

There's no rush, I can start tomorrow. I will first interact with the people in the Han Residence."

After sending Ding Bu'Er off, Mo Wuji jumped onto his bed and fell asleep. Ever since he drank the channel opening solution, he did not have proper rest. He did not even sleep last night. It was quite amazing to have endured till now.


The sky was still dim. A bell rang in the Han Residence’s yard. Everyone woke up, and washed up as fast as they could before rushing to the martial arts training field.

Mo Wuji was exhausted, both physically and mentally. Even if he heard the bell, he wouldn't have woken up.

In just half an incense of time, more than a hundred guards gathered in the martial arts field.

"Ta ta..." The sound of a horse unhurriedly walking was heard. A girl in red riding a tall, red horse was coming over. From afar, it looked like a fireball was slowing arriving. Behind her, there was a girl in blue riding a yellow horse.

"Greetings Miss Ning," the guards called out. Everyone here recognised that this person was the Han Residence's favoured Han Ning.

Han Ning's eyes swept across the hundred people as she slowly said, "Today, I'm going to the Thunder Fog Forest, and I require ten of you to act as my guards. Among the ten of you, the one who performs the best will get to follow me to the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference."

Once they heard the little miss's words, the hundred guards instantly became invigorated, beating their chests in excitement. They all wished to enter the eyes of the little miss, and to be picked to enter the Thunder Fog Forest. No matter how dangerous the Thunder Fog Forest was, it couldn't stop the allure of the Royal Capital.

"Who is Mo Wuji?" Han Ning suddenly cried.

The guards instantly went silent. It felt like half a day had passed but no one answered. Most people here did not even know who Mo Wuji was.

Han Ning's face turned unsightly, and she shouted louder, "Mo Wuji has not come?"

Ding Bu'Er hurriedly stood forward and said hesitantly, "Little Miss, Mo Wuji just came yesterday. Maybe he is still not very familiar..."

With the words of Ding Bu'Er, Han Ning's face turned even more unsightly, "Everyone here will run around the training field till Mo Wuji comes. Anyone who falls out will have one month's pay deducted."

A sturdy man standing at the front angrily said to a guard beside him, "Chang Songcai, immediately get that bastard over here."

"Yes," an aggressive looking man responded and hurriedly ran out of the training field.


"Bang bang!" Mo Wuji was awakened by the hammering on his door. He opened his eyes and found that the sky was barely pan-bright.

The door was being hammered. This simply isn't knocking anymore.

Don't tell me that a simple house attendant must wake up earlier than the rooster?

"What is it?" Mo Wuji opened the door angrily.

"You must be new. Because of you, all of us are being punished by the little miss. Hurry up and get to the martial arts training field. Hurry!" Standing at the door was an aggressive-looking man with a long face and a black nose.

Mo Wuji recognised him. He was there during Ding Bu'Er's introduction yesterday. His name is Chang Songcai.

Mo Wuji wrinkled his brows and asked, "The sky isn't even bright yet, what's going on?"

He was still a bit unhappy that an attendant woke him up abruptly.

"The little miss is going to the Thunder Fog Forest today and is picking people to follow her. But you disobeyed the gathering orders and remained here. No wonder why people called you arrogant. You are truly arrogant!" Chang Songcai stared at Mo Wuji and said with a cold voice.

Previously, he was trying to look for ways to find Han Ning. Now Han Ning was going to the Thunder Fog Forest and was picking followers. Wasn't this exactly what he wanted?

Mo Wuji finally reacted and said hurriedly, "Wait for awhile, I will soon be ready."

Finishing his words, Mo Wuji rushed to wash up and followed Chang Songcai to the training field.

"Brother Chang, you said someone called me arrogant? But I only came yesterday?" Mo Wuji recalled Chang Songcai's words.

Chang Songcai was too lazy to bother about Mo Wuji, and hastened his pace.

"So...You are the Mo Wuji who doesn't even put Minister Yao Kang in his eyes?" The moment Mo Wuji entered the training field, a crisp, angry voice called out to him.

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