Immortal Mortal

Chapter 27: Heavy Losses

Chapter 27: Heavy Losses

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"Ka!" Just as another lightning bolt flashed from the Lightning Lake, Mo Wuji twisted his body a little and managed to avoid this lightning bolt with ease.

Mo Wuji was amazed as he did not think he would have successfully avoided the lightning bolt.

No wonder cultivators were rumoured to be so powerful. Mo Wuji only managed to open one meridian and had yet to cultivate, but he felt his whole body beginning to ease up. This was as if he had managed to open up the governor and conceptual vessels like it was said in the legends. But just how powerful could those who opened over ten meridians and cultivated for many years be?

A few more lightning bolts fell on Mo Wuji. This time, however, he did not manage to avoid them. Mo Wuji started manoeuvring around. After half an incense’s time and a few more strikes by the lightning bolts, Mo Wuji finally got out of the lightning lake.

Mo Wuji stood by the lightning lake and sighed as he reflected on how he thought he was really destined to die. Life and fortune, who could tell what would happen next? If he never experienced this, he would never have found out the successful combination of his solution and lightning to open up his meridian.

He used up eight bottles of his Channel Opening Solution and almost lost his life just trying to open one meridian. It was a heavy price to pay. Although Mo Wuji had two bottles left, he was not planning to continue using the lightning bolts to open a second meridian.

Mo Wuji knew that it would be impossible to open a second meridian using the same method. If he was not careful, he could easily lose his life.

However, Mo Wuji was not disappointed, because being able to open one meridian was a huge miracle to begin with. More importantly, he learnt of a method to open meridians. If the meridian was truly the spiritual channel, his dreams of becoming a cultivating genius might become reality.

Mo Wuji heard yet another roar of the beasts and remembered that he was still in the Thunder Fog Forest. Before he entered the lightning lake, there were two demonic beasts fighting each other not too far away from here.

Now, that same place had become a mess and the two demonic beasts were no longer in sight. Mo Wuji decided not to take the risk to try and escape in the night. It might allow him to move around unnoticed. However, there was a high possibility that he could go deeper into the forest unknowingly.

Mo Wuji found a huge tree nearby and started climbing up the tree. He found a position in between the thick branches to lean on and used his tattered shirt to tie into a knot to secure him between the branches.

He did not dare to spend the night on the ground in the Thunder Fog Forest.

Leaning against the branches, Mo Wuji fell asleep very quickly. When he woke up, there was light emerging from the crevice of the tree, shining through the fog onto his body.

Mo Wuji checked his surroundings to make sure he was clear of danger before untying the knot from his shirt to slide down the tree. He had to get out of the forest as soon as possible and he needed to succeed the first time. If not, he could be stuck here forever.

Just because he had luck on his side last night did not mean he would always be that fortunate.

Mo Wuji carefully observed the location and surroundings of the lightning lake even though he doubted he would ever come back again. Then again, he would risk his life to come back if the second meridian really needed the lightning bolts to open.

There were many lightning lakes in the Thunder Fog Forest but it would not be easy to find the right lightning lake that can help open his meridian. If he was struck by a much stronger lightning bolt from another lightning lake, his whole body might be burnt beyond recognition.

Suddenly, Mo Wuji saw something which caught his eyes. Two-leaved Fire Grass? Mo Wuji immediately identified the Two-leaved Fire Grass. As it was dark last night, he did not notice the three Two-leaved Fire Grass in the vicinity of the lightning lake.

The two leaves were separated by a flamed-shaped grass core. This plant could be very easily identified.

Mo Wuji did not rush to pick those grasses up because it was not important to him. His priority would be to find his way out of this forest.

It was dusk when he had entered the forest, so Mo Wuji could still remember the direction that he came from. He was relieved as he tried to recall and estimated that he was not too far away from the outskirts of the Thunder Fog Forest.

Mo Wuji picked up the three Two-leaved Fire Grass as quickly as he could and ran in the direction he remembered. He believed that the Heart Drilling Snakes would not be loitering around the same region. They must have had a reason to move out in such large numbers, but whatever the reason, he hoped that he would not meet those snakes again.

Half an hour later, Mo Wuji gradually lost his direction and started to worry. If he could not find the exit in another 10 minutes' time, this would mean he had lost his way and might stop trying to find a way out.

"Mo Wuji..." Someone cried out from far away.

Mo Wuji initially thought he heard wrong but the same cry was heard again. He was sure someone was calling out for him. He recognised the voice of the cry and he could roughly make out that it was Bu'Er's voice.

Mo Wuji was relieved by the fact that Ding Bu'Er was not bitten by the Heart Drilling Snakes and was still looking for him.

Mo Wuji followed the direction of the cry and quickened his pace towards it. Within a few minutes, Mo Wuji could see everything clearly as the fog was no longer so thick.

As Mo Wuji saw a part of the wilderness with low scrubs, he shouted with excitement, "Bu'Er, I am over here."

He finally made it out.

After a short while, five silhouettes appeared from behind the low hills.

"Wuji, you are fine. I am so glad... But how did you end up in this state?" Ding Bu'Er never expected Mo Wuji to still be alive having spent the night in the forest. Mo Wuji's hair was burnt, half his body was filled with black scars and one of his shoulders was supported by a piece of cloth to his neck.

"Bu'Er, thank you so much. I was lost inside and almost gave up until I heard your voice," Mo Wuji kept on thanking Bu'Er without explaining why he was so burnt.

Ding Bu'Er quickly explained, "I was just trying my luck with little miss by calling your name. I did not expect to find you here. Now, we are only left with six out of the twelve that we came here with."

Mo Wuji hurried to thank them again, "Thank you little miss for your concern, if not I would never have been able to make it out alive."

Han Ning looked exhausted and battered in her tattered red shirt. She shook Mo Wuji’s hand as he thanked her, "To have survived the night, it is truly a miracle. We found all six bodies that we lost yesterday except for yours. Therefore, Ding Bu'Er wanted to continue looking for you and fortunately we did."

Mo Wuji saw Han Ning, her maid Shao Lan, Peng Maohua and the one who was looking after the horses, Cai Jiu. Including Ding Bu'Er and himself, there was indeed a total of six people left.

At this moment, all eyes were on Han Ning. She was the little miss of the Han Residence. Hence she had to be the one to make a decision now.

Han Ning said apologetically, "I did not expect us to encounter the Heart Drilling Snakes, even at the outskirts of the forest. Such bad luck signifies that I am not meant to find the Two-leaved Fire Grass."

Peng Maohua asked with caution, "Little miss, shall we go back now?"

Han Ning's eyes fell on Peng Maohua for a while before sighing; she said, "I have to find the Two-leaved Fire Grass no matter what and I can only find it here. I did not expect it to be so dangerous but I will give all of you a choice now. Those who are willing can stay with me to find the Two-leaved Fire Grass. Those who are not can head back first. It is entirely up to you."

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