Immortal Mortal

Chapter 29: Cautiousness

Chapter 29: Cautiousness

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"Old Duke, please speak. As long as it is within my means, I will not refuse," Mo Wuji said while he cupped his fists.

Mo Wuji was sure that Han Chengan would not lie about such matters. If he said that he had saved Mo Wuji, then he probably did. This kind act of saving Mo Wuji might have been simple, but it was the greatest favour anyone could have done for him.

Han Chengan was pleased with Mo Wuji's words, "Wuji, your words have put me at ease. In a little more than a month, many sects will go to the Xing Han Empire’s Royal Capital, Chang Luo, for the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference. You have interacted with Han Ning before, and you know how she is like. She is extremely simplistic, and she is not as mature as how she acts. You managed to preserve your life after the whole Nine Lives Healing solution fiasco, so your ability to handle situations definitely surpasses hers. I would like for you to stay by Han Ning's side. Before she enters any sect, I hope that you can take care of her."

Mo Wuji solemnly promised, "Old Duke, please be at ease. As long as I have the ability, I will try my best to support Miss Han Ning."

Han Chengan retrieved a jade hairpin from his pocket and passed it to Mo Wuji, "If you truly find yourself in an inextricable situation, you can bring this jade hairpin to the Yue Residence in Chang Luo and find Yue Qiongying."

"Why doesn't the Old Duke pass the jade hairpin directly to Miss Han Ning?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

Han Chengan simply shaked his head, and did not answer Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji was not a person who pries into other's secrets. Seeing that Han Chengan had no intention of answering him, he carefully kept the jade hairpin.

Han Chengan got more satisfied with Mo Wuji's attitude. Sipping some tea, he said, "

I heard that you like tea. Later, I will get some people to send you some good tea leaves."

Mo Wuji laughed, "Then I will be especially grateful to the Old Duke. Also, because I haven’t really seen much of the world, there are some things which I wish to ask the Old Duke."

A bit of tea did not mean much to someone like the Old Duke, so Mo Wuji did not decline the gesture.

"Haha...If you have any questions, just ask,” Han Chengan replied.

"I heard that our Xing Han Empire isn't the only empire. Are there really other empires?" Mo Wuji always wanted to know this, but there was never a suitable person he could ask. Han Chengan was well informed, and he was a Prefecture Duke. He should know more about such matters.

Han Chengan answered, "From what I know, there are five big empires: the Tian Shang Empire, the Zi Zhou Empire, the Gan Yang Empire, the Xing Han Empire and the Ming Han Empire. These five empires are protected by five big sects. The sect protecting the Xing Han Empire is the Heavenly Temple. In the coming Spring Immortal's Gate Conference, masters from the Heavenly Temple will also be going to Chang Luo. I do not wish much for Han Ning. If she can enter an Earth level sect, I will be very satisfied."

"Old Duke, what is an Earth-level sect? Also, is the Heavenly Temple the most powerful sect in Xing Han Empire?" Mo Wuji had never heard of these things before, and asked hurriedly.

"It's normal that you don't know about these matters. Many people don't know about them. After all, we are just mere mortals. The sects in the five big empires are classified under three levels. The lowest are Xuan level sects. Above them, are the Earth level sects. In the Xing Han Empire, the strongest sect is in the quasi-sky level, and that is the Heavenly Temple. Han Chengan spoke with a trace of longing. Even as a Prefecture Duke, he could only look up towards these sects.

Mo Wuji continued to ask, "Since there are quasi-sky level sects, then there must be Sky level sects? Why didn't the Duke mention them?" Han Chengan shaked his head, "I'm also not sure about this. Previously, I was also really curious about this. From what I know, it's not just the Xing Han Empire which doesn't have a Sky level sect. The strongest sects in the other empires are also at the quasi-sky level."

"Is the Heavenly Temple the only quasi-level sect in the Xing Han Empire?"

"It shouldn't be. I once overheard someone saying that there is another quasi-sky level sect in the Xing Han Empire. But I'm just a Prefecture Duke, and I don't really know much about this."

Mo Wuji and Han Chengan continued to chat for a few hours. By the time he sent Han Chengan off, Mo Wuji had a rough outline of the five empires.

After talking casually to Mo Wuji for half a day, Han Chengan felt more at ease with Mo Wuji. During those few hours, Mo Wuji did not ask anything about the Northern Qin Prefecture. Thus, he could tell that Mo Wuji was not a rash person.

Naturally, Mo Wuji would not ask Han Chengan about who stole his Northern Qin Prefecture. Nor would he ask about how Mo Tiancheng disappeared and why Mo Guangyuan failed to succeed the Northern Qin Prefecture throne.

This was not because Mo Wuji had a carefree personality and did not care about such matters. But rather, it was because this matter involved the Cheng Yu State Lord, Situ Qian. Situ Qian might have even acted in the dark against the Mo Clan. Han Chengan's words to save him wasn't actually worth much. Even though Mo Wuji would remember this act of kindness, he would not treat Han Chengan as someone he would trust.

He was sure that, even if he had helped Han Ning, if Han Chengan had to choose between Situ Qian and himself, Han Chengan would unhesitantly choose Situ Qian. Who knew whether his words would be relayed to Situ Qian by Han Chengan? Previously, Situ Qian did not kill Mo Wuji for the sake of maintaining his own reputation. But that did not mean that Situ Qian would not kill him in the future. If Situ Qian wanted to, he could casually come out with any reason to kill Mo Wuji. Thus, Mo Wuji could not even cause the slightest of waves.

Additionally, if Mo Wuji wanted to know who tried to poison him, he could simply wait to see who ended up as the Northern Qin Prefecture Lord. Why would he ask something that he would eventually know?

Mo Wuji did not see Han Ning ever since they went to the Thunder Fog Forest to find the Two-leaved Fire Grass.

Mo Wuji was anxiously bored, so he went to Rao Zhou City to buy a machine. He got Ding Bu'Er to help him purchase some medicinal ingredients, and he went back to his life concocting the channel opening solution.

After a month, Mo Wuji concocted 30 full bottles of the solution. Mo Wuji was worried that the person who previously acted against him would do so again. Thus, he stopped his production as carrying too many bottles of the solution with him would be inconvenient.

The days passed quickly, and soon it was about time to leave Rao Zhou City. Ding Bu'Er came to visit, "Wuji, you'll leave Rao Zhou in two days. Do you want to buy anything?"

Because of the incident at the Thunder Fog Forest, Ding Bu'Er became Mo Wuji's best friend in the Han Residence.

"There's no need. I will just bring along my gold coins." Mo Wuji did not have any intention of leaving the Han Residence.

Because of his relations to the Mo Family and the Northern Qin Prefecture, someone tried to poison him, and he even ended up on Situ Qian's blacklist. Thus, he did not want anyone to remember that the Northern Qin's Mo Family still had this Mo Wuji. It was best for him to quietly leave Rao Zhou; the dangerous capital of Cheng Yu State.

"Aren't you afraid of being bored? I can help you get anything you want." Ding Bu'Er was used to seeing Mo Wuji bored in his yard.

"There's no need. Just call me when it's time to leave." Mo Wuji waved his hand.

He had prepared all that was needed to be prepared. Bringing too many things would only make it inconvenient.

On the dawn two days later, Ding Bu'Er punctually went to Mo Wuji's living quarters, and told him that the little miss was already set and ready to leave.

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