Immortal Mortal

Chapter 5: Things That Are Taboo To Me

Chapter 5: Things That Are Taboo To Me

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No wonder why the recruitment officer was astounded. No wonder why the surrounding crowd got a shock after hearing that Mo Wuji wanted to apply to be a drug refiner assistant.

Although Rao Zhou City was the capital of Cheng Yu state, there were few drug refiner assistants, and much fewer drug refiners.

For drug refiner assistants, many were elderly men. Thus it was rare to find a drug refiner assistant as young as Mo Wuji. This was not only in Cheng Yu State, but even in the whole Xing Han Empire. Such a young drug refiner must have great potential and an unimaginable future ahead. It could be said that for a drug refiner assistant as young as Mo Wuji, he will become an actual drug refiner a few decades time if nothing goes wrong.

The original copy of a drug refiner assistant qualification? Mo Wuji’s heart sank. Where would he get such a thing?

He subconsciously looked at the shocked expressions and sceptical looks of the surrounding crowd, and finally understood. *Cough*, Mo Wuji continued speaking as though nothing happened, “I have not had the time to take part in the drug refiner assistant qualification test, but I had already reached the level of one.”

Mo Wuji sensed that the looks from the crowd changed.

The recruitment officer settled down, and the cautious look on her face disappeared completely. She did not get angry, but instead calmly asked, “So which drug refiner school did you graduate from? Which drug refiner was your teacher?”

Mo Wuji scanned the room again; he finally discovered that many applicants were holding a small book in their hands. From this short a distance, he could make out the words on the book held by the applicant closest to him: Rao Zhou mining research school graduating certificate.

Mo Wuji never expected that applying for a job here would be the same as on Earth, requiring qualifications. Looking at the circumstances, even if he went to apply for other jobs, without any qualifications, he would still fail.

Seeing that the recruitment officer appeared to be increasingly unhappy over time, Mo Wuji could only give an awkward laugh, “Well…I am self-taught, so I have neither any graduate certificate nor a teacher.”

“Ha ha ha…” Someone in the crowd finally burst into laughter this time. Surprisingly this seemingly impressive drug refiner assistant was only a lying fellow.

Cheng Ling Pill Workshop’s recruitment officer did not laugh, but instead had an ominous and scary look on her face. Cheng Ling Pill Workshop was one of the top drug refineries in the whole of Cheng Yu State, how could someone come to make a fool out of her.

Seeing that this middle aged woman was in a bad mood and was about to explode, Mo Wuji thought to himself, “This is not good.” Right at this moment, a sudden noise interrupted Mo Wuji who was about to speak. “Eh, isn’t this our king? My King, why have you come to the association in person? Don’t you have to attend court in the forest outside of the city? Oh, that’s right; my king is here to inspect this place. Look at me, where are my manners, quickly pay respects to the king.”

The voice was filled with mockery and frivolity, without any of the respect or manners he was talking about.

Mo Wuji turned around and saw that it was a young man in grey leisurely clothing walking over; he had seen this man before. It seemed that he was one of the few youngsters walking with Wen Manzhu last night. He had a decent appearance, and looked rather vain.

“He’s that Northern Qin Prefecture…” The middle aged recruitment officer suddenly understood, and the anger shown on her face disappeared. The man was a lunatic, what’s there to get angry about?

The surrounding crowd burst into laughter, obviously thinking that Mo Wuji was here as a joke.

“Zhaoxu, do you think this is very funny?” A cold voice rang out, and the laughter in the association suddenly died down as though as it was locked away.

A lady in a purple dress stood at the door of the association, she had a slender waist and long hair, and her stunning looks immediately caused the whole association to turn pale. These details were actually not of much significance, what was significant was that the girl was someone that most of them knew. Wen Manzhu, the only child of Cheng Yu State’s Rao Xian Prefecture Marquis, Wen Ju.

A Prefecture Marquis in the whole of Xing Han Empire was like a drop of water in the ocean, a nobody. But in this association and in Rao Zhou, he was of the greatest importance.

“Manzhu…” Zhaoxu awkwardly called out, and only because Wen Manzhu was in a bad mood, he dared not continue. He felt some regret, as he did not notice Wen ManZhu approaching, destroying any good impressing he had left previously on her. He once commented on Mo Wuji in front of Wen Man Zhu, saying that Mo Wuji was excusable based on the circumstances he was in. But his single sentence of mockery caused him to reveal his true self to her.

Wen Manzhu ignored Cai Zhaoxu, but instead walk in front of Mo Wuji, took out a cloth pouch and handed it to him. “Xinghe, take this back and give it to Yan’Er.”

The cloth pouch jingled, so Mo Wuji knew that it was from the clashing of gold coins. For Mo Wuji who was desperately in need of money, he longed for even a single silver coin, what more these gold coins.

Mo Wuji felt no animosity towards nor good impression of Wen Man Zhu. Regarding her abandonment of the spiritless and crazy Mo Xinghe, Mo Wuji did not feel angry either. There are too many of this type of people on Earth, too many realists. If the Mo family fell, and Mo Xinghe went insane, Wen Manzhu would definitely leave. There are too many people who will share good fortune with you, but how many would be willing to share your troubles?

Because of his current situation and the experiences of his past life, it caused him to have no interest to get to know someone like Wen Manzhu. It doesn’t matter how pretty Wen Manzhu is, he still did not want to get involved with a woman like that. Even if he thirsts for money, he won’t take Wen Manzhu’s money, Mo Wuji lives by his own way, and he has his pride too.

Mo Wuji thought of Yan’Er, who will never leave him. How many women out there can be like Yan’Er? You can only meet someone like that once in your life, and it was after praying for it by striking and breaking countless Buddhist wooden fish. Having experienced it, Mo Wuji could only know more clearly how precious this is.

“Since it is for Yan’Er, then you should go give it to her yourself,” Mo Wuji turned and left after speaking, after walking two steps, he halted, turned around once again and said, “That’s right, I am called Mo Wuji, not Mo Xinghe. The Ji in Bai Wu Jin Ji, but of course I am not without any taboos, some things are still taboo to me.” (TL: 百无禁忌 Bai Wu Jin Ji means to be without taboo)

Wen Manzhu heard Mo Wuji’s words, and her heart unexpectedly throbbed. Is this a change in name? Seeing that Mo Wuji was about to leave, she reacted, quickly shouting, “Xinghe... Wuji, Yan’Er is not willing to take it, you should take it…”

Yan’Er was not willing to take it? Mo Wuji suddenly wanted to burst out laughing. This wrench‘s attitude towards me… Good, this is good.

“My Wen Family’s ore refinery is hiring, if you’re interested, you can go…” Wen Manzhu suddenly had a feeling from the bottom of her heart, the Mo Xinghe before her, no, it’s Mo Wuji, was no longer the prince who skived and dreamt of becoming king until he went crazy. He changed; his pride filled with passion let her clearly feel the changes in him.

Mo Wuji stopped again, looking at Wen Manzhu and said, “Look to the sky and laugh your way out, how could I be an ore refiner? I’m already too lazy to be a drug refiner assistant. If I could be anything it will be a drug refiner.”

“Ha ha ha…” Mo Wuji laughed after he finished speaking, showing off his majestic aura.

He was not nonsensically majestic, but had some thoughts about the issue. Compared to the woman who backstabbed him, Wen Manzhu was many times better. But alas he focused wholeheartedly on his biology and medical research, until the point that he did not know what the women by his side were like.

Coming back to life, Mo Wuji swore not to let this happen again, never again.

“Ha ha…” The association was once again filled with laughter; obviously no one thought that Mo Wuji was speaking the truth. More thought that Mo Wuji had not recovered yet, and it was only his crazy side that changed from wanting to be king into wanting to be a drug refiner.

One could say that Mo Wuji had a sliver of hope of becoming a king. But becoming a drug refiner, there was no hope at all.

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