Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 1912

Chapter 1912: New Chapter 11: Major Temptation

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Seeing her looking at the operating room with a nervous expression behind him, the attending physician asked quickly, “Miss Su, is the person inside related to you?” 1

“It’s my grandfather. What is his condition?”

Yun Xi glanced at the attending physician and vaguely recalled that she had seen him at a medical conference ahead of madame’s surgery. She nodded at him politely.

When the attending physician heard that it was a direct relative she was inquiring after, his face became more serious than before and he explained to her patiently, “Although the patient was sent to the hospital in time, the situation is not very optimistic.”

Yun Xi had studied medicine, and the tone of the doctor spoke a degree of the seriousness of her grandfather’s condition.

The attending physician hesitated for a moment before continuing, “After all, the patient is advanced in age and has suffered a stroke with hemiplegia. In the best-case scenario of recovery, he would probably have to rely on a wheelchair from now on.”

The news was like a bolt of lightning out of the blue. Both the Second Uncle and Second Aunt turned pale in an instant.

Among his three sons, the old man was the closest to his second son, the Second Uncle. In turn, the Second Uncle was also the one who spent his time with the old man the most. Thus, the two shared a deep affection for each other.

The thought of having to rely on a wheelchair to get by for the rest of his life would, no doubt, be a huge blow to the old man, who had always been proud.

Not to mention the crime committed by Yun Yuanfeng was enough to destroy any sense of pride the old man had for his entire life.

For the Yun Family, these successive blows were enough to slam them all the way down to hell from the supreme honor that Yun Xi had brought to the family.

“Thank you, doctor!” as Yun Xi finished speaking, she was about to go and handle the paperwork for her grandfather’s hospitalization. At this moment, Xiaoer dashed out from the side and waved the phone in his hand, saying, “Everything has been arranged!”

Once Yun Xi realized what he was referring to, she didn’t say anything else. She lent a hand to help and support the Second Uncle, who was still a bit unsteady on his feet. “Second Uncle, don’t worry too much. Everything can wait until grandfather wakes up.”

The matter of Yun Yuanfeng had already been determined. For other charges, perhaps Yun Xi could still let him off for her grandfather’s sake.

It’s a pity that the crimes he committed not only violated Mu Feichi’s bottom line but also compromised the interest of the entire nation. His crime was unforgivable.

No matter how much the old man found it unacceptable, he would eventually figure it out.

After they came out of the hospital, Yun Qingfeng chased after Yun Xi, with an obsequious and flattering smile plastered on his shrew face.

If Yun Qingfeng had known that Yun Xi had such a great fortune, he would have treated her much better when she first returned to the Yun Family.

Just by having taken care of her for the past two years, even if the old man used all his favors in exchange for Yun Yuanfeng’s life, Xiao Jinglin would have repaid such kindness based on how he had taken care of her in the past.

But now, the Yun Family had gained absolutely nothing, and Yun Qingfeng was really unhappy about that.

After all, even a little crumb that fell through the fingers of the Xiao Financial Magnate was enough for the Yun Family to squeeze themselves into the peak of the Beijing Circle.

Not to mention with such a major mess having occurred within the Yun Family, it was impossible for them to turn things around.

Precisely because the temptation was so great, Yun Qingfeng was willing to lower himself and shamelessly tried to placate this niece, whom he had never cared for before.

“Yun Xi…”

Yun Qingfeng caught up to her but was stopped by Xiaoer who was behind him.

“Third Uncle, I know why you are here. Once you hand the choice over to Grandpa, there is really no room for maneuver in this matter.”

After a pause, she turned to look at the man behind her, whose face was full of eagerness to explain. Her big and beautiful eyes were as cool and pale as snow on a distant mountain, as she recalled memories instigated by this man from a long time ago.

“I remember that when I came back here for the first time, you brought me some chestnut cake from Nancheng on New Year because you knew I liked them. I remember your kindness.”

This warmth was something from a previous lifetime.

In her last life, she had just returned to the Yun Family and she kept a low profile because of her low self-esteem. Yun Qingfeng, on the other hand, doted on his niece who had just returned to the family because his daughter was not in the country. Even the red envelope given to her during the New Year was thicker than everyone else’s.

Even if this life was different from the previous one, she still remembered the affection he bestowed on her.

Yun Qingfeng was a little confused as he could not recall any of these memories. However, if she said that these things happened, it gave Yun Qingfeng a sense of hope.

He was so excited inside that he hardly knew how to react.

“At Xiao’s New Year bidding, I will ask my father to give Tengyun Corporation an opportunity. But if your proposal does pass through their inspection, then there is nothing else I can do for you.”

“Alright, alright… I will do my best!”

“In the future, Grandpa will most definitely require assistance and attention from you, Third Uncle.”

Seeing how excited he was, Yun Xi knew that this was the time to demonstrate grace as well as authority.

“I understand! No matter what, we will take good care of your grandfather.”

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