Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: What Have You Done to Our Boss?

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Just as Yun Xi prepared to run off, the snow leopard’s lazy figure slowly sauntered through the French windows. It blocked Yun Xi in a silly and adorable way.

All the things that frightened her were appearing now!

With her path blocked off, Yun Xi backed up a few steps, and her back collided loudly against a solid chest behind her.

Mu Feichi’s eyes fell on her tiny and delicate earlobes. Yun Xi turned around frantically, her bare and youthful face making him feel all the blood in his body begin to boil and burn!

The young girl’s natural aroma tantalized his senses, and his last bit of reason slowly faded away.

Traps were laid ahead with soldiers chasing her from behind!

The window on the left opened toward the forest, and there was still a pack of wolves in the trees!

Her eyes locked on the direction before bolting toward the right staircase, but who knew the man beside her would be even faster than she was?

Just as she moved her legs to run, he directly ran in front of her. Yun Xi was taken by surprise and crashed right into his arms!

The youthful and soft little creature was struggling in Mu Feichi’s arms, so his eyes gleamed as an insuppressible fire raged inside his body!

When Deputies Feng Rui and Qi Yuan received the news, they immediately rushed over.

As soon as they stepped into the living room, they saw the scandalous scene of a young girl being harassed and pressed up against the French windows by Master Mu.

On the floorboards nearby, the snow leopard stared pointedly as it blocked Yun Xi’s path.

At that moment, Yun Xi was like a slab of meat on a cutting board. She was a lamb to slaughter.

The two men widened their eyes as they watched the situation and truly felt confused.

“Help…” Yun Xi was both shocked and frightened to be pressed against the window and nibbled crazily by Mu Feichi!

She was shocked by this man’s crazed and aggressive actions; he basically wanted to take her apart and eat her up!

She was frightened by the snow leopard on the ground as it was just as evil as its owner!

It actually dared to support such a bully who took advantage of a pubescent, weak, little girl like herself!

When Mu Feichi’s aggressive strength fully grounded against her thin and fragile body, she could not retaliate at all!

Even if she did, there was still a snow leopard eyeing her carefully. She couldn’t run away, no matter what!

The two subordinates could either leave or stay as they watched this scandalous scene, so it was very awkward.

Yun Xi used great effort to struggle away from his burning lips, so she panted as she shouted at the two subordinates, “Hurry up and get over here… your Master Mu was drugged by someone!”

Qi Yuan ended up being the logical one. He noticed that there was something wrong with his Master Mu, so he quickly dragged Feng Rui into the living room.


Mu Feichi controlled the fire inside his body and braced one hand against the French window. He finally released the hand that was pressing down on Yun Xi.

Qi Yuan and Feng Rui instantly stopped in their tracks!

Yun Xi instinctively wanted to run as soon as she was released, but her legs turned to jelly again when she saw the snow leopard standing guard on the ground.

She looked up at the man so close to her. His consciousness was only half there, yet he was still forcing himself to contain the drug’s effect. He completely exuded masculine decisiveness and tenacity.

In that one moment, she recalled the brave, snow-mountain soldiers who had rescued her from the snowy peaks all those years ago.

In order to research a drug to combat high-altitude sickness, she had brought her assistant all the way to the Tibetan Plateau. If the soldiers hadn’t come by and rescued them, then she would have probably died on the snowy mountain a long time ago.

She was unable to act indifferent before a righteous man like him.

Reaching out, she felt for the carotid artery on his neck.

After locking on to the acupuncture point, she clenched her hand into a fist and viciously jabbed her fist on the acupuncture point.

Qi Yuan quickly caught the passed out Master Mu and gave a shocked look to the young girl leaning against the window, panting.

“What, what did you do to our boss?”

“I’ve made him temporarily pass out. Carry him over to the bed. It’d be best if you called a doctor here. He has a date rape drug in his system, and if there are no women to relieve him or antidote to cure it, this could easily result in…”

She snuck a look at Mu Feichi’s lower half that was cloaked inside his pants, her face flushing slightly.

She didn’t need to finish her sentence for the subordinated to understand what she meant from the look she gave!

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