Imperial God Emperor

1383 - Covering the sky and changing the sky

Chapter 1383, Covering the sky and changing the sky

Anyone with scientific rationality would find it hard to believe the scene they saw. In the dark, lonely starry sky there were suddenly three figures. One of them was light blue like a ghost, the other was a creepy-looking old man, and there was a strange white dog. They were dressed very strangely, like from ancient times, and without any space suit protection, yet was suspended in the void, moving and talking...

“This isn't a prank right?” an old man with white hair asked in disbelief.

He was the person in charge of the technical division of this military research base. [Destiny Satellite] has been out of orbit for nearly a decade, and they have long lost control of it. Luckily there were still images and information being sent back intermittently. Therefore, it still had value. During these years, there were special personnel responsible for monitoring [Destiny Satellite], and according to the images transmitted back previously, it appears to be drifting out of the solar system. He originally thought that they would completely lose contact with the satellite from then on; however, an image like that had come all of a sudden. He was a little skeptical, thinking it was a prank by one of the staff.

“It's not a prank. I have checked it already, it's the most raw data, there's no problem with it.” A middle-aged man with gold glasses looked excited. “It's true, everything is true... What does this mean? There are living creatures outside the solar system, and one looks like a human being? Could it be the Gods in myths and legends?”

“It's hard to believe.”

“There are actually Gods in this world.”

“What else can survive in the sky besides Gods...”

“And there's a dog.”

“That blue thing, is it a soul? Could there really be a soul after death?”

“Follow up? Are there any follow-up images? What's the status of [Destiny Satellite] now?”

Although these scientific research workers were used to seeing many astonishing things in the world, and know many secrets that ordinary people cannot understand, but at this time, they were all shocked by the sight, and began to quarrel and discuss the image. In truth, the image sent back from [Destiny] was indeed too unbelievable. This was absolutely a disruptive discovery.

“It has already been reported to the Military Commission, and I believe there will be a response very soon.” The middle-aged man with gold glasses looked at the white-haired old man and said, “As long as we prove that the data is original and true, this discovery will undoubtedly change the whole world. This is an important matter and we must keep it confidential...”

Before his voice faded.

The heavy metal door of the research hall and state-of-the-art technology suddenly opened.

A team of heavily armed special forces walked in in a line.

The atmosphere suddenly grew serious.

“Everyone, starting from this moment, this is officially taken over by the special force of the National Security Bureau. The Military Commission would like to thank you for the hard work during this time. Everything related to here will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Anyone who discloses relevant information will be considered treasonous, please cooperate,” a young man who looked like an officer said politely.

The people in the hall were all military researchers, thus when they heard this, there wasn’t any objection. Everybody complied right away.

Then various handovers took place next.

The army was very efficient.

The bespectacled middle-aged man and the white-haired old fellow were left behind.

“Professor Qin, President Zhang, you two will continue to be in charge of the Destiny Satellite project. Here are some information that will perhaps help with the research on the data sent back from [Destiny]...” A short-haired female special forces soldier behind the officer connected the military's special data to the encrypted computer.

The middle-aged man with gold glasses and the old white-haired researcher were completely immersed in it.

As time went on, the look of shock on their faces grew increasingly serious.

By the time everything on the encrypted computer was shown, the duo’s foreheads were already beaded with cold sweats.

“In other words, the state has long known that there are intelligent creatures outside the solar system. In addition, there’s a terrifying species that can be called the ‘Divine Race’, which can cross the starry sky without relying on technology. It's also not the first time that [Destiny] sent back similar images?” The middle-aged man felt that his worldview for so many years was about to be overturned. The scientific theory and system that he had painstakingly studied and believed in almost collapsed in this moment.

The white-haired old researcher was in a trance-like state.

What they saw were the unbelievable images and data that the state had collected through various means all these years. In truth, if such data wasn’t shown by the special force of the National Security Bureau, he would never believe that it is true. The iron laws that science had always told the world had been completely overturned by these data.

“It is not only our state, in fact, several other countries in the world have received similar information, especially the several aerospace powers that have launched detectors outside of the solar system. Some were completely lost, while some sent back some information, and some could even achieve long-distance communication with forces outside the solar system...”

What the young officer said was simply earth-shaking.

Particularly his last sentence. Does that not indicate that the Earth is in fact in constant connection with the ‘Divine Race’ outside the solar system... This... once such news spreads, it was bound to shock the world. The whole earth would be plunged into a state of madness, and it would bring some unpredictable consequences.

“Through some research, we gained a little understanding of these so-called [Divine Race] and also a vague idea of the world outside the solar system. It is like a world with immortal demon existences. There are many ancient myths and legends on Earth that may be associated with that world, but the existence of the solar system is somewhat strange. Those immortal demons are unable to enter through...”

The young officer continued.

After some decisions were passed through in the organization, the two top scientists in the Destiny project were now part of the true core system, so they were allowed to know about these earthshaking secrets.

Professor Qin and old President Zhang were utterly dumbstruck by what they have heard.

“So if... if... those so-called immortal demons were to descend upon earth, it is...” Professor Qin stammered.

“It's going to be a disaster,” the young officer continued.

Professor Qin and the old President both jumped up in shock.

“The situation isn’t looking very optimistic, and according to our observations with some special instruments, the strange forces in the solar system are in an unprecedented period of weakening. It is a matter of time before the arrival of those immortal demons. It could be hundreds of years, or perhaps decades later. It is uncertain. The state is currently conducting a top-secret military plan. You two are now members of the plan. We hope that [Destiny] can bring us more information. The three ‘Immortal demons’ in the image that [Destiny] captured are the most powerful and terrifying existences observed since the plan started. Their bodies are able to hover in space without any obstruction. I just hope they are friends and not enemies...” The young officer’s handsome face was twisted with worry.

“What exactly is the plan that the military is conducting?” The old president couldn't help asking.

“The plan is divided into two parts, the first part is called [Covering the Sky] and the second part is called [Changing the Sky].” The officer did not hide anything he knew. “We are just doing what we can. After all, the ‘Immortal demons’ outside the solar system are just too powerful. When the time comes, what would the fate be in the end, nobody knows... Your mission is to continue to observe [Destiny] and do your best possible to repair some remote programs. Its orbit does not matter as long as it continues to send back images and data.”



Outside the solar system.

The Divine Light Emperor revealed a look of determination on his face.

“Guys, I have made up my mind, there's only one way.” He looked at Old Fish and Little Nine.


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