In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 1: Death and Revival

Chapter 1: Death and Revival

「Therefore, you have died. I’m very sorry.」

「I see」

The old man then bows deeply. The shining clouds in the background begin to spread. The clouds spread everywhere like a rug with no end. But, I appear to be sitting on top of a tatami mat. It’s a simple 4.5 tatami room (Although there is no wall or ceiling) that floats above the clouds. There is a low dining table along with a tea cabinet and an old fashion television and black rotary-dial telephone.

And before my eyes is God. Or at least he says he is. For a God to say that I was killed by mistake, I don’t feel like I died.

If I remember correctly, I was coming home from school. I was in on my way back home because it suddenly began to rain. The moment I tried to take a shortcut through a nearby park, I was attacked by a radiant light and thunderous roar.

「I neglected to check for people earlier before I dropped lightning. I’m really sorry. There are reasonable amount of humans that die from lightning strikes, but this time it was completely unexpected in this case.」

「Did I get hit directly by thunder and die…I see. So this IS A CRUSADE!」[TL note: Did you get the reference? what is actually says >>I see, Then this place is heaven? <<]

「No, this is even further above heaven; this is the world where Gods reside… That’s right; this should be called the Realm of Gods. Humans are truly unable to come here. You were specially summoned by me! ermm…Mo…Mochizuki.」

「Touya. I’m Mochizuki Touya.」

「Yes, yes, Mochizuki Touya-kun.」

God pours hot water into the teapot while saying that and pours tea into a teacup. Oh, a tea stalk is standing straight up.

「However, aren’t you a little too calm? You died, I thought you would be more confused and upset.」

「Because there is no sense of reality? It feels like I’m inside a dream. To say this and that had occurred, there is no helping it.」

「To view things philosophically, hmm.」

Still, I didn’t think I would die at the age of 15. Suu (sipping noise)…I drink the tea. Delicious.

「So after this, what will happen to me now? Heaven or Hell, which one?」

「No, no, you died because of my mistake, so I can revive you immediately」

God hesitantly says. What is it? I wonder if there is a problem.

「There is no way you can revive in your original world. Sorry, but there is such a rule. Truly I am sorry for this circumstance. So~」


「You can be revived in another world. To start a so-called second life, that’s it. I understand that you can’t agree, but」

「That’s okay.」

「……That’s okay?」

I interrupt him speaking by replying immediately and God looks at me with an absent-minded face.

「I understand your position’s circumstances and do not intent to force things. I am grateful to be revived. That’s fine」

「…Really, for your personality to be like this. For that world to have such a great person…truly regrettable.」

God looks dispirited. I was once called an old child, so I feel a little embarrassed. Although, I don’t mind so much.

「At least let me atone for something. To a certain extent, I can grant you something.」

「Well, even if you say so…」

First is my revival in my original world, but that is impossible. Well, after I go to another world, it’ll be nice to have something useful…

「After this, the world I’m going to, what kind of place is it?」

「Compared to your original world, it is not as developed. It’s approximately about halfway through what your world calls the Medieval Ages. Well, not all are at the same level.」

Hmm, standard of living seems to have dropped considerably. I’m worried if I can manage in such a place. Will it be okay for me to jump into a world I have no knowledge in? Huh?

「Umm, that one wish.」

「Oh, what is it what is it. I’ll grant anything.」

「This, can you make it so that I can use it in the other world?」

I say as I pull it out from the pocket of my uniform. An all-purpose mobile phone that was like a small metal board. A so-called smart phone.

「This? Well, it is possible…. It will be limited. But it’ll still be beneficial….」

「For example?」

「You mostly can’t do direct interference. Telephone calls, emails, posting a message on a site, stuff like that. There is no problem if you just read. That is right, I’ll make preparations so you can at least be able to call me.」

「That’s enough.」

If I can take knowledge from my original world, this will become a powerful weapon. There’s no mistake. It’ll be useful no matter what it does.

「You can charge your battery with your magical power and such. You don’t have to worry about your battery dying.」

「Magic? There exists a power such as that in the other word? Then perhaps with magic?」

「There is. You know what, you can be able to use it immediately」

I can be able to use magic. That sounds interesting. I’m going to enjoy going to another world.

「Now then, it isn’t long before you are revived.」

「Thank you very much for everything.」

「No, originally I’m the one to be blamed. Oh, one last thing, I’m sorry.」

When God gently raises his hands, a warm light wraps around me.

「Since it’s pointless to revive and die again, I’ll give you a raise in basic and physical abilities and in addition, to various other things. Now with this, it’ll very hard for you to die so that it never happens again. That is as long as a stupid god doesn’t drop thunder on you. That is your limit.」

He says as he laughs at himself. I am tempted to laugh as well.

「Once I send you out, I won’t be able to intervene because it’s forbidden. One last present.」

「Thank you.」

「It is not possible to interfere, but I can give advice. Please contact me if you have any trouble.」

God points at my smart phone in my hand when he says that. I know I shouldn’t be able to call God easily, so let’s call only when I’m really troubled.

「Well, see you later .」

God smiles and then I lose consciousness.

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