In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 314

Chapter 314

End of the Lost World and its Administrator (1)

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Having brought the McLean crew's members back to the original world, we have the McLane floated on an abandoned beach in Leaflease and take the crew back in it .

When the crew members regain consciousness and find themselves in the ship, they see the beach before their eyes and then jump into the sea with joy, and all of them land safely . There is a street near to a fishing village, which takes us 30 minutes to go there .

Well, so far, I have done all this with [Hypnosis] .

"We can feel relieved for the time being . "

"That's good . "

We peek at the crew members when they arrive at the fishing village . The villagers give them some food and they tell the villagers what they can recall from their memories . It seems that things about the Reverse World have been eliminated from their memories successfully .

By Transfer Gate, we come back to Brunhild .

However, why did McLean go to the other world?

There is the term "Divine-spirit" in our world . Maybe the accident which transferred those people to another world was caused by it . Did the McLean and the crew drift into the Reverse World by accident in this way? Probably . . .

Oops . Divine-spirit means someone is taken away by Gods . Things may be clear if we go to ask the god .

I tell Yumina and others that I will leave for a while and ask them to pack some sweets such as puddings, cakes and dorayakis from the kitchen of the castle as gifts . The head chef Claire is not there . So we take as many as we want without permission . . . If she gets angry, I'll apologize later .

"Well, I got to go . "

"Please give him my best regards . . . "

Sister Hanakoi, who got the cake from the kitchen in the same way, shakes her hand and sees me off . I'm not sure if there is a cake that she bit in my bag . . . Well, it's alright .

I open the Transfer Gate and enter the Gods' world . God is sitting on a cushion on the four-and-a-half tatami mats floating in the sea of ​​clouds as ever .

"Well, here you come . "

"Long time no see . Oh, here are some gifts . "

"Thank you . "

After receiving the sweets box, God puts puddings and cakes in a small refrigerator at the corner of the room (though there is no wall or ceiling as usual), takes out the dorayakis and put them on the table with tea .

"What do you want to tell me?"

"Well then . . . . Where should I start from? . . . . First, let's begin from a world controlled by the gods . "

The Universe God starts talking while stroking his long white beard .

"As you know, there are innumerable worlds under the gods' management, but what we manage are the 'worlds' themselves, not the ones who live there . The gods and goddesses do not have to interfere in the development or the destruction of civilization there . Because destruction is also a part of the life cycle of "world" . The world heading towards destruction should be ruined by the Destruction God, who does his job . Then I create a new one . "

The legendary god of destruction . . . According to Universe God's way of talking, Destruction God, with a scary name, differing from the name, might be a respectable god . . .

"Besides, the lost world that is likely to cause adverse effects on other worlds is also the target of the Destruction God . It's a world where the Evil God is born and it's impossible to restrain . "

"Hey, wait a minute . That . . . !"

"No, of course your world is not the target yet . There is no Evil God descending and out of control . However, the waterside is confirmed . "

What does that mean? If a Evil God descends in a world, will it become the target of Destruction God?

"The problem is far beyond that . The Evil God is making his followers cause mischief through the interstices of the dimensions . Look at this . "

When Universe God waves his right hand over the table, a three-dimensional map of our world is projected .

Then, he waves the left hand, a 3D map of the Reverse World also appears . The two symmetrical worlds are projected over the table quietly, as if two images are mirroring each other . Well, is this a flat world?

"This is the state of the two worlds half a year ago . And . . . "

The two worlds get closer gradually, then parts of them overlap with each other .

"This is the current state of the two worlds . The Evil God is trying to connect the two worlds . Now, they have started to do so . "

"No . . . !"

This caused the accident happening to the McLean, and the variants have appeared in the Reverse World, so I think that the Evil God and his followers might be behind these things . . . But how can the two worlds connect with each other?!

"Why does the Evil God want to do that . . . "

"When the two worlds are connected, it will become another world . Besides, it is not me who create the new world . That is to say, it will be out of my control . It must be the suggestion of his followers . "

"What . . . !"

A world beyond the control of the Universe God?! Why . . . !

"Usually, such a lost world beyond the Gods' control is, according to the judgment of the gods and goddesses, the target of Destruction God . If it exists together with other worlds, it will attain its own evolution and have an adverse effect . But that is not what I want to see . "

The Universe God stares at me with his sharp eyes . I swallow my saliva instinctively .

"So, yes . We decided to leave all this to you, Touya . "


Wait, what does he mean?!

"You should end the unusual situation that is happening in the two worlds . In the name of mine, you will become a senior god if you succeed . "


Senior god?! It ranks higher than Sister Hanakoi and Sister Moroha?! Is that true?!

"To tell you the truth, even if you defeat the Evil God, the two worlds will still become one eventually . . . Then we need a god to manage it . Once a new world gets out of my control, it will develop too fast to be manageable for me . It will really help me if anyone can manage it .

"So you choose me to do it? I cannot imitate a god! "

"You don't need to imitate . You will become a real god . . . There's nothing difficult . All you have to care is not to cause Destruction God's attention . "

That sounds a mission impossible . . . Even you the god of world cannot ensure that . Upon the present situation, he will come soon! Are you really sure I can do that?

"Of course, you won't become a god immediately after you defeat the Evil God . You may be allowed to live on the earth for a certain period as an internship . "

"By the way, how long will it last . . . "

"Well, maybe two or three thousand years . "

It's such a long time! The internship is too long! God Inc . trains its new employees so carefully!

In other words, if I solve the problem of Evil God, I will be officially employed . Before I take the position, there will be an internship of two or three thousand years on the earth, and then I will become the administrator of that world . Well, it's funny .

"Is that compulsive . . . ?"

"No . It doesn't matter even if you refuse . I think there's also the path of training yourself as a lower-level god, but then your world will be out of God's control . The 'lost world' may bring adverse effects on other worlds . . . Even if the evil god is defeated, that world will be eliminated by the Destruction God . Is it a pity, right? "

"You have no choice in this way . . . "

"I'm sorry . I want to choose a less troubled way . "

" . . . No, the world will be destroyed by either the Evil God or the Destruction God if you leave it alone! I'll be thankful if you can reconsider it . Besides, that Evil God has been doing whatever he pleases . You'd better smash him at a stroke . "

I feel thirsty and drink up a whole cup of tea at one draft . It is troublesome, but it must be done . I do not know if I can do managerial work, but I can get used to it in two or three thousand years .

No, I have to beat the Evil God first .

"Thank you for undertaking the task . Because I don't want that world to be eliminated, either . "

The Universe God drinks his tea while saying so . As a god who condescends to say so, he seems to be attached to this world more or less .

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