In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 324

Chapter 324

In a Different World with a Smartphone Chapter 324: Mel and Ende, and the Reunion .

The war between Primula Kingdom and Trihalan God-Empire had come to an end following the peace treaty signed by both countries .

Things from that point onwards are the two countries’ responsibilities to handle, so I stayed out of their way . Of course, I did properly return Imperial Princess Lystis to the God-Empire .

On the side of the God-Empire, while there were some resistances, in the end, the senate was dissolved, and most of its senators were captured and lost their place and assets as nobles of the empire .

Including the chairman, all the captured senators will probably be sentenced in the near future, but I’m not really interested .

For me, I managed to achieve my initial objective of establishing connections with the powers- that-be over in this world, so it’s good .

Well, it still hasn’t developed into a fundamentally solid solution against variant attacks in the Reverse World…

And when I thought to call it a wrap and return to the Surface World for the moment, a problem surfaced .

“That’s why! Please take me along!”


Dr . Elka had started throwing a tantrum about wanting to be taken to the Surface World together . I beg you, please stop clinging to my leg like that . The looks from the Primula group around me hurts!

“Touya-kun, her knowledge will definitely prove useful to us . There are things I want to consult her about too, so why don’t you take her along this time?”

“Regina-chan, nicely said!”

Dr . Elka pointed a finger towards the professor with a *bishi* . Well, that might be true, but the potential problems, or more like troublesome things… There’s definitely some problems with her personality, I can guarantee it .

If Fenrir’s coming along as well, that relieves me a little, but still…

“In the first place, by ‘take her along’, you mean to Babylon?”

“If she’s left on the ground there’s the possibility that some secrets might be leaked for both sides, after all . She’s probably just gonna hole up in [Laboratory] and [Workshop] anyway . ”

U—mu… If we can construct powerful golems or make further improvements to the Frame Gear with her help, it would indeed help us immensely in the coming battles ahead…

“Well, if the professor says so…”

“Yay! Travel to another world! We did it, Fenrir!”

I still feel slightly insecure while watching Dr . Elka who pulled Fenrir into a standing position by both of his front paws and started dancing around with him, but well . Whatever comes, I suppose .

“Another world, huh… Touya-dono, please do take me there one day as well . To the world of my ancestors . ”

“One day, definitely . I’ll also introduce you to the one on that side who also holds the name of Palerius . She’s quite the beauty, you know?”

“Now that sounds promising . ”

While laughing, the Primula King exchanged handshakes with me . I made the promise to return for another visit eventually, and also told them to go to Dracliff Island and look for the silver dragon if anything happens on this side .

I’ve tentatively gave the order to not hurt humans unless they are attacked first to the dragons there . Although most of them can’t speak the human language, they can understand it, so as

long as the other party gives out my name and their purpose of visit, Shirogane should be able to handle it promptly .

“Well then, see you . ”

“Umu . We’ve really been in your care on this occasion . Thank you . ”

While hearing the voice of His Majesty the Primula King, I transferred ourselves—three persons and one golem—using [Dimensional Transfer] to the aerial garden of Babylon .

There, I asked Dr . Elka to wait for a bit while I brought Yumina up from the ground . Well, I do think it should be ok, but just in case, as a precaution, you know .

Once Yumina used her magic eyes to confirm that Dr . Elka held no evil intentions, I entrusted her to the professor for a tour of Babylon . The two person and one golem walked away while Dr . Elka was looking all around her and asking questions to the professor from time to time .

“Touya-san . I don’t think it’s possible, but could she be the tenth…”

“She’s not! I only welcomed her in as a technical staff member!”

“Is that so . ”

For an instant, I felt a tremendous pressure from Yumina who’s smiling lightly… No, I really don’t have any plans to add anymore, ok?

I don’t understand how she allows mistresses even though she reacted that way earlier, but in any case I don’t plan on adding to that as well .

If you ask Yumina and the girls, apparently everyone in the Babylon Numbers, including the professor, counts as mistresses already . Is it that? That talk earlier that as long as they can’t give birth to children it’s OK?

“Oh, that’s right . I met Ende over in the other world, you see . That idiot lost his memories and got himself brainwashed, you know?”

“That happened to Ende-san? And then, what did you do?”

“N? As promised, I beat him up and brought him with me . ”

I took out the dice-sized [Prison] that was sealing Ende from inside my pocket, and threw it on top of the lawn in the garden .

“[Release] . ”

The [Prison] shattered upon me uttering that word, and a fallen-down Ende appeared on the spot .

Suddenly, that Ende flew up towards Yumina while stretching out his hand, trying to grab her .



Tch, damn bas…! I grabbed Ende’s hand which was stretching towards Yumina, and letting the momentum flow through my body, unleashed a textbook ippon seoi nage . I then presented a [Paralyze] on the idiot who’s lying down on his back .


I let go of Ende’s hand after he went limp .

“So he woke up . This is a difficult point in using [Prison], eh…”

Since time flows normally inside, he probably regained his consciousness sometime earlier . After that, he probably waited quietly for a chance to escape .

Still, this bastard, to go as far as attacking Yumina . Should I hit him another 2, 3 times…?

“He did seem to be not in his right mind . ”

“Ah, well yeah . His memories are probably in a mess right now, after all . For now, let’s bring him over to Mel’s place and see if we can dig his memories up again . ”

It’ll be troublesome if he keeps attacking us every time he wakes up .

I lifted Ende with [Levitation], and headed towards Babylon’s [Rampart] .

We reached the room where Mel is being detained, and lowered Ende who looks battered .


The Phrase’s [Sovereign], Mel, who up until that point was behaving as if her soul is no longer in her body, stood up in panic and rushed over before hugging Ende close .

“How cruel… Who did this to you…!?”

“Ah… Well, that was me, but—wai, stop! Don’t look at me like that, I’ll explain, okay!? He had lost his memories, and came attacking so I had to immobilize him . It was justified self- defense . ”

I hurriedly gave my excuses when being stared at by a pair of teary-looking, condemning eyes . I can’t deny that it bleeds a little into excessive self-defense…


“Seems like he was once on the verge of death or something . And after he lost his memories due to that, some bad guy implanted weird memories into him which caused him to view me as an enemy . He did seem to remember you a little bit, though . ”

“… I understand . Then let’s quickly heal him . ”


Ignoring me who made a weird sound unintentionally, small crystal tentacles grew out from Mel’s fingertips with a *paki paki* . The ten tentacles, which looked like glass cords, attached themselves to various points around Ende’s head .

“I will now recall Endymion’s memories . It may be a bit jarring to your ears, so please be careful . ”

As soon as she said that, Mel’s hands began to produce shrill sounds that started resonating with each other . Unable to stand the noise that was like tinnitus increased by several tens of magnitudes, I retreated outside of the [Prison] surrounding the room together with Yumina and shut out sounds from within .

“She said she can heal him but…”

“It could be an ability similar to my [Recall] . She might be using external sounds to stimulate Ende’s psyche and trying to awaken his memories with that . ”

Based on what I can tell, I think it’s something like that… It somehow gives off a feeling of putting your head inside a microwave oven . Wouldn’t it explode…

Eventually, Mel turned back towards me from inside the [Prison] with a troubled look . Eh? What happened?

When we entered the [Prison] again, Mel began speaking to me while being flustered .

“Umm, I think he has returned to normal but, he’s only moving his eyes and not reacting…”

On top of the troubled Mel’s knees, Ende sent me a look of condemnation .

“Ah, the [Paralyze] . ”

I forgot . Obviously he couldn’t move .

I came up to Ende and casted [Recovery] on him . Just in case, if he starts rampaging again, I kept a [Paralyze] on standby so I can use it anytime .

A bit later, Ende stretched out a hand towards Mel’s cheeks, and gently stroked it while smiling .

“… Hey, Mel . It’s been a while . ”


Mel hugged Ende close . Seems like it was a success, after all .

“Seems like you’ve recovered your memories . ”

“Thanks to you . I also remember the things that happened back when I lost them… You’ve hit me quite hard, Touya . ”

“That was on you . Go ask yourself for responsibility . ”

If he can speak like that to me, I guess he’s alright . While being hugged by Mel, Ende looked around the room while scowling .

“And may I ask why is Mel in this kind of place? Did you perhaps take her here forcefully?”

“Stop saying things that make me sound like a kidnapper . This is something like protection, in any case . This way, the Phrase won’t be drawn in towards Mel . Various things are being isolated inside here, so it’s absolutely safe . ”

Even here, people treat me like a kidnapper… I replied in the negative staunchly towards Ende who had turned a dangerous look to me for a second . I’m sad at this false accusation, you know .

Yumina smoothly stood between the two of us who had been staring at each other .

“For now, how about Ende-san and Mel-san have a nice and long talk about what’s happened so far, and what’s going to happen in the future? We will take our leaves here, so . ”

“Eh? Wai-, Yumina?”

I was pushed out by Yumina from within the [Prison] and the room, into the corridor outside the door . What was that?

“That won’t do, Touya-san . They’re a pair of lovers who had finally met each other again after a long period of time, you know? You need to be more tactful . ”

“… Ah, I see now . ”

Yumina explained to me while looking towards the door with an expression of half sympathy and half curiosity . Sorry that I’m so dense .

Well, I can understand that now .

“Well, someone who obstructs others’ love deserves to get kicked by a horse and die, huh . ”

“What is that?”

“A saying in my old world . If a person gets in the way of the romance of others, since that’s an extremely boorish thing to do, he or she will receive punishment in the form of getting kicked by a horse and die, is the meaning . ”

Well, my current body definitely won’t die from getting kicked by a horse, but that’s not saying I want to be kicked . There’s a ton of things I want to know from Ende, but right now I guess I’ll respect Yumina’s wish .

He can’t get out from that [Prison] anyway . I’ve taken his sacred treasures too .

We walked away together from the room Ende and Mel were in .

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