In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 568

Chapter 568

"That's why I was wondering if there was any magic or magic tool that could somehow seal off another personality..."

"There's nothing like that convenient."

That's what the castle's living room said. I slurp out the words of the exhausted ende.

As usual, Liil and Ende seem to be getting along badly, and there are days when they can't go home.

No, I guess I'll be back when Lil comes to the castle with Alice, to be exact. This is how you talk to me today. [M]

Today, Alice is taking Lyle to practice dancing with her. My dad, who can't go to see Alice, is wrapping a tube around me.

In the first place, Liil and Ende didn't get along. Hal's personality built into Liil just hates Ende like a scorpion.

"That girl's main character is a girl named Lyle, right?" Don't you think that if you take Hal out of that personality, there will be no problem? "

"You know, I don't know what happened to the original Hal who was in the [Crystal Realm [Freudia]]." If she was dead, wouldn't that personality be Mel's brother's memory, no, his own? Can you get rid of it? "

"No, no, no, no, I didn't say to turn it off. Temporarily seal them off, or tell them we can't put them to sleep or wake them up. It's not Lil's intention to let Hal take over each time because of emotion, is it?"

Hmm... I know what you're saying, but aren't you just talking about settling with Hal?

I thought I'd be able to hang out with him normally if I stopped appearing on the surface of Lil's consciousness due to my anger at Ende.

"I don't feel like I can reconcile..."

I can't think of a word to say to Ende, who is madly nagging.

"When you got married on a winter's night, didn't you get opposed by your brothers and sisters?"

"Especially...... I wonder if the Demon King at the cherry blossom was the only one to stare at me....."

Well, I wasn't so opposed to being strangled. Since the cherry blossoms were completely on my side, the Demon King didn't have any hands or feet.

"If Mel goes in there, maybe she can talk to you for a bit?"

"Mel is also responsible for throwing away the [Crystal Realm [Freudia]], so I can't say it too strongly."

"Well, I know how it feels..."

But it won't be solved for long, will it? There's a lot of things we have to solve...

"...... is it okay if it's just Ende who's worried?"

"Hey!? Alice can't even see me, so I'm in trouble!?"

"I won't listen to that." I'm getting along just like Lyle and her sisters. "

The white ende collapsed on the sofa.

Oh, no. I said something extra.

When I was worried about what to do with the fallen ende, I heard a ringtone from somewhere.

Huh? It's not mine. Is that Ende?

"Yes, hello...? Huh? Yeah, I'm fine, but..."

Ende's eyes were slowly recovering from the loss of vitality. I woke up from the sofa and started talking to the person on the phone.

What? Did Mel tell you to buy some ingredients for dinner today?

Piiiii, the disconnected Ende's gaze turned towards me, who was drinking tea.

"The Guildmaster is on the phone." There's been a mass outrage in the Sandra region. "

Gang runaway [Stampede]!?

I also take out my phone, unfold the map in the air, and zoom in on the Sandra region.

Search. A group of rampaging beasts and monsters.

Searched... searched. Show Shimasu

A red sign solidified on the map. I could see it slowly on the map, but it seemed to be moving at a tremendous pace.

How many are there?

3,2691 people, big and small.

That's a lot... It's quite a massive rampage [Stampede].

On the map, there was a very large town ahead of the group. If you stay like this, you'll bump into me in less than three hours.

There is no longer a kingdom of Sandra that ruled this region. Currently, several city states are trading independently.

My reputation in this region, like that of Euron, is as bad as the collapse of my country. To those whom the Lord has enslaved.

"I think this town is built with the support of such former slave traders as well as Sandra..."

And what about the guildmaster Lelysha?

"You asked for a crusade." Even though Sandra had an Adventurer's Guild, it wouldn't be nice to be crushed here. "

We need a crusade. But even though you have the Dragon Knight Dragoon, isn't it too heavy to be the Ende alone?

“It's okay. He said he'd ask to join the crowns' Black 'and' Red '.”

Norn and Nia.

Norn, the master of the "Black" crown noir, and Nia, the master of the "Red" crown rouge.

Both of them signed up for the Adventurer's Guild, and I lent them my overgear.

With the addition of Ende's [Dragon Knight [Dragoon]], and the adventurers' skillfulness, would we be able to cope with a swarm of 30,000 demon beasts?

"You can also participate in winter nights." This request can be joined by any adventurer who is above the red rank. "

"Hmm, the legin rave is adjusting..."

"I don't have any problem participating physically, but I'm hated by people in that country, so come on..." It's a little hard to see what's going on. Many adventurers are from the local area.

I could join the Black Knight [Knight Baron]... but it's been a long time since I've been able to move my body. I've been obsessed with making artifacts lately, and I haven't fought much.

If you wear a silver mask as an example, you won't find out who it is. The Silver Ghost Samurai Silver Gun is back.

I also wanted to get my thoughts back before the battle with the "Evil God Apostle".

Well then, let's join in. Let's get in touch with Lelysha-san. "

Suddenly, the silver masked demon samurai might be surprised to join, so I sent an email with a detailed explanation to the guild master, Lelysha. That's it, that's it.

Then I'll call Norn and Nia, and they'll be outside the gate in two hours.

Roger that.

Ende answered and walked out the living room window. That's why I told you to use the door...!

While complaining to Ende, I also decided to go back to my room to change my clothes.

I didn't even notice that there was a small shadow shining over it.


Rendezvous with Ende, Norn, and Nia at the gate of the city. Norn and Nia had the crown Noir and Rouge with them.

There are no members of the bandit group "Red Cat [Akaneko]" on Nia's side. Only the deputy chief, Est, and his golem, Akagane, were there.

What about everyone at Red Cat?

"They're not red ranks, so this time they're answering machines." I'm the only one with a red rank, so Est and I are the only ones.

Oh, you haven't reached the requisition rank yet. Well, that can't be helped.

Norn doesn't have an anthropomorphic Golem, Mr. Elflau, for the same reason. Elfrau said that she was an anthropomorphic type specialized in nursing care, and that Elka, Norn's sister, was unsuitable for combat.

"... I don't care, but I don't dress like you." Are you out of your mind? "

I was already wearing a silver mask and woven into my armor, and I received harsh opinions from Norn. Isn't that weird?

"I have a bad reputation in the Sandra region. This is a disguise for not buying unnecessary grudges. When you look like this, call me a silicone."

”What did you do to my bad reputation...?”

"Ahh... I crushed the country there"

Huh...? I can see that it was not only Norn, but also Nia and Est.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I I just paid for the fire. [M]

I didn't seem to get an explanation, so I quickly opened the [Gate] to Sandra.


A man from the guild staff was already waiting for him at the promised place when he left the [Gate].

This is one of the small oases in the Sandra Desert. The adventurers who had received this request for a crusade were supposed to gather here once. There were already a few adventurers gathering around the oasis.

We were contacted by Lelysha-san, so a man from the staff rushed to us in a hurry.

To the gold-ranked adventurer Ende, the red-ranked adventurer Norn, Nia, Est... and Silogane-sama, right?

The adventurers greeted me with a greeting that said, "Gold Rank." Currently, there were only three gold-ranked adventurers in the Adventurer's Guild. It was Galen, Ende, and me, the first king of the Knight Kingdom of Lestia.

Hilda and Yae were close to becoming gold.

Earlier, the official deliberately blurred his rank as a silver tree. Looks like the guild's got you covered.

"I heard about it, but you can really use transfer magic." I'm surprised you're a gold-ranked adventurer. ”

Ah, well...

Ende was dumbfounded by the staff's words of admiration. I used Gate , but I wasn't lying because Ende could use transfer magic.

So that's all the adventurers I've been asked to do?

“Yes, 94 Red Rank Adventurers in Sandra Region.”

About 100 of us. Even though there were many goblins, kobolts, and other miscellaneous fish, it seemed crazy to try to deal with a herd of demon beasts that was three hundred times larger.

But the Red Rank was a top-notch adventurer. I'm sure you have the strength to do that. Moreover, this request for a crusade is premised on the participation of Ende and the Norns. No problem.

"I mean, it's hot in here..." I'm sorry, but I'll let you cool off until the battle begins. "

When Norn said that, he took out the [Storage Card] from his pocket and shook it, and a lion-type overgear, Leonoire, appeared in the desert.

Looking at the amazing adventurers, Norn quickly entered the cockpit with Noir.

"No, that's cool because there's a cooling function in the overgear, but come on..."

Ahh, let's do the same thing.

Like Norn, Nia summoned Tiger Overgear, Tigar Rouge, and began to board. These free men... "

The adventurers who saw Leonoire and Tigarouge had a somewhat reassuring look on their faces. I guess I was a little anxious after all.

I heard that many of Sandra's adventurers were former slaves and gladiators.

I don't think the ex-slaves would resent me for letting them go, but I think they were right to disguise themselves because it was weird and noisy.

"Toru...... How far are the swarms of beasts coming?"

"Don't be here in 30 minutes."

I answer Ende while looking at the map on my phone. Ende also summoned the Dragon Knight [Dragoon] from the storage space.

Behind this oasis is a large town. There are guards in the city, but I don't think I'll let a demon beast pass through.

Even if I leaked a few dozen of them, the town guard could take care of them.

Well, let's get ready.

As I watched Ende climb into the Dragon Knight [Dragon], I took out two large and small crystal swords from [Storage] and pointed them at my waist. It stands out if it's Brünnhilde... If it's me, there's a risk of getting caught.

Crystalline weapons are only made in a few other countries that have acquired Freys' Kakura, so you can avoid it.

And then I summoned Amber.

Lord [Aji], what's that look like...?

Amber turns to me with a confused look. ”You're trying to do something strange again, aren't you? 'That's what I'm talking about.

"I was wondering if I could stop the group rampage [Stampede]." I thought I'd ask Amber to hang out with me just like she did with Yeosheng. "

I see. I don't mind because I haven't had enough exercise lately.

Insufficient exercise, hey... Well, if you eat and sleep in a castle and don't know if you're a tiger or a cat, you'll be under-exercised.

It was me who swallowed the word "...".

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I suddenly felt my gaze and turned around.

There, Sandra's adventurers were preparing for the group rampage [Stampede], taking care of their weapons and concentrating their minds.

There are some people watching us. Was it their gaze? It seemed more like a vigilant gaze than a curiosity. Well, you know what?

T-That's right... ah, the silicone. Looks like the first ones are here.

Ende's voice resounded from Dragon Knight [Dragoon]. I leaped up from the oasis with Fly and stared into the desert from the air, I could see the sand and smoke rising in the wobbly heat.

[Long Sense]

When I checked with my eyesight, countless demonic beasts were bursting toward me.

Sand Goblin, Desert Scorpion, Basilisk, Sandcrawler, Lizard Man, Desert Buffalo, Sandshark... and many other beasts I don't know.

Like Sandsharks and Sandcrawlers, beasts and monsters that could move through the sand were slamming into the ground.

There was a difference in speed, and it felt like a long, vertical spear, rather than spreading like a wave.

Well, it's easy for that person to intercept us.

You're here, aren't you? Ugh, let's go first! '

Nia's Tiger Rouge bursts out of the oasis with excitement.

Oh no...! It's not just one person that protrudes!

Norn's Leonoir rushed out with a dazed voice.

Neither am I.

Ende's Dragon Knight, Dragoon, also lowers his heel and runs out of the desert in runway mode. "I thought you were going to take the wheel from the sand, but you're running normally..." Did the doctor make any modifications?

Three planes flew out, and the adventurers began to charge into the desert just as the battle began.

I can't be late either. [M]

It descended to the ground and straddled the amber that had become a tiger. When I pulled out the crystal sword, the amber began to run vigorously.

"Silver Demon Martial Artist, come to me with a suggestion."

Soon, Amber's legs pulled out of the adventurers and approached the Endes. It's fast on the desert, but it's fast.

”Amber, if you're wandering around the Endes, you'll get in the way, so let's wait here and hit the overflowing one”

Your Will

Amber stops at the spot with a smoke of sand. Already in the front, Ende and the others who had stormed into the flock of demonic beasts had begun a relentless ravage.

From there, Sandshirk, who only showed a dorsal crest on the sand, came towards us.

The shark-shaped demonic beast swimming in the sand jumped out of my mouth to swallow me whole.

Get lost, Junior.

Sandsharks jumping out of the sand are blown apart by the shock waves emitted from Amber's mouth.

Small and large pieces of meat fell into the sand, creating a red stain.

Didn't you ever eat a sandshark fin? Do you think it'll turn into a shark fin? If I threw it away, I would be angry with Lou and Arcia, so I collected it in Storage for now.

Oops, this time it's over here.

From the opposite direction of Sandshark, the Desert Buffalo charged in. It's a fierce carnivorous cow with a vicious horn that lives in the desert.

Amber fluttered at the raging cow, and I slashed my neck with my crystal sword.

The headed cow rolled forward on the sand.

... why didn't you bring this cow back to Lou and Arcia? "You're going to make me angry..."... I'll get it back. For now. For now?

Gaga gaga!

"I don't need you."

Slash the sand goblin that jumped. I don't want anything to eat.

Okay, Amber, let's focus on the one you can eat.

I think the criteria are strange...

Amber ran out on the sand, twisting my neck at my words.

I jumped into the swarm of demon beasts that Ende and the others had missed and slashed from one end to the other. Don't forget to use Storage to collect them in between.

I could wipe out the swarm of demon beasts with magic, but that would deprive the adventurers of their earnings, and I wanted to reclaim my thoughts on the battle.

When I was dealing with a demon beast that was attacking me, my sense of dullness was gradually being sharpened. After all, such a tingling feeling of tension is something that cannot be obtained through training.

Suddenly, the adventurers after them were starting a fight with a flock of demon beasts.

As expected of the Red Rank Adventurers, they always slaughtered the demon beasts one after the other without fear.

Because there were so many local adventurers, he seemed to know how to defeat desert beasts efficiently.

I was well prepared for poisonous beasts like the Desert Scorpion. That's a good one.

Oh, Est is fighting alongside Akagane as well. The two sides cover each other and show off the wonderful combination. It was Gorem and his master. The breath is perfect.

The adventurers are struggling to beat it. The girl over there is struggling with a sword like mine. Are you from Yeosheng?... looks like Eight Clouds.

The child wielding the axe spear [Halvard] over there resembles Frei, and the child beating the lizard man behind it resembles Linne.

Oops, it looks like Stef who just ran into me.

The child who is emitting magic over there is similar to Elna, and the child who is singing in a pleasant way is similar to Yoshino. Arcia and I were collecting two demon beasts that could be eaten.

It's the only thing that looks like a coon that's rambling on a powered suit. Hahahaha...

"Hey, hey────────!!"

What are you doing, my child────!?

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