In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 571

Chapter 571

Is this him?

"Yeah. Look at this arm..."

One of the men tied up in black rolled up the sleeves of a vagrant lying in the alley. The vagabond only groaned a little and didn't resist.

"I see. It's starting. It's starting."

There was something like a dull scales clinging to the vagabond's arm.

Take me with you. It's annoying to be mutated in public.

"Mendoza..." Isn't it okay if I take care of it here, aniki? "

"It's an order from above." You're not supposed to kill me, are you? "

A man called on his brother lights a cigarette as he watches his men hold and drag the vagabond's legs.

Fu...... the smoke spewed out was scattered by the cold night wind.

What's the benefit of letting that guy live?

"I don't know. Isn't it used for some kind of experiment?" I was going to use it effectively until the end. "

The man who replied without much interest discards the cigarette after smoking and stamps it with his shoes.

"Let's go."


The men are leaving the alley. In the darkness of the night, I didn't even notice that the black cat and the black dog were watching from the roof.


The rough men were still drunk today at the "Ginkgo Pavilion", a tavern in the southern section of the Gulf city of Blen.

Inside the tavern, fishermen working in the sea, tough carpenters, seemingly inexplicable travelers, and scruffy merchants gather to drink.

However, when it comes to cheerful liquor, it is not, but rather a place for stupidity, dissatisfaction, and anger.

"Ahh!? Say something, you son of a bitch!"

"I'll tell you anything, you bastard!"

With such a voice, the fight begins again today. The customers around me also smiled a little bit and didn't want to stop. Only the clerk said that it would be difficult for the staff to get rampaged in the store.

When the intensity of the fight increases, the customers around you are annoyed.

Perhaps she couldn't bear it anymore, but a small boy stood up and stepped forward in front of the two men who were beating each other.

"Shut up, uncles."

As the boy smiled and pushed the bottom of his palm against the two men, the two powerful men who were quarreling furiously blew away and rolled out from the entrance of the store.

The customer, who didn't see the moment, said, "What happened? 'Strangely, the guest I witnessed said,' You're lying, aren't you? 'and his eyes wide open.

The boy returned to his seat as if nothing had happened and called out to the suspicious merchant in front of him.

"I'm sorry. How far did you hear?"

"Ah, ahh, about the organizational structure of the black butterfly [Papillon]....."

The merchant realized once again that the boy in front of him was not an artist. It wasn't exactly a boy, it was a girl.

Brunnhild's agent, Homura, was trying to target and gather information from a relatively light-hearted merchant in a tavern.

It was too noisy, so I entered the quarrel arbitration and stood out, but as a result, the merchant's mouth seemed to be even lighter, so I thought it would be no problem.

"There are dozens of executives under the leader [boss], but the four senior executives are putting them together." It seems that each of them is in charge of production units, smuggling, intelligence gathering, and smuggling and trafficking. "

What is an operational unit?

"Escort, extortion, and money lending... it's all work that needs to be done." Well, not only that, but it's rumored that we will also undertake the assassination depending on the money. "

There were rumors that the former Lord was assassinated by the Black Butterfly [Papillon]. She thought maybe that was the truth.

There is also a field of assassination in sneaky operations. Fortunately, Tsubaki has never been turned around for such a job, but I've heard from an elderly thug that there used to be such dark work in Yeosheng.

However, I have been told that accepting an assassination request carries considerable risks.

The assassination mission itself is not dangerous. Risk of being targeted by the person who requested the assassination.

If the assassination succeeds, only the client and the executor will know about it. If you were a client, you would be able to take out the weakness.

In that case... it's a lot to say that a ninja who has finished an assassination will be killed by his client.

I don't know what to do with the Black Butterfly [Papillon], but if it doesn't look good, the killer may have been wiped out.

I thought that I would never accept such a request, but in the first place, I smiled at my own sorrow that my master could not be allowed to assassinate me.

Where are the golden pills scattered all over?

"... what are you asking me for?" I won't say bad things. Don't stick your neck in the extraordinary. No matter how strong you are, if they aim at you, you won't have enough lives. "

Surprisingly, this merchant is a kind man. Tsubaki worried about himself, but no matter how he looked, he thought that there was no benefit to a merchant with a frivolous appearance, saying, "You're damaging my appearance."

In front of such a frivolous merchant, Tsubaki places a silver coin.

”... I don't know if it's DeLoria, who runs the blackmail bargain, or Beelis, who is entrusted with smuggling and trafficking”

While saying so, the merchant drew the silver coins and drank the lukewarm ale. Perhaps this man had something to do with the Black Butterfly [Papillon].

No one in this town can do business with the Black Butterfly [Papillon]. This tavern probably pays a small fee for the black butterfly [Papillon]. Otherwise, it would have been crushed long ago.

"DeLoria the blackmailer, Beelis the trafficker and smuggler..."

Considering the dealings with the evil god apostle, the main purpose is blackmail, but considering that he is selling golden drugs, I thought that it might be smuggling and trafficking.

"Thanks, man. Thanks for the help."

Tsubaki sits down with a silver coin. This also includes my own meal expenses.

The man who had a good harvest was in a good mood and went outside the tavern.

Walking outside for a while, strong men emerge from somewhere and surround themselves.

It wasn't the Black Butterfly [Papillon]. Inside, two faces were blown out of the tavern.

"This is him! He's a fucking kid, imitating him!"

"Hey, you guys! Hold him down!"

Apparently, we're here to retaliate with our people. The men around him all came at once.

But the next moment, dodo dodo dodo dodo! And when I thought that the dull sound rhythmically resounded, the men who attacked me peeled off their white eyes at the scene.


Only the two people who were responsible for this unexpected disturbance could see the sight of it. There was nothing in the men's eyes about what had happened.

Hmm, if you don't defeat me, you'll have to bring me here ten times over.

Tsuji jumped into the pockets of both of them in an instant while saying so, and letting go of the base of his palm that he had eaten in the tavern [without restraint this time].

The men blew out of the spot, knocked down the barrels and buckets of the nearby stables, and stormed into the horse-dung pile.

The loud noise came from the tavern. Nomajima gathered and found the fallen men and the two buried in the horse dung, but at that time, the figure of Nomajima had already disappeared into the darkness of the night.


"Aren't you stupid?"

"Wow! Spicy!"

That was the voice of the baboon who heard the report of Tsubaki. Suddenly called ridiculous, Daisuke held his chest and turned upside down.

"Why are you so prominent?" You can write the letter "Shinobi" 10,000 times, you're

"No, this is a force majeure..."

"I don't want to ignore those who are making noise in the bar." It's not like I was intertwined. "

"That's how much..."

The voice of the merchant in front of me was so loud that I couldn't hear it, so I went out and took action. When Kaoru said that, I thought it was definitely a short-circuit, and my voice to argue turned down.

"Well, I appreciate the fact that I've been properly informed, but..."

In one room of the inn, there were only three people, Bastet and Anubis, but they had not yet returned.

How was Tsubaki?

I went to the downtown area, but I ran into some suspicious people ~

Suspicious person? A member of the Black Butterfly [Papillon]?

"Not that way, but with the medicine." Your footsteps are fluttering and your eyes are wandering around the city, muttering, "Grrrr, grrr, grrr..." "

There were four people I saw, presumably users of golden pills. She felt more penetrated than she thought.

If they run out of money to buy drugs, they'll probably run into crime. That medicine can also slow down the deterrent of reason.

"I just thought I'd give you an antidote..."

The three of them have been given some antidote for this mission. I only gave a few dozen bottles to each country, and I knew how valuable it was.

"Stop it, it's the right answer." I can't use a precious antidote to a life-threatening terminal condition anyway. If you don't break the original after you've cured it, you might be able to do it again. "

"That's right..."

She was supposed to give out such a righteous argument, but she also felt something strange.

I can save you, but I can't. In my head, I think that's good for now, but is this really good for you? Suspicion brings forth a sickle.

Aya shook her head and pushed the unnecessary thoughts out of her head. I'm on a mission now. Just think about doing the job you're doing.

When I raised my face to the trick and the sound of tapping the window, I saw the figure of Black Bastet and Anubis assimilating into the darkness of the night. They seemed to be returning to the roof sometime.

When Tsubaki opens the window, the two go indoors without making any noise.

No, I'm tired. They're moving around this way. "

Anubis stretches out his front leg and says something like that. Does Golem get tired? Tsubaki tilted his neck, but he dared to tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.

The black butterfly [Papillon] not only sprinkled golden pills, but also recovered the addicts who had advanced to the end of their symptoms.

"Huh? That's not for treatment... right?"

The black cat nods tinyly at the words of the bamboo.

When the curse progresses with the golden medicine, the mutation of the body begins. When that happens, your reason is gone, and you don't even know who you are. The antidote we were given could still help...... ”

"What did the black butterfly [Papillon] do after recovering such a human...?"

Individuals who have completely mutated will have an octahedral crystal called "Curse Stone" created in their bodies. The Black Butterfly [Papillon] was taking it out. ”

Bastet's three daughters' faces are toughened up. I took it out of my body... which means that person can't live anymore.

This "cursed stone" will replace the G-Cube of Golem. You can get a stronger and better core of Golem without labor... The black butterflies [Papillon] must be feeling delicious. "

Until you're really dead, no, until after you're dead, you're still being exploited. Everyone in this room was infuriated with anger in such an outrageous way.

Mutation doesn't mean that everyone is going to be all of us, right?

The doctor said that people with magic resistance and those who still wait for hope in their hearts are hard to become. The stronger the negative energy in your heart, the more likely it is to be cursed...? "

That's what Bastet answers to my question.

However, I thought it would be difficult to continue to have hope in such an environment. In this town where the black butterfly [Papillon] ruled, there was no hope.

"Anyway, we need to investigate the origin of the golden medicine first." Deloria, a blackmailer, Beelis, a drug dealer, and two of our top executives may be able to figure something out. Bastet and Anubis are the best to follow, but this time you'll have to split up. "

At the words of the baboon, the baboon leaned his eyebrows and turned his gaze to the black dog next to [Ka 'we].

"Eh, it's okay without the baster, you stupid dog...?"

Whoa!? No one comes out to the right when you act like a dog! That's such a bad word for me!

The three daughters thought that your actions were just dogs, but they didn't say anything.

"As expected, I'm worried about Anubis alone, so maybe one of us needs to follow along..."

That's what I said, and then my gaze staggered. There is no doubt that this is the poor man's [Bingboo Draw]. It's a hassle.

"" "RRRRRRRR!" "

My treatment is terrible!

Anubis muttered to his three daughters, who had started a hot junket.


The north wing of the Gulf city of Brenn has streets lined with luxury shops that don't match the town.

The neon of the magic light stone glowed in the darkness of the night, attracting customers with large sums of money today like lanterns. It's a big difference from Minami-ku's tavern.

Most of this shop was a breath of [Black Butterfly [Papillon]]. It is a place to entertain the trading partner of the [Black Butterfly] [Papillon], and it is also a place for blackmail that cannot be shown on the surface.

One of them is a shop with a sign saying "Desperado", where you can see men doing suspicious deals.

Even the [Black Butterfly [Papillon]], who hugs the lord of this town as much as he likes, would be at the end of this volume if the Knights of the Imperial Capital grabbed evidence of such a deal.

In a situation where we didn't know where the undercover agents were in town, the place to make these deals was a must for them.

“Here's what you promised. Please keep it.”

"Sure. So this is the price..."

A box containing the blue octahedron crystals of Horus's Daze [Gura] and a large leather bag with a large amount of gold coins were exchanged on the table.

At the end of the transaction, the opponent quickly left the room holding the box containing the crystalline body.

Then, immediately, a man with a wide moustache with a cigar pulled from another door appeared.

A skinny-looking man, who had given the box, stood up from the sofa and dropped his neck.

The bearded man sat down somewhat where the counterparty was sitting, rubbed the cigar off with an ashtray, and lifted the leather bag on the table to check the weight.

How dare you give such money to such a stone?

"If it's a golem engineer, I'd like to load it up..." It's an unknown material for researchers. "

"Ha. You're greedy. Well, thanks to that, we're hydrated."

The bearded man took the cigar out of the cigar case by throwing the jarrah and the leather bag on the table. When I made a mouthpiece with a cigar cutter, the clerk beside me greeted me and lit a fire.

So, what's going on with the object [Putu]?


A man with a thread in front of a beard puts a small case on the table. When I opened the lid, there was about a dozen glass containers like test tubes inside.

The test tube contained a dark golden liquid, and the bearded man took it out one by one and put it on the chandelier of the magic light stone on the ceiling.

"It is a concentrated golden medicine with a special beast factor added to it." When we did the human experiment, we were able to force it into the body, but reason was completely erased, and no nuclei were created. "


"The inoculated person had the power to outdo Gorem, and he didn't seem to feel any pain. I can't say it's a complete failure.”

"But when reason blows up, it's probably useless as a soldier." If it could at least form a nucleus, it would have been useful as a seedbed..... "

The bearded man puts the test tube back in the case. The man with the threads capped the case and continued the conversation.

"No, for example, if you sneak this into the attendees at a party of the nobility of the marquis....."

"Suddenly a monster appears and the party is a mess."...... I see, if it works, the one who gets in my way might die? "

“Well, there's little certainty, but the point is, it depends on how you use it.”

Hmm, one of the senior executives of the bearded man── [Black Butterfly [Papillon]], Beelis, who was in charge of smuggling and trafficking, was thinking about it.

I was not sure, but I felt that it would be a great advantage to be able to make a gunball on the spot. I can harm the spot without being suspicious. The question was whether the target who hit him could get himself involved in the attack.

Is there still room for improvement?

“Yes, I think if we drop the concentration level, we'll be able to keep our reasoning going.”

"Then go on."

“What's the problem?

One of the clerks tells the visitor that the man with the threads has lowered his head.

"You're here?"

The purpose of Beelis's visit is not to get a report of a new drug in front of her. To make a deal with the man who's just arrived.

The man with the threads recovered the leather bag containing the gold and the chemical case, and when the table was cleared, the person guided by the clerk showed up.

I'll get in your way...

Some of the clerks who saw the person for the first time had a jerky look on their faces. It's impossible. It was too strange.

A creepy man wearing a black robe and a goat's skull.

In the hand of the man, who was expected to be an old man from his voice, was the Metal Black King's [Scepter].

One of the messengers of the evil god, Graphite, smiled under the skull of the goat.

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