In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 574

Chapter 574


In addition to skeletons that walk on the ground, machine demons descend from the sky.

For the people of the port city of Blen, the sight of the world's hell was spreading.

The number of reinforcements on the other side showed up, which was a disadvantage. [Homura] had a color of impatience.

Seeing that, Suu, who was nearby, spoke in a light tone.

Don't worry, we asked for reinforcements too.


The voice turned around and saw the [Gate] opened all over the town, a knight wearing silver armor and a knightly golem.

I am not a knight of Brünnhilde. Those armor are the knights of this country, the Gardio Empire.

"Knights of Gardio! Protect your people! Do not forgive the wicked invaders!"

Lancelet Rigg Gardio led the way. He is the young emperor of the Gardio Empire.

Beside them, when they saw the figure of their Lord [Aji] with black hair and white coat, [Homura] breathed a breath of relief.


Wow, there really are demons in the skeleton.

I was contacted by Sue and Tsuji-san. I contacted the Emperor of the Gardio Empire and was a little late because I arrived at the [Gate] after gathering the Knights. As expected, I couldn't send my knights on my own.

His Majesty had a plan to step into the base once he had the information on the [Black Butterfly [Papillon]]. Unfortunately, the [Black Butterfly [Papillon]] had to wait.

"With all this confusion and confusion between the citizens and the enemy, it's not good to have a wide range of magic..." There is a risk of getting caught up, and it can cause further confusion.

Thinking like that, a skeleton with a sword rattled its jawbones towards us.

Brunhilde shoots the incoming Skeleton's skull through, but regeneration begins immediately. I knew I had to shoot through the core.


Pull only the Skeleton's core into your hand. The lost Skeletons fell apart and fell apart on the spot.

Drop your core to the ground and crush it with your shoes. I knew it was easier this way.

Sin! And now a mechanized demon falls in front of me.

The long limbs were made of machines like golems, and the torso and head were the devil's. Let's say a mechanical demon called [Cyborg Devil].


The hand protruded by the mechanical demon [Cyborg Devil] was cut off from the wrist and shot out.

As soon as I dodged it, my wrist was rewound with something like a wire attached to it, and Gashin again! Docking on the arms and legs. Rocket punch with wire.

Whether the machine's limbs are undamaged or not, I try to shoot Brunhilde's bullets into my torso three times.

Dandan! I hit three shots in the chest and abdomen, but it doesn't look very effective.

But the blue blood was bleeding, so it seemed like it could be damaged. It was only prevented by the thick muscles.

How about the next one?


The moment the shot demon took a step towards us, the demon suddenly exploded and the torso split into two pieces.

Oh, after all, the explosion from the inside is highly effective.

The Explosion magic inflicted on the bullet caused the demon to die.

All in all, demons are strong in life. You can't be alarmed if you don't make sure you're dead.

In the first place, the demon itself was like an underbelly of an evil god. Both are similar to the places where human negative emotions are energized, or where they prefer dead bodies.

According to Sister Various Blades, the demon is also said to be the remnant of the evil god, but considering that, the evil god's messenger may also be said to be a kind of demon.

"Well, you're acting like a demon." It's the same thing, isn't it? "

I slammed bullets into two mechanical demons, [Cyborg Devil], who were gliding from the sky. Put it down, Bogga, Bogga! and an explosion occurs, with pieces of demon flesh and a rain of blue blood. "Hmm, I don't want to shoot you right up there..."

I used Fly to soar up into the sky.

Descending on the roof with the cherry blossoms, Cyclops began to land one after another from the port dock. Oops, it looks like a lot of shit.

"Target Rock. Cyclops."

Searching... Target locked

Activate Gate underfoot

[Gate], Activate Shima Su

The Cyclops, who had begun landing at the dock, disappeared into a pitfall.

All of them who were still in the sea were transferred to a place not far from the town.

It looks like the area is open and no one lives there, so it's okay to get a little rough.

"Suu, cherry blossoms. Can you get me a cherry blossom?"

I'll leave it to you!


The cherry blossoms and suu disappeared from the town in an instant. I followed the Cyclops in the [Teleport] of the Cherry Blossoms.

After a while, a huge golden frame gear appeared far ahead of the town, accompanied by a light red frame gear.

Cannon Knuckle Spiral!

The roar of the Cyclops blows away, and the sound of Sue through the speaker echoes here.

But the next moment, Pahn! With the sound of a rupture, I saw the golden powder rising from the other side, and it unexpectedly solidified. That's... a god poison!

No, the God Poison (weak). It has little effect on our God Clan. However, not everyone who had become a vassal could die, but it seemed to evoke a great deal of ill health.

To borrow the words of the cherry blossoms, "I ate it until I was full, and then I was put on a jet coaster and pounded into a pool full of insects."

It's not unbearable, but it seems disgusting anyway. Physically and mentally.

In addition, the output of the frame gear will decrease somewhat. According to the doctor, it has been improved, so it won't go down more than before...

"It's okay. Both the cherry blossoms and the suit are properly brought." Of course we are, too. "

When I got down on the ground, I set up a smartphone that Else had in my hand, and when I started the app, I threw it into the sky.

[Armed [EQUIP]!

A ball of light was fired at the sky from my smartphone, and it immediately descended and enveloped Elsa's entire body.

When the dazzling light that could not open his eyes subsided, there stood Elsie in the pilot's suit. What is that system of transformation!?

"It's a hassle to change all the time, isn't it? I asked the doctor to make it for me."

Elsie's face was wrapped in a full-face helmet, with a black shield lowered, so she couldn't see.

What makes it a little different from the pilot suit I saw earlier is that the gauntlet that was attached to both arms is still equipped, and the gray coloring turns red.

"My defenses are getting higher than before." It's sturdier than poor armor. "

There are crystal armor-like things around the shoulders, chest, and waist, but it really looks like the red of a squad hero, coupled with the red of a personal color...

Thinking of two similarly dazzling lights in a row, more heroes were wearing rattan and orange suits. Yae and Hilda.

The two suits were fitted with attachments at the waist, which made them feel like they could connect a sword or sword sheath.

"After all, I think this suit is a bit too tight..."

"That's right... I think it's good to be able to move easily."

The expressions of Yae and Hilda were hidden in the shield but twisted in embarrassment.

Certainly, if the irregularities of the body are clear like the eight layers, it will stand out...

"Milord, I hope you don't stare too closely..."

"Ah, no, I'm sorry..."

Oops, there's a courtesy for a friendly friend. Let's not be shy.

"Well, what about the effects of the God Demon Poison?" Isn't it disgusting? "

While looking at the golden powder that had drifted so far, I checked with Elsie and the others.

"It doesn't matter at all." I can move normally. "

Hmm. If that's the case, we'll be able to fight without any problems.

It seemed that the filter with the leaves of the sacred tree was working properly. It's like wrapping your whole body in a thin barrier.

I'm sorry I'm flirting with you, but I think you should worry about the other side as well.

Unexpectedly turning around to the voice of Hanae-san, the messenger of the evil god on the rubble was beginning to change strangely.

Several bones protruded from the back of an old man wearing a goat's skull.

Long, with some joints, the bone looks like a spider's leg.

I saw something like that in a movie I saw recently... The superhero who acquired the trait of a spider looked like him when he wore a powered suit from a fellow hero. "This one has more legs..."

The tip of the bone was as sharp as a sword. Supported by his back bones, the goat-headed evil god apostle was floating in the air.

"I see you at first, Lord Brunhilde." My name is Graphite. I became a Necromancer named after the Evil God's Apostle and an Alchemist. "

Huh. I see, Necromancer. He wants to use his bones and demons.

"If I could, I would have done everything I could to make an opponent... but I don't have a choice." I'll do my best to entertain you. ”

An evil god apostle named Graphite waved the Metal Black King's Scepter.

Then, the black qi of Doth that came out of it crawled around like dry ice smoke.

Everyone, retreat!

In my voice, Else, Yae, Hilda's three daughters, and Anubis and Basteto, the three daughters who were fighting against the skeletons, were all scattered away from the graphite and dissipated until they couldn't reach their anger.

Hanae-san won't be here anytime soon. All of a sudden.

The aura overflowing from the graphite surrounded the surrounding skeletons and disappeared like a black mist.

But eventually, when the black mist cleared, a group of skeleton knights wrapped in pitch-black armor stood there.

I had a pitch-black sword and shield in my hand as well. A terrible legion of hell was born.


It was the mechanized Demon's Road that roared above.

Damn, I'm busy here and there!

"Winter Night! [We] will stop you here!" Winter Night is for the devils! "

Hmm, that's better.

In response to Hilda's suggestion, I nodded and [Fly] jumped up to the sky. The demons are flying, so it's most efficient for me to deal with them. The right materials.


Demons Road. Since the coup d 'état in Regulus. It was bigger than Demons Road back then. And the limbs are mechanized. Like other demons, it appears to be cyborgized. Just Demons Road's golden limbs.

The red eyes of Demons Road glow suspiciously. The next moment, two red beams were emitted from both eyes towards me.

Having seen it before, I flicked a beam and set up Brunnhilde to fight back.

But the demons behind Demons Road also beam out of my eyes, and I'm struck by the rain of the red beam.

"Geez, [Prison]!"

As expected, this concentrated fire was tough, so I unfolded the [Prison] barrier around me and weathered the storm of beams. I have my own hot gaze. It's tough being a hot guy.

"Now it's my turn."

I take out a sword from the [Storage] and set it up.

At first glance, it only looks like a broad sword made of crystalline material. "But..."


When I waved my sword while pressing the button at hand, the blade fell apart in an instant and became like a whip, intertwining with the demon.

Releasing the button, the wire connected to the blade was pulled back and restored to the shape of a sword. The demon that was torn apart by the sword that was pulled back fell to the ground in pieces.

I made the Serpentine Sword for Frey out of crystal. It is well-placed to fight a large number of enemies.

The demons that were approaching were chopped with a serpentine sword from one end. It is a limb of the machine and there is a piece of paper in front of the blade made of crystalline material.

The fruit of a chopped demon falls under my nose.

I said, "Stop splattering over your head!" 'I heard a loud voice. "Hmm, I'm sorry..."


Demon's Road raises its arm and hits me. Of course, [Prison] stopped me and I couldn't reach my fist.


Demons Road repeatedly hit [Prison] as many times as they wanted. It's no use. How dare you smash my [Prison]...


I heard an unbelievable noise in my ear when I was busy.

What's that loud sound now...! "This golden limb...!"


Damn it! The destruction of [Prison] was almost the same time I jumped backwards.

[Prison] is broken...! Damn, those limbs are mutant!

The mutant species that became a vassal of the evil god contained the spirit of the evil god. Even if it rotts, it's the power of God. It wasn't strange that I could destroy Prison that didn't contain my spirits.

But if you destroy the mutant nucleus, its body will melt into mud, but is there any special processing method?

Just as we made crystals from Freys' shards, did we somehow make something similar from a mutant species... a magic metal?

Even though it harbors the power of a mutant species, [Prison] wouldn't be broken if he used his magic spirit...

If I use my spirits, it might violate the [Rules] of the gods... "After all, you can use it over there, but you can't use it over here, right?

Technically speaking, "God's power must not have a great influence on the earth", so it may be okay, but I don't know how to judge the gods other than the world gods that I don't know.

This body has already been recognized as a "god". If you use the "power of God" there, you can't escape anymore.

It's quite hesitant to bet the chip "Well, it's okay" on the fate of the world.

"Well, I don't want to lose even if I'm insane." Red jade, you can do it. "

Your Will


All of a sudden, Demons Road is engulfed in purgatory fire. The demon in front of me fell to the ground, suffering in the blazing fire.

Instead, a giant bird of fire appeared in front of him. I secretly summoned Red Balls to attack them from behind Demons Road.

Cowardice? Hah, can you say cowardice to the demon opponent?

The Demon's Road that fell on the ground square is trying to extinguish the flames that burn it like a fire. We've already evacuated [Homura] from underneath us. All right, there's nothing wrong with that.

I kept it in [Storage], and the boulder appeared in the air without any weirdness.


Pong touched the boulder falling in front of Demons Road, activating [Gravity] and weighing it thousands of times.


The sound of your belly! echoes in your ears.

Alright, demon extermination is over. No, there's still a little devil left.


Here we are

Right next to me, a giant blue dragon shines in sapphire color.

Flapping his big wings, he spat out a bracelet like a flame thrower from his mouth, and several mechanical demons [Cyborg Devil] burned up with their limbs.

Ruli, the red jade. I'll leave the demons here to you.

Your Will

Let's get rid of all the charcoal.

Leave the sky to two [two] to descend to the ground.

On the ground, three daughters, Basteto, Anubis, and a giant coral and Obsidian were starting to ravage the Skeleton Legion.

When I summoned Ruri just now, I, myself, and the rest of the Divine Beasts were making a lot of noise, so I summoned them all. Amber is heading towards the Elsies.

Obsidian shatters the skeleton with a current cutter and crushes it with the huge legs of the coral. It's like a monster movie.

"Take the coral, obsidian, and their children."


I'll leave you to it.

I left it to the corals and Obsidian to run under Elsie and the others. Running through the streets to the collapsed whorehouse, Else, Yae, Hilda, and Amber in their pilot suits were fighting the skeleton knights of Graphite.

The Skeleton Knight in his pitch-black armor wasn't that strong. However, the nucleus, which is a weak point, is not completely visible in the armor, so it looks like it is a hassle.

The graphite was transformed into a Taka Ashigani-like figure with the same metallic glow as the Skeleton Knight.

Instead of a hammer, it had something like a large sickle attached to it, and only the upper body with the Wang Xiao [Scepter] jumped out of the main body of the Taka Ashigan crab.

The crab version of Arachnay? Arachne is one of our knights, but it is one of the demons, the same subracle as the beastlings. No matter how I looked at it, it was a monster. Let's get rid of the Kaiju.

[Light Piercing, Holy Light Wave, Holy Ray]

A very thick laser from my palm is looming over the rubble.

This isn't a serious attack, so this is OK, right?

”Eat it, 'jet'”

In response to the spear of light that seemed impossible to avoid, Graphite lightly waved Wang Xiao [Scepter], and the black Moya that leaked out of it swallowed all the lasers of light like a black hole.

Eh, that's not true?

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