In Different World with Naruto System

Chapter 02: Naruto System

Chapter 02: Naruto System

Ren Tian You started to tremble with excitement.

This is the Sharingan, ah!

I, your father had liked Sharingan the most ah. He was confidence that these eyes were on entirely different level. After all he was perfectly clear about the abilities of the Sharingan. At this time, he suddenly felt a wave of pain inside his mind; after this severe pain he heard a metallic voice in his ear. “Di……..found a host! By scanning, the host is confirmed to meet the requirements. ‘Naruto System’ binding successful, host Ximen Tian Long.”

“Who! Who gave me what, come out!”

He suddenly stood up, and yelled all around him but there was no one around him. Only towering trees were slightly swaying by wind.

“Host, do not panic. I am the administrator of the ‘Naruto system’. Please close your eyes and concentrate. Inside your mind, you can see me!”

At that time, he once again heard that metallic voice. Immediately after hearing this voice he began to do as it said.

He closed his eyes, concentrated and very quickly, inside his mind he saw that so ­called Naruto System.

Inside his brain, he caught the sight of a laptop­like interface at the top of which, it had 5 huge effect scroll. He again concentrated hard and saw that it was marked as ‘Ninjustu System’, ‘Store System’, ‘Eye Technique System’, ‘Summoning Beast System’ and ‘Mission System’.

“This is?”

He was completely astonished when he saw those things inside his mind.

At the same time that metallic voice rang again. “Host, do not panic, this is the Naruto System interface. Host can learn all the ninjustu that appeared in the Naruto world.”

“Who are you?”

While he was very shocked to see those things in his mind, he knew that he should have a clear understanding of it, so he asked.

“I am the administrator of the Naruto System and the guide for the host to use this system.” After hearing his question, that metallic voice answered.

“Why is it that this system appeared in my body?”

“It is the reward of the Heavenly Laws, the concrete reason is unknown.”

After hearing the metallic voice’s answer, he became lost in thought for a long time. Although he didn’t know why this system had appeared in his body, but anyway it was actually a good thing. It was necessary to have a certain strength to have a stable footing in this world. And the original cultivation system of this world was not suitable for this body, as even after cultivating it for 10 years he had not reached even Intermediate Fighter rank.

(The classification system of this world is as follows.

For warriors (battle qi): Trainee Fghter, Junior Fighter, Intermediate Fighter, Senior Fighter, Swordsman, Great Swordsman, Swordmaster, Great Swordmaster, Sword Saint and Sword God.

For magicians: Trainee Mage, Junior Mage, Intermediate Mage, Senior Mage, Magic Scholar, Great Magic Scholar, Magic Master, Great Magic Master, Law Saint and Law God.

For illusionists: Trainee Illusionist, Junior Illusionist, Intermediate Illusionist, Senior Illusionist, Illusion Scholar, Great Illusion Scholar, Illusion Master, Great Illusion Master, Illusion Saint and Illusion God.)

And with this Naruto System I have full confidence that it is unlikely to lose to anyone. For magic, I, your father have ninjustu. For battle qi, I, your father’s taijutsu is not incompetent. And for illusions, ‘he he’, I, your father’s Sharingan is the forefather of illusions.

He thought for a while and asked,“System, give me a brief introduction about the function of this Naruto System.”

“Yes, host.”

Next, the system gave a brief introduction about the main function of the Naruto System.

The Ninjutsu System covers all the jutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, even forbidden jutsus and secret arts which had appeared in the Naruto world. There is no requirement to learn the skills inside the Ninjustu System. As long as you have enough strength, you can learn them at any time.

Inside the Store, there were tens upon tens of thousands of ninja items and tools such as pain­killers, shuriken, detonating papers and so on……………

The Eye Technique System was related to the Mangekyo Sharingan.

The Summoning Beast System contains all beasts. The host could summon his beasts from inside this system. This system even included all Tailed Beasts (1-­9 Tailed Beasts).

The Mission System provided missions to the host; completion of these mission rewards system points and items.

In this entire Naruto System, there were no requirements in only the Ninjutsu System but the Eye Technique System, the Mangekyo Sharingan, as well as the Store, needed system points.

He was lost in thought after carefully hearing about the system. After some time he asked the system. “What are the methods to gain system points?”

“Host can obtain system points by completing missions and also by killing creatures with energy such as the magical beasts in this forest as well as other human beings. Just binding this system has given host 100 system points.”

“I understand.”

After listening to the system, he got a basic understanding about this Naruto System. This Naruto System’s ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu cannot be learned directly but had to practice hard until they are perfected. But eye techniques can be exchanged with system points so they could be directly learned.

After understanding how to use it, he couldn’t wait to test things out. First was gathering the chakra, after all chakra is basic foundation of all ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu and without chakra they cannot be used.

He opened the Ninjutsu System and looked for the chakra gathering method. Chakra is energy gathered from the cells of human being. He carefully look at the method of gathering chakra inside the Ninjutsu System. After that he sat on the ground and began to cultivate for the first time in this alien world……….

Chakra is a kind of energy produced from a perfect fusion of natural energy essence and bodily energy and is used as the starting point for ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu. Also, it can used to make chakra threads to bind opponents or probably cut off similar things made from chakra.

Although his innate talent in cultivating battle qi and magic was very low, even to the extent that he had just reach Intermediate Fighter after cultivating battle qi for 10 years. But his cultivation speed of chakra was very fast. Within merely 10 minutes or so, he could feel the energies from all over the body spring out and start gathering in his dantian.

Time passed second by second; unknowingly he had already cultivated for about 5 hours, until there was a rumbling sound from his stomach. After that he opened his eyes and stood up.

He touched his stomach, he felt that his front stomach had already attached to his back because of cultivating chakra. While cultivating chakra, all the energy is extracted from all the cells in the body, so cultivation of chakra demands great amount of food.

He stood up and walked towards the magical beast forest. He knew from his memories that strong magical beasts do not appear at the outer surroundings of this magical beast forest. So even with his strength, he could still hunt magical beasts of class 1 or 2.

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