In Different World with Naruto System

Chapter 04: Practicing Seal Forming

Chapter 04: Practicing Seal Forming

Ren Tian You cultivated chakra for the second time. When he stopped after evening, the amount of chakra within his body was twice as much compared to at noon. Again he felt quite hungry, so he had no choice but to stand up and go hunting.

As it was getting dark, he had to hurry up and take action, because many powerful magical beasts came out at night. As of now, if he encountered any of those powerful magical beast, then he would become meal for it, ah.

Soon, he discovered a Lightning Cat. It was class 1 magical beast and it looked like it would surely have delicious meat. It didn’t have high attack power, but its speed can be compared with class 3 magical beasts. Thanks to not having night vision and not having high strength, even after a long period of time he couldn’t catch that Lightning Cat.

“What to do now?”

He quickly became impatient and sweat started to pour down from his head. The longer he delayed, the more dangerous it would become for him, as night was right around the corner. He didn’t have the courage to enter the inner region of the Magical Beast Forest.

“Oh, that’s right, Sharingan.”

Just now he recalled that he had the Sharingan. Although his Sharingan had just awoken and had only a single tomoe, it still could not be trifled with.

[ED: Tomoe:]

Thinking this, he rapidly circulated his chakra which he had cultivated not long before towards his eyes.


Suddenly, both of his eyes changed into a scarlet color. Inside his each eyeball, the single inverted magatama [ED: seem to be the same thing as tomoe] slowly turned around, and his Sharingan was unleashed.

After he unleashed the Sharingan, the originally fastly moving Lightning Cat immediately became much slower in his vision and he could see it clearly.

This Sharingan with a single tomoe gives the user enhanced observation skills. All the things within its field of vision slow down, so that the user could clearly see all the moments and aim of the opponent and counter them.


After he turned on his Sharingan, he realized he could clearly see each and every moment of Lightning Cat. He swung his fist toward the Lightning Cat which directly landed on its body.


He had swung his fist anticipating the Lightning Cat’s movement path. This fist which landed on the Lightning Cat was covered with douqi, causing the animal to fly out. He quickly ran towards the place where the Lightning Cat landed and delivered another punch which ended its life.

Following this method, he killed an additional four Lightning Cats and returned back to the stream bank.

This time he didn’t make fire by drilling wood like an idiot but instead used the lighter.

After this he quickly roasted the meat and satisfied his hunger, and then he climbed up a big tree and rested on a branch.

“What do I do now? If I cultivate now, then in the middle of night I will be hungry and at that time I cannot light a fire to roast meat because if the fire is noticed by any of the powerful magical beast then it would be a great disaster. So in the end what should I do now?”

He was sitting on the branch and was a bit anxious. He was deeply thinking about what to do next. He wanted to increase his strength as soon as possible so that he could walk all around the world without any fear. So no matter what he wanted to seize every possible chance possible to improve his strength.

“Oh, that’s right, I can practice seal forming, ah. Although I could learn ninjutsu, but if I can’t form the required hand seal then it would be useless. To use some advance or high level ninjutsu, I need to form dozens of hand seal. So if I am not familiar in forming hand seals then all of the ninjutsu will be useless, ah.”

Right away after speaking, he quickly accessed the Ninjutsu system, within which he found a list of hand seal signs.

There were twelve basic ninjutsu hand seals: ‘dragon’, ‘ox’, ‘boar’, ‘hare’, ‘monkey’, ‘serpent’, ‘ram’, ‘horse’, ‘dog’, ‘tiger’, ‘bird’, and ‘rat’. The different combinations of these hand seals turned into all the hand seals required for using ninjutsu in the Naruto anime. For some ninjutsu to activate, the required hand seal should be formed within a given time, otherwise it would fail. For example, Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu needed altogether eight hand seal signs: ox—dog—dragon—rat—dog—boar—serpent—tiger. These seal must be formed within 4 second to activate this jutsu. Although some senior ninja didn’t a provide specific time, they didn’t take more than four second to form all those hand seals. And some high level jutsu like Water Style—Water Dragon Jutsu, needed 44 hand seals to activate. From this he could see that if he was not familiar in forming hand seals then he should forget about using any high level ninjutsu.

Every day he had watched Naruto, and was a super fan of this series. So without doubt he knew the importance of hand seals. He wanted to become just like Uchiha Itachi: not only could he form hand seals with one hand but also he could make at least 5 hand seals in a second.

He carefully watch all the basic hand seal which were shown in the Ninjutsu system. And started to meticulously practice forming hand seals.

It was almost 3 hours since he started practicing hand seals and his hand was also almost cramped. Till now he had only practiced forming those 12 basic hand seas and he had already became quite skilled in it. As for making hand seals with one hand, he didn’t wish to practice it yet.

He stopped practicing, and looked at the 2 bright, big moons in the sky. Right, in this Divine Wind Continent, 2 moons shine brightly at night but fortunately there is only one sun at daytime.

Seeing the moons, again he couldn’t help but recall his parents and sister who were on Earth and become sad in his heart. He didn’t know whether they got sad over the news of his death. Especially so for his father who had high-blood pressure and h didn’t know if he could handle this news.

“Father, mother and sister, you must wait for me. If I have enough strength to return, then I will definitely return and seek you all. Tian You is not dead, not dead.”

Speaking up to this he couldn’t bear anymore and the tears started to flow out. Only those people who have not been heart-broken yet, say ‘real men do not easily cry’, no one else.

He looked at space-time ninjutsu and thought that if he learned those space-time jutsu then maybe after he had completely mastered them, he could return back.

He slowly hide his sorrow and lay on the branch. After some timem he entered in his first sleep in another world.


Next day he woke early in the morning, walked up to the small stream and washed his face. After that he sat cross-legged near the stream and began to cultivate chakra. Now he must seize every chance possible to cultivate. The faster he cultivated, the faster he would be able to return to Earth and tell his parents he didn’t die and was still alive.

Time slowly passed by as he was immersed in cultivation. He had already planned his daily schedule to cultivate chakra. His schedule was to exert himself for half a day cultivating chakra until his limit and after that go hunting. Not only could he obtain meat, he could also gain all-important system points. He wanted to upgrade his single tomoe Sharingan to a double-tomoe Sharingan, but it needed 1000 system points. Sharingan was crucial for boosting his power, so he had to collect system points without any delay. And at night, for his daily schedule, he had decided to practice forming hand seals until he was thoroughly skilled in it.

Now he had already prepared his cultivation plan, so he started to cultivate chakra according to his plan……………(to be continued)

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