In Different World with Naruto System

Chapter 11: Break out of person with a poor sense of direction

chapter 11: Break out of person with a poor sense of direction

Ren Tian You slowly walked on the road, unexpectedly he felt extraordinarily relaxed when he arrived at human society, after leaving his residence at Magical Beasts forest where he had stayed for 2 years.

When he was at Magical Beasts forest, he was always thinking only about how he could improve his strength as soon as possible, and spent his each and every day of 2 years in intense cultivation and training. Each day with the exception of time needed for doing his daily needs, all the remaining time were spent in training to increase his strength. In order to learn high level ninjutsu, every day he forced himself to go to challenge powerful magical beasts, for the sake of increasing his strength. He had done all of this for getting vengeance for the original owner ‘Ximen Tian Long’ and then find the way back to his home.

So to speak, although the system in his body was quite helpful to increase his strength in this 2 years period of time, still his own great effort to cultivate was also equally or if not, more essential.

And now he suddenly left his intense cultivation schedule and arrived to outside society. He actually felt something was little off, because compared to 2 years of intense training, now his body felt an unprecedented sense of relief, as if a huge burden was suddenly removed from his body.

But after walking for a while he discovered an issue, and that was currently he didn’t know the way to the nearest town or where it was.

“Well, it seems I must stop someone and ask, otherwise I don’t know where to go this time.”

At that time he suddenly heard the sound of carriages from behind him, he turned around, and saw 2 carriages were coming from his rare, and that carriages were drawn by the horses which were different than the horses on the Earth. These horses were not only tall and big, but the most important thing was it also possessed a silver colored pointed horn. And next to these 2 carriages, there was 4 people who were riding the same type of horses. These 4 people were dispersed as if they were making a kind of formation to surround these 2 carriages.

“Well, unexpectedly it is Gale horse, it seems the identity of these peoples are not ordinary Ah.” After he saw these peculiar type of horses, he talked to himself.

From the former memory of the body he had identified the ** horses. Gale horse, class 4 magical beast, but it was gentle in nature, so there was nothing to talk about its attack potential, can be tamed and turned into a mount, and it is fast as lightning and it can travel the distance of 5000li in a day. The average person couldn’t use these ** horses, but these ** horses were available to use in Ximen family. [T.L: li is unit of distance like meter or kilometer..]

“Well, no matter, first stop them and ask for the direction. Otherwise, gods knows when I could meet another living person. It is getting darker, and I, your father don’t want to sleep outside and feed my bloods to mosquitoes.”

Although the status of this group of peoples were not ordinary, nevertheless he boldly decided to stop them and ask for direction, because there was too few pedestrians along the path and if he don’t asked these peoples then he didn’t know when he’ll meet another person.

“Hello, uncle, stop for a second, I want to ask one thing.” When they arrived at the side of him, he quickly blocked them, and spoke towards the middle-aged man with a bread who was riding on the strong looking Gale horse. The other 3 looked 17 or 18 years old youngster, and he still felt that the older peoples were more reliable than younger, so he spoke towards middle-aged person.

But the next words of that person completely dumbfounded him on the spot.

“F**k, bastard, who are you calling uncle? I, your father am only 19 years old, and developed a bit faster, nothing more. And unexpectedly you call me uncle, are your eyes just for a show, ah dumb idiot.”

The word ‘uncle’ from Ren Tian You had immediately ignited a fire inside that person, and that person stopped his Gale horse near Ren Tian You and roared loudly.

At this moment Luo Tian Xing was completely depressed in his heart, originally he and his few companions were returning to their school at imperial capital after they completed their experience and training, but didn’t expect just when they came out from the Magical Beast forest, on the way they would came across a strangely dressed youth who would block the way of their travelling group. Lou Tian Xing and his 3 other companions who were riding Gale horse were already in guard. Because here, not too far away from Magical Beasts forest, doesn’t belong to anyone’s jurisdictions, and frequently few peoples band together to rob other travelers at this place. But he had never thought that the first word of this fellow would be calling him ‘uncle’, immediately causing him to retort in anger. ‘F**k, do I look that old, I am like this because of my blood lineage and cultivation method of my clan can grow my skeleton and beard a bit, nothing more, and so far everyone call me uncle when they saw me for the first time.’

Listening to the curses of Luo Tian Xing, Ren Tian You was completely dumbfounded on the spot, his mouth slowly twitched several times, and his forehead filled with black lines. He sensed several crows flying past above his head, and at present he only wanted to thoroughly beat this person.

He looked for a while, that person was 1.9 meter in height, again looked and saw that his face was covered with beards, and furthermore that rough voice, ‘f**k, this is 19 years old, you must be at least 38.’

“Eh, this uncle…..ah, wrong, big brother, are you really only 19 years old?” He asked stammeringly facing this outrageous fellow. Just now when he uttered the word ‘uncle’, at that moment the eyes of this fellow flashed with blazing flame. So he hastily withdraw his previous words and asked in a small voice.

“F**k, nonsense, I, your father is only 19 years 7 months old, just finished coming of age ceremony. And you called me uncle, wa ya ya…….I am going to die from excessive anger.” After listening to the question of Ren Tian You, Luo Tian Xing answered to defend himself. Just thinking about, how this fellow just now had again called him uncle, in a flash he had a sudden and violent impulse to beat this guy.

“Eh, this…….you………” Hearing the explanation of Luo Tian Xing, Ren Tian You stammered for a period of time and also didn’t know what to say, and at his moment his face was completely red. ‘F**k, unexpectedly called uncle to a fellow who is only 2 years older than me, suffered a loss ah. However why on Earth, this damned fellow looked completely matured from every angle, this is why I was mistaken.’

“Ha ha, I am going to die with laughter. Little Luo, look, someone called you uncle again. I had already told you that, with your appearance anyone would think you are more than 30 years old, but you didn’t believe me. Now you calculate yourself, till now how many person had called you uncle. Aiyo, I am going to die from excessive laughter, dying…………” After hearing the conversation between Ren Tian You and Luo Tian Xing, another person who was wearing noble clothing and also riding the Gale horse started to rock his body back and forth with laughing.

Ha ha, exactly. This younger brother, we could testify that this fellow is indeed only 19 years old. We know that most of the people who meet him would be mistaken for his age. He is like this because of cultivation method of his clan.” Yet another youth laughed heartily and explained the reason to Ren Tian You. And the remaining youth also couldn’t stop his laughter.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, I was mistaken. Merely your appearance……..” After listening the explanations, his brows were beaded with sweat. However his corner of the mouth was still slowly twitching. He was making a great effort to bear his laughter in his heart.

“F**k, forget about it. I, your father is already accustomed. You are not the first person to call me like this.” After hearing apology from Ren Tian You, Luo Tian Xing also slowly calm down. It was obvious that it was not the first time he was called this way. After finishing this conversation, feeling strange Luo Tian Xing asked, “Hello, junior, who are you, and why are you blocking our way?”

After hearing the question of Luo Tian Xing, the other 3 also ceased there smiling expression, and they looked at this youth wearing strange clothes without dropping their guard.

“That, it’s this way, I want to ask you the way from here to the nearest town, I am already wandering on this road for 3 hours.” Ren Tian You scratched the back of his head and feeling bad he said. And he roared crazily in his heart, ‘f**k, this time I threw away my face, this poor sense of direction illness also came with me to this world.’

“Eh………..” After hearing answer of Ren Tian You, all 4 of them couldn’t help but had their corner of mouth twitch, and black lines appeared on their face. Furthermore they didn’t expect this outrageous fellow, unexpectedly had lost his way.

“Ha ha, younger brother, you are also good at making joke. Unexpectedly getting lost at the entrance of Magical Beast forest, and also you have only intermediate fighter level strength.” Luo Tian Xing laughed at him and seeing that his strength was only at intermediate fighter, they all relaxed their guard. At the same time Ren Tian You smiled in his heart with anticipation. ‘Snort, just now you called I, your father ‘uncle’, this time look how I will get you back.’ No one would have thought that the heart of this fellow “Luo Tian Xing’ who had overbearing and heroic outer appearance had such a small heart. From this you could see that you should not judge people by merely looking his outer appearance.

“En, simply lost, that’s all. Isn’t it too laughable?” Luo Tian Xing spoke with exaggerated tone. Immediately the face of Ren Tian You became very red, he was only lost nothing more, why are you exaggerating it.

“Little Luo, what is too laughable.” At this time suddenly a pleasant to hear woman voice appeared from inside the carriage. Shortly afterwards, the curtain of carriage was lifted, a long and delicate little hand was seen, and after that a beautiful young lady who was wearing skintight princess dress jumped out from inside the carriage.

At this moment, when Ren Tian You saw this little ‘Lolita’, in his heart, he suddenly had an impulse to yell ‘cute, little Lolita with big breast ah!’ This little Lolita was wearing skintight white princess dress, and this dress could perfectly display here figure. Furthermore that clothes firmly encircle her bosom section, and it seemed like at any time, her bosom could jump out from her dress. Along with the movement of this little Lolita—beng—beng, the eyes of Ren Tian You couldn’t help but followed her movement. The main thing was, the appearance of this little Lolita was too beautiful. This is the face for which any male and female, whether they are young or old would kill for ah, and no one would be willing to get angry with her.

Shortly afterwards, another 2 beautiful female jumped out from inside the carriage, and they too were first class beauty. Ren Tian You felt that today was his luckiest day. In ordinary day, it was hard to catch the sight of a single beautiful girl, but today he unexpectedly bumped into 3 first class beautiful girl.

Catching the sight of those 3 girls coming out from carriage, that handsome Lan Yan went towards those beautiful 3 girls and narrated all the events in full details. After finishing this he couldn’t help but laugh again.

“Ha ha, I’m laughing to death. Someone is actually capable enough to become lost here……”After hearing that handsome youth explanation, those beautiful 3 girls also couldn’t help but suddenly laugh a little. And that little Lolita was holding her stomach with her both hands and laughing exaggeratedly.

Seeing those exaggerated laugh of those beautiful girls, his face was now completely red through and through. Only becoming lost was already embarrassing enough but that verbal attack of that Luo Tian Xing had directly hit the spot.

“Ha ha, little brother, you don’t know from Magical Beasts forest, walk south and in less than 1 hour you would reach the town. That town is the nearest town from Magical Beasts forest, all the mercenaries return here for a rest and buy their supplies. Unexpectedly you are capable enough to become lost here, but the distance from here to that town is at least 4 hours. Ha ha, I’m laughing to death……..” Luo Tian Xing explained to Ren Tian You, and after finishing it he couldn’t bear but laugh again.

Hearing Luo Tian Xing, suddenly all over the face of Ren Tian You black lines appeared, and at once wanted to find a hole to bury himself.

“Crap! No.” Ren Tian You suddenly looked towards the sky and yelled with the voice full of grief and indignation.

“Ha ha, little brother, you’re quite interesting. Oh, that’s right, I still don’t know your name.” With a smile, Luo Tian Xing asked Ren Tian You.

“I am Ren Tian You, I am orphan. I am just roaming all around this continent.” Ren Tian You introduced himself but concealed the original identity of his body, but rather used his own original name.

“I am Luo Tian Xing, that one who is laughing the most is Lan Yan, that illusion master is Li Feng, that fellow is Long You, that beautiful girl with a little low height is Long Luo Luo, the girl on her left side is Lan Xin Meng, and the girl on right with tall stature is Luo Meng Wu, my younger sister.” When Luo Tian Xing introduce them to Ren Tian Xing, he sent his regard. But when Luo Meng Wu was finally introduced, he suddenly became slow-witted on the spot. At that moment, looking for a while at that tall and beautiful girl, who had delicate skin, and again looked at the side towards this 1.9 meter man whose face was fill with bread, unexpectedly this brother and sister had a same parents! He sensed that his brain was little overheated, oh god, no matter from which angle he looked he could not believe that these two were brother and sister born from same parents.

Seeing that Ren Tian You was looking at her sister with a strange eye, Luo Tian Xing immediately understand what Ren Tian You was thinking in his heart.

“F**k, what’s with your expression ah, she is younger sister of I, your father, we have same parents.” Seeing the doubtful expression, Luo Tian Xing walked towards Ren Tian You and violently roared.

“Ha ha, Ren Tian You, we can testify you that these 2 definitely have same parents, although their appearance is a little… resemblance. When we met for the first time, we also doubted about this.” Lan Yan came over and patted the shoulder of Ren Tian You and explained.

“Eh, I only don’t know how to react, that’s all, don’t mind everyone. Which path should I take to reach the nearest town?”

After listening explanation of Lan Yan, he restrained his doubt in his heart and asked to Lan Yan.

“Ha ha, I see little brother you are not good with direction, how about this, where are you intending to go?” Lan Yan asked Ren Tian You.

“He he, I don’t have any place to go, without my father and mother, everywhere is my home, wherever I go is……..same.” Ren Tian You shrugged his shoulders and with a relaxed face said.

“Since it is like that, little brother there is no harm in coming with us to Supreme Light Academy of imperial capital. We all are student of that place. Little brother you don’t have anywhere to go, follows us and let’s have a fun. We also want to make you friend.” With an excitement on his face, Lan Yan spoke. This youth who had worn a strange dress had given all of then a good impression, and they had decided to make Ren Tian You their friend, if he had good character. In normal times because of their identity, normal person feared them to some extent, or become extremely respectful, or they had other objectives. So, in normal times they didn’t have many friends to play around, as a result they set together for this experience and training assignment of academy. And thinking they could many another new friend they were very happy.

“Since it is like that, I would be inconvenient for you all.” He slightly thought one time and directly accepted it. Since he was alone in this unfamiliar world, it was better to be with another person of this world and also he felt that the character of these peoples were not bad and also didn’t had any bad idea. Although he had not opened his Mangekyo Sharingan, nevertheless he could still judge people with his eyes, as a result he agreed to go with them.

“That’s very good, ‘Long You’ you and your younger sister ‘Luo Luo’ prepare the carriage, and you give your horse to Ren Tian You.” Lan Yan was happy as he heard Ren Tian Xie had accepted his offer, and he spoke towards Long You.

“OK, no problem.” Long You flatly agreed. He gave his Gale horse to Ren Tian You and then he and his sister ‘Long Luo Luo’ sat together in the first carriage.

Ren Tian You rode the Gale horse of Long You, and set off with the company of Luo Tian Xing.

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