In Different World with Naruto System

Chapter 20: 7 star broken bone blood lineage

Chapter 20: 7 star broken bone blood lineage

In an unnamed mountain, suddenly space started to fluctuate, and shortly afterward, a woman with a black dress appeared at that place out of thin air.

“Cough cough………….truly awesome,I never would have thought that your actual strength was this high, now I really look forward to our next meeting.” This young girl suddenly coughed out few a mouthfuls of blood and shortly afterward, she flew towards the sky and disappeared.


“F**k, I never expected that she had a rare item like space transmission scroll, truly hateful, unexpectedly I let her get away.” Ren Tian You looked at the empty ground and was feeling frustrated in his heart. He didn’t expect that after so much effort, he still let her escape. That magic scroll, which was created by a space system magician, only needed to be crushed to activate and as long as it is activated it can transfer anyone to a random location. It is one of the most efficient items for fleeing to save one’s life.This space transmission scroll, however, is extremely rare because you can easily compare the number of space system magician with that of the giant panda on the earth, which is one of a kind rare species.

“But who is she? Why was she monitoring me and lurking outside my room so late at night?” Different questions started to rise in his heart, but no matter how much he thought he couldn’t get any answers. “Forget it, everything will be alright, don’t think about her.” Ren Tian You decided to no longer think about this problem. Afterward, he got rid of his Rashomon Jutsu, the remaining 2 Rashomon gates burst into smoke, and disappeared. After that, Ren Tian You also changed into smoke and disappeared from that place, only the earth’s surface which was riddled with holes was left as a prove of this big battle.

Ren Tian You returned back to his room, called maidservants of Heavenly fragrance restaurant, and made them exchange the window which was broken. After that, he lied on his bet and entered his dreamland.

The next day, early in the morning, sunray shined on Ren Tian You’s body, and then he slowly opened his eyes, got out from his bed, and began his morning duties.

After he finished his morning duties, he went to 3rd floor only to discover that Lan Yan and the others were already at that place and were about to have their breakfast.

“Tian You, did you have a good sleep last night?” Seeing Ren Tian You had arrived, Lan Yan asked Ren Tian You with a broad smile.

“Yes, but you all are really unusual, ah, each and every one of you are young masters and young misses of a large clan, but it is quite unexpected that you all woke up early in the morning.” Ren Tian You found an open seat, sat down and curiously asked. Then he directly started to wipe out the breakfast on the table.

“There is nothing we could do. Today we have a very long distance to cover. We have to cross Caryl plain today. And at that place there is the frequent appearance of packs of wolves, as a result, we have to speed up and cross this plain before evening, and enter the territory of the imperial capital of Emperor Fei Lu. Just now we were about to head to your room to wake you up if you didn’t arrive here.” Li Feng answered while eating his breakfast.

“So actually it was like that, then we should quickly finish eating.” Ren Tian You increased his eating speed, and in a blink of an eye, he had already wiped out all his food along with the water.

“F**k, Tian You, just eat slowly. F**k, brothers we should also increase our eating speed.” Seeing the eating speed of Ren Tian You, Luo Tian Xing couldn’t help but roll his eyes and then yelled towards Lan Yan and others to also start increasing their speed of eating.


“Jia!” Ren Tian You and others finished eating quickly and without wasting any time, took their horses and carriage then left Eiffel capital and headed towards the direction of Caryl plain.

Ren Tian You who was riding the gale horse looked above towards the blue colored sky and started to think about the power he possessed now. Before arriving at this world, he would have never believed that he could have such power. Right now in his heart, there was an indescribable feeling.

“Tian You, what happened, why are you staring blankly towards the sky?” Li Feng felt strange as he saw Ren Tian You and asked.

“Nothing, just a little homesick.”

“Homesick. Oh, that’s right, I still haven’t heard you mention about your home, where is your home?”

“My home? it is very far, far away from me now. I don’t know if I will have a chance to return there in my whole life.” Ren Tian You looked towards the vast plain and said sadly.

“Sorry, Tian You, I…………..” Li Feng didn’t know what to say next.

“It’s all right. One day I will absolutely return.” Ren Tian You eyes flashed with strong determination and decided to strive even harder to become stronger.

“Perhaps, after having this, I might be able to return to Earth.” Ren Tian You thought about the Naruto system in his mind and he slowly thought in his heart.

“Tian You, no need to think twice, we are already brothers.” Luo Tian Xing laughed and spoke.

“Ha ha, uncle you are right. I still have several good brothers.” Along with a warm feeling in his heart, Ren Tian You spoke with a laugh.

“F**k, don’t call I, your father an uncle.” Yelled Luo Tian Xing.

“Ha ha.”

“Ha ha…..”


Ren Tian You and others had run for almost half a day, then they stopped and began to eat their lunch. These were the food they had packed from Heavenly fragrance restaurant.

“““Howl.””” Just when they were eating their lunch, they heard the howling of wolves. Immediately after that, the faces of Lan Yan and others changed.

“Not good, A pack of wolves. We should immediately leave this place.” Luo Tian Xing immediately cried, got up and hastily rode his horse, and he didn’t even pick up the food.

After that, all of them left that place in a hurry, behind them they heard a big rumbling noise. All of them looked back to see, suddenly fear started to rise inside their heart. Because they could see a huge number of magical beasts advancing towards them. Only looking at the number, there was at least several thousand magical beasts.

“F**k, like this we won’t be able to escape. Get ready to dismount and fight.” Luo Tian Xing quickly yelled to others to prepare to dismount from the horses. Inside his heart, he was bursting with anger, “F**k, 4th elder and others left because something came up. And now we encounter these pack of wolves…”

Yesterday, 4th elder and others who were responsible for protecting them had left in advance because of some matter. So now they had only themselves to rely on.

Over time, the distance between them and the pack of wolves was getting shorter. Ren Tian You was the only one who was relaxed because it was very simple for him to dispose of this pack of wolves. He had decided, however, not to dispose of these wolves directly because he wanted to see the fighting ability of Luo Tian Xing and others and wanted to train them. Although the strengths of Luo Tian Xing and others were extremely high, and also had good natural talent, without experiencing blood filled battle, they could only become mediocre. The elders had also seen this problem, so when these youngsters were going through the trial by fire in Magical beasts forest, they had protected them secretly without their knowledge. Those elders wanted these youngsters to grow up and became qualified warriors.

“Roar.” Luo Tian Xing who was taking the lead, roared and a copper colored light started to flash through his body. “7 stars broken bone blood lineage, now!” Along with of Luo Tian Xing’s shout, all of a sudden the aura around him changed. Ren Tian You discovered that Luo Tian Xing’s body had grown tall again. Combined with his tall body and his huge sword in his hand, he looked just like a War God.

“Tian You, today I will let you see the might of the Luo clan’s 7 stars broken bone blood lineage and the power of the battle qi of ‘bone refining heavenly star’.” Luo Tian Xing turned his head towards Ren Tian You and said. Followed by his body emitting a copper color battle qi, and from this battle qi, Ren Tian You sensed that this battle qi had the power to destroy everything, and also felt that this battle qi had completely abandoned all defense and only focused on attack and destruction. The members of the Luo clan inherit this 7 stars broken bone blood lineage and cultivates the supreme battle qi——-bone refining heavenly star. This is also the reason why compared to general males, the males of the Luo family looked more mature. This power of blood lineage tempers their bones, as a result, their physical body became more mature quickly compared to other general males of the same age. When ‘7 stars broken bone Blood lineage’ reached great success, they would achieve a hard body comparable to diamond. This is why ‘7-star broken bone Blood lineage’ is one of the first-rate blood lineages. If not for the fact that it is extremely hard to cultivate, it would be classified as at least Saint rank blood lineage.

“Heavenly star 1st kill———–earthquake start!” Seeing that the packs of wolves had already arrived, Luo Tian Xing directly launched his killing move. Luo Tian Xing half squatted the ground, suddenly inserted his huge sword in the ground, and started to release his copper color battle qi to embed into his huge sword. Shortly afterward, the ground in front of him started to shake and dozens of towering yellow colored light erupted from the surface of the ground. These light hit the pack of wolves and made them fly in the air.

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