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Chapter 24: Lightning nature change

Chapter 24: Lightning nature change (second degree)

After thinking about his future plans, Ren Tian You didn’t sleep but just sat on his bed. Currently he was mostly worried about his wind and lightning attributes’ nature change! His chakra was of 3 attributes, namely fire, lightning and wind! Because he possessed Sharingan, he had already mastered his fire attribute’s nature change, but for wind and lightning attributes, he had only grasped form change, nothing more!

All attribute of chakra have ‘form change’ and ‘nature change’, and to use or create a high level ninjutsu, one should grasp both of them. For instance, simple Rasengan is wind attributes’ form change and after adding wind attributes’ nature change in this normal Rasengan, this normal rasengan can evolve into Futon—Rasenshuriken (Wind Style—Rasen Shuriken), this is….S-ranked ninjutsu! (T.L: Isn’t normal rasengan a form change of chakra only?)

In the Naruto world, basically most of the senior ninjas (jonin), already master at least 2 chakra attributes’ ‘form change’ and ‘nature change’, because they had enough time to research and practice these! After they reached senior ninjas (jonin), they would research and tries to grasp ‘form change’ and ‘nature change’ because most of the high level attribute style ninjutsu can be learned, only if they had grasped both ‘form change’ and ‘nature change’. Current level of Ren Tian You could be said to be elite senior ninja, and with regarding to chakra attributes, he had already grasped all 5 attributes. Lightning, fire and wind attributes were his inborn chakra attribute, so grasping form change of these attributes were very easy for him. Compared to those 3 attributes, he had to spend more time to grasp form change of Earth and Water attributes, but he had succeed in doing so. Nevertheless with the exception of fire attribute, he couldn’t even grasp a small clue of any other attributes’ nature change!

While sitting on the bed, he was carefully thinking about the original plots of Naruto which he had seen on the Earth. He couldn’t remember each and every plots clearly because it had already been more than 2 years since he had arrived in this different world. Ren Tian You seems to remember that only after completely grasping rasengan, Naruto began his training on wind attribute nature change. And only after completely mastering nature change of wind attribute, Naruto created Wind Style—Rasen Shuriken, which was rated as S-ranked ninjutsu. Then he had use this jutsu to kill the enemy who had cornered Kakashi and others.

But Naruto had practiced wind attribute nature change with the help of Kakashi and wood style user Yamoto of Kohona. At that time how did they practiced?

“Ah, I remember. First Naruto compressed his wind attributed chakra, then tried to cut the leaves by only using that compressed wind attributed chakra. After successfully completing this task, Yamato used water style jutsu to create waterfall and the final task to completely master wind nature change was to cut that waterfall! So that means wind attribute chakra nature change means making wind attribute chakra very sharp as much as possible!”Ren Tian You hit his own head as he remembered the steps to master wind attribute nature change. But even after this he was little bit worried about creating waterfalls. Although he could easily make waterfall by using water style jutsu, but right now he was inside the restaurant. If he fool around and create a waterfall, then no need to mention the reaction of unknown master of Heavenly fragrance restaurant, just the reaction of the tenant who are staying in this restaurant are capable enough to make his chrysanthemum explode!

Since now he couldn’t practice wind attributed chakra nature change, he decided to practice lightning attributed chakra nature change. Originally Sasuke followed Kakashi and learned raikiri (lightning blade), after that he had deserted Kohona. And at the place of Orichimaru, he gradually mastered lightning attribute nature change. And after that developed a series of Chidori based ninjutsu, even to the extent that he created Lightning style—Kirin, which was rated as S-ranked ninjutsu. However after thinking for a long time for the concrete details of practicing lightning attribute nature change, he finally reached the conclusion………………he didn’t know.

Yes, he didn’t know, because he had already forgotten most of the details of plots, and till this date even after he tried very hard, he couldn’t remember most of it.

“F**k, I simply don’t believe, depending on my intelligence and wisdom, even if I don’t remember the original plot, I myself am not that powerless to not practice lightning attribute chakra change.” Ren Tian You scratched his hear and said furiously. He sat crossed legged on his bed and started to meditate. Lightning, generally represents fast speed and destructive power. Carefully think all the lightning style ninjutsu, all without exception had the relation with speed and destructive power. For instance, well known lightning style—chidori! The key point to use this ninjutsu was the user should sprint in a fast speed, then use the lightning attributed chakra gathered in the hand that had achieved matchless destructive power to kill the enemy! In those years, Sasuke had copied the movement of Lee with the help of Sharingan, and with the addition of the training from Kakashi, he excelled at that trick. So there are many times you could see the destructive power of the lightning system! Also the 3rd Raikage had a similar move known as Jigokuzuki (Thrust of Hell), 3rd Raikage had once used this jutsu to cut off the horn of the 8 tailed beast. Similarly Kakashi had used chidori to cutoff the natural thunder and lightning. Don’t these reasons proves that lightning attribute had destructive power?

Besides all these, 4th Raikage had become famous as the fastest person with the help of lightning attributed chakra. And even the Yellow flash of kohona who could use Flying Thunder God jutsu didn’t dared to get entangled with 4th raikage within a small range. Because even if 4th hokage use Flying Thunder God jutsu to dodge, 4th raikage could also move and arrive at the location of marked kunai in a flash! This shows that lightning attribute also represent speed.

Even though he understand these things, still he didn’t know how to start practicing. Because he only knew behavior of lightning attributes but didn’t know how to comprehend it.

He kept on thinking, suddenly he thought about the moves of 4th raikage. The purpose of the ninjutsu of 4th raikage was to use lightning attribute chakra to simulate **, and turn himself **, thus imitating the speed and destructive power of lightning. [T.L: ** was written in raw]

“Ha ha, I finally understand. So it was like that!” Ren Tian You who was thinking, suddenly became happy and jumped up from the bed and roared happily.

Suddenly he thought, no matter if it is raikage’s ninjutsu or Sasuke’s chidori, both were the result of lightning attributed chakra’s nature change. Although lightning attributed chakra possessed amazing speed and destructive power, still it depends on how the user use it! Just like the wind attributed chakra’s sharpness, you only compress it more and more, trying make it thinner to make it even sharper!

Lightning attributed chakra demands user to make his every thread of chakra to intensely collide, and move. Thus imitating real lightning’s attribute. The 4th raikage precisely used this lightning attribute’s nature change. Thus when his ** is activated, he would possessed speed and destructive power. Sasuke’s chidori also use this principle.

“Actually I was always using lightning nature change, and unexpectedly I was foolishly thinking the solution to take a first step to master lightning nature change, truly stupid.” Ren Tian You make a wry smile and pat his head. Actually chidori display the basic of lightning nature change, this jutsu was perfect to analyze the lightning attribute nature change, and didn’t realized it till now, and was still worrying about lightning nature change, truly an idiot who had reached a very high level.

So after understanding it, he used his lightning attributed chakra and easily destroy the target. This proved that his guesses were not wrong.

Ren Tian You quickly formed a hand seals, “Doton—Ganban Kyu! (Earth Style—Stone Plate Coffin!)”. He used earth style jutsu but he had controlled the amount of chakra, and created a single palm sized rock. He hold this rock with his right hand, and gradually in that right hand started to channel lightning attributed chakra, after some time his right hand was filled with lightning attributed chakra. Nevertheless only with the chakra in his right hand didn’t do a thing to the stone in his right hand. This proved that without guidance from user, it didn’t have destructive power.

Rentian You gradually begin to control the chakra nature change, after experiencing two years of practice, the chakra control of Ren Tian You was extremely good. From the control of Ren Tian You, the chakra in his right hand gradually began to change. Rentian You gradually let the chakra in his right hand to move faster, let every trace of chakra collide with other chakras, very quickly the lightning in his right hand became impatient, and the stone inside his right hand gradually began to split, then slowly turned into a powder.

“Ha ha, finally succeeded, I really am a genius!” Seeing the fate of the stone ball in his right hand, Ren Tian You jumped up happily! “Heh heh, following moment is the most important!” Ren Tian You slowly stopped smiling, he started to form hand seals, suddenly at that time countless lightning flashed around the body of Ren Tian You, and the ear piercing sounds of birds, especially in this very early in the morning was particularly harsh to hear.

Chidori stream, success!

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