In Different World with Naruto System

Chapter 29: Hachimon tonkou

Chapter 29: Hachimon tonkou (The Eight Inner Gates)

Seeing the big change in the appearance of Wang Li, inside his heart, Ren Tian You was completely socked. Although Ren Tian You didn’t understand this secret art of Wang Li, nevertheless the pressure released from that armor was enough for Ren Tian You to become serious.

“Now that you are finished preparing, now it’s time to get serious.” Ren Tian You said with a smile. After that all around his bodies, intense chakra started to burst out. And with this overwhelming pressure, the ground where he was standing started to disintegrate. And all of his hair too started to stood erect.

“Third gate, gate of life (Seimon), open!” Ren Tian You shouted loudly. The restraint on his body was lifted, followed by boundless strong chakra erupted from Ren Tian You.

“What is this mysterious skill?” Seeing the skill used by Ren Tian You, Li Yun, Wang Li, and that guard was completely dumbfounded.

“Fourth gate, Gate of pain (Shomon), open!” After opening 3rd gate, Ren Tian You didn’t stop there, rather continue to open 4th gate. Looking at the stupefied Wang Li, Ren Tian You let out a slight smile, then his right leg pressed on the ground, then in an instant, he appeared in front of Wang Li. The place in front of Wang Li where Ren Tian You had stepped ruptured, “hong” and then suddenly the body of Wang Li flew in the air with the fast heavy kick of Ren Tian You. Due to this kick a deep impression appeared in the Divine imperial earth armor, but along with the yellow light, it quickly revert back.

“Your tortoise shell is truly hard, look, how I will destroy it.” Ren Tian You was quite surprised in his heart, as the defense of the armor of Wang Li had exceed his expectation. He knew that now he had opened 4th gate, his current attack could be comparable to the unusual attack power of Tsunade. But unexpectedly the armor of this guy had withstand the attack, so he concluded that the serect skill of this fellow was not weak. However………

Ren Tian You turned around and he quickly rushed towards still flying Wang Li and heavily kicked. The sudden kick caused Wang Li to fly towards another direction in the air.

Li Yun and the guard who were watching this battle from the sideline, could only see the silhouette of Ren Tian You all over the air, and Wang Li was powerlessly sent flying here and there and taking the continuous hits of Ren Tian You.

While Ren Tian You was attacking Wang Li in the sky, an idea appeared in his mind, after that he directly appeared in front of Wang Li and said, “Ready to take my next attack?”

“What?” Wang Li sub consciousness asked. Shortly afterwards that Wang Li felt unimaginable sharp pain in his abdomen and with a high speed he fell towards the ground.

“Ura Renge! (Hidden Lotus!)” Hearing the word of Wang Li, Ren Tian You smiled. He had suddenly used Hidden Lotus, and saw that the body of Wan Li was falling towards the ground at supersonic speed. “Peng!” along with the loud sound, the smokes of dusts started to spread.

Ren Tian You firmly landed on the ground, and he stopped The Eight Inner Gates state. The huge amount of chakra that was releasing from his body also stopped. Ren Tian You was slightly breathing heavily and looked a little tired, nothing else. The side effect of this skill towards him was not as bad as compared to the side effect when Lee used this The Eight Inner Gates for the 1st time in the Naruto world.

This was so because for using The Eight Inner Gates, you should have a strong body, in addition to this you should also have very good gasp of timing too. It is so because the backlash is directly related to the time period stayed in that state. That means the longer you stayed in that state, stronger the backlash you will suffer and vice versa. So it is very important to gasp the timing to use this skill, so that you finish off the opponent within the shortest time possible.

This was the reason why, after opening the 8 inner gate, without wasting any time Ren Tian You had speed up to end the battle. Because he knew about the backlash of this skill, he had only used this skill as a test for a short time. Otherwise he had to lie down on the bed for several days, and he was not a fool and he also didn’t have any masochistic tendencies.

Even after some time, there was not any movements inside the smokes. Only after the dusts settled down, Ren Tian You could see what was happening again.

He saw that Wang Li was lying inside a deep pit, and the armor of Wang Li was not as powerful as it was before. Even after some time, Wang Li was still lying inside that deep pit without any motion and the armor of earth element which was surrounding the body of Wang Li also disappeared and it could be seen this his body was covered with wounds.

Seeing the miserable condition of Wang Li, Ren Tian You suddenly shed cold sweats, and wondered whether or not he had hit too hardly during his excitement!

Ren Tian You hastily jumped inside that pit, only after that Li Yun and the guard reacted and started to run towards Wang Li. Ren Tian You went near Wang Li and after checking his breath, he let out the sigh of relief as this guy was still breathing. It seemed like most of the impact was absorbed by his Divine imperial earth armor and only the remaining force of impact had knocked him out.

“Hello, junior, how is Wang Li? Li Yun asked nervously.

“Well, nothing serious, just passed out.”

After hearing the reply of Ren Tian You, Li Yun and the guard let out a sigh of relief. After that Li Yun said towards Ren Tian You, “Junior, this is the first time since I joined this academy, I had ever seen a junior defeating the examiner.”

Listening to the words of Li Yun, Ren Tian You was a little embarrassed, and he smiled with embarrassment.

“Well, you do not need to giggle, follow me to finish up the admission procedure. And you take him to the treatment room.” Seeing Ren Tian You giggle, Li Yun spoke with bad mood. Then he told that guard to take Wang Li for the treatment. After that he led Ren Tian You for his admission procedure.

After reaching the destination, Li Yun took out a form from the desk, and filled the name of Ren Tian You. After that he took out 2 cards, and said to Ren Tian You, “Drop your blood in these 2 cards. This is your student card. Afterwards you can use this card in dining hall to eat, participate in refining and to borrow the books from library. The remaining card is your hostel room card. After you drop your blood in these cards, only you can use them.”

Ren tian You dropped a drop of blood in each card, after that Li Yun take the cards and placed a small sized magic array inside the cards and returned them to Ren Tian You and said, “You are the in special class of warrior skill department. If you want to go to higher class, then complete the trial by fire mission given by the academy. Another method is to climb up the Babel tower. You will be living in boys’ dormitory of 3rd area, 2nd floor and room number 202. Since you are special class student, you don’t need to pay any fees for this year. And as long as you can stay in this special class, you don’t need to pay any tuition frees in next year too.”

“Well, I got it!” After listening to Li Yun and finishing his admission procedure, he went out from the door and looked towards the blue sky. He let out a sigh in his heart and thought that new challenges are coming!

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