Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 642: We won (7/8 - The End)

Chapter 642: We won (7/8 - The End)

The battle between Xue Ren and Mayas couldn't slide aside the dragon overlord.

His name is Smoki, and looking at the battle through his dragon eyes, he knew that if he doesn't move now, then eventually, Xue Ren or Mayas will devour him. One of them had power to use every element and even dragon force was within his body!

The other one had mirrors that contained something similar proving powerful boosts and usages. The dragon overlord blinked his eyes, then gathered his dragon forces. He decided to wait for the best moment to appear which is just after either of those win.

His eyes continued to watch attentively.

Xue Ren's speed and shadows were locking Mayas' mirror effectively. Though the size was so small that there were still a lot of powers slipping through. The overlord was powerful, tough and ready to fight for life!

Both of them were already covered in wounds yet their eyes held a lot of fire and will to fight. The clash between the shadow and mirror was astonishing, then dragon overlord continued to watch. He was slightly fearful, but once they wound each other more, then it should be fine.

Soon enough, his eyes went wide.

Xue Ren did something amazing!


He said.

"You are overlord and person who has conquered many universes turning them into your own power and attribute."

He spoke with lofty tone, his head up! The Sex God somehow stopped the battle by opening up his mouth forcing Mayas to look at him with caution... Then, a smile spread on his face. A smile that was filled with confidence.

"And I am Ruler. I was meant to rule over everything."


Mayas' mirror shattered. The shadow oozed out then in a form of liquid. It was like black liquid, but within that, Mayas could feel that the blood of his race was mixed in! It was blood of the fallen warrior from his ranks.

And it was a high ranking warrior. The moment he died, Xue Ren's divine avatar seized the opportunity and broke Mayas from the inside. The battle between their forces was going on in their bodies after all.

More and more black shadow began erupting from Mayas.

"I am RULER!"

The man who rules over the ladies at night, then believes in their abilities during the daylight! This is simply beautiful! The universes began getting contaminated by the shadow of the real ruler and so Xue Ren pressed forward.

The overlord who had to fight both with his body and the ruler couldn't fare for too long! After continuous attempts to kill Mayas, Xue Ren finally managed to take down his arm! It began the violent series of slashes.

The arm flew, then the leg got somehow lopped off!


"Your mirrors are no longer able to pressure me."

Xue Ren then raised his sword high! It was the moment for the last slash! The slash that will end Mayas' life! When the sword descended, Xue Ren beheaded the overlord whose body was half-way black already.

Conquered by the shadow, Mayas simply could do shit! The might of 14th winged and his family topped over him!


"So cautious bastard is out, huh?"


Xue Ren felt like this man won't leave his shelter, but the battle with Mayas had shaken his heart enough! Looking at Smoki, the sex god sneered and flew backward. He distanced himself after repelling the dragon's claw.

Once distanced, Xue Ren asked his Moonrose to come. She appeared instantly upon hearing the call, then faced the dragon overlord with her loved one! However, her eyes couldn't linger on the dragon for too long.


All because Xue Ren kissed her.

"What the fuck?"

Smoki said so. His army was also astonished. But in front of such overlord, Xue Ren just began devouring up Moonrose and her cute lips. She moaned, clenched his clothes then just fought against his tongue.

All while her dragon force was being brought out!

At the same time, Xue Ren focus everything onto his force and those two blended into one... The power to convert one energy into another was always Xue Ren's forte and so, he utilized it perfectly at the force which was from another universe.

Soon, Xue Ren and Moonrose turned into dragons that towered over the dragon army.

Only Smoki could match their eyes.

"My cute Moonrose deserves the whole universe and dragon princess overlord title~~"

"Yes, Ren! Let's get rid of that cautious bastard and claim the titles for ourselves!"

The battle with the dragon overlord began!

In their dragon forms, Xue Ren and Moonrose mixed their energies and divinities. The divine avatar of Xue Ren also came back to him and so he clad himself along with Moonrose. The dragons got another layer of armor and engaged into the dragonic battle.

Then, Sun and Fire Dragons came over to help their miss and family head!

Moonrose's divinity soared with them coming and as the dragon goddess, she began overpowering Smoki with her loved ones... The push of the army was what she needed! The dragon battle and unexpected show of dragon force disturbed Smoki's and his cautious mind.

It won't take long before he falls too!

The battle lasted for a little longer than with Mayas, but in the end, the dragon overlord died and his forces got subjugated.

"The power of thrones and my fluffy dragon-"


"-is pretty amazing~~"

Xue Ren kissed his fluffy dragon a lot, then completed his reincarnation cycle for real. Everything was at his disposal and no one could refuse him... The adventure in the dragonic universe is just matter of time.

Thus, taking his fluffy dragon, Xue Ren headed back home to celebrate.

Celebrate their joint victory and Xue Ren being the strongest! With such man, the ladies won't have any threatening moments and can thoroughly focus on happy and content life! Everyone was looking forward to that!

The powers of thrones were fueling Xue Ren's universe, so everyone is going to have truly a lot of fluffy and fulfilling time.

"We won."

"""""We won!"""""

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