Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2617 Inscrutable! III

Chapter 2617 Inscrutable! III

2617 Inscrutable! III

[Transformation into the Vacuous Havenly I Entity is now available.]

[Transformation into the Vitalis Havenly I Entity is not currently available. The advancement of the Second Vitalis Awakening is theorized to open up this pathway for you.]

In the Infinite Hyperversal Haven.

Noah continued to gaze as descending prompts calmly as he took stock of his current body.

The stellar glow and shine that always blazed around him was retracted as he seemed simple, the only thing barely giving off a stellar glow being the runic tattoos that came together to form an infinity symbol on his chest.

His hair was dyed entirely lustrous black as Vacuous Hyperversal Authority was embedded deeply into it, his eyes being the most stunning as they held…

9 different colors of overlapping pupils!


When one gazed into his eyes, they would tremble and feel like an ancient resistance was gazing at them and seeing through all their secrets, the pupils constantly rotating like engines as they seemed to be absorbing the surrounding waves of authority.

[You have attained the Innate quality of Hyperversal I Assimilation.]

[Hyperversal I Assimilation]:: You can accept all kinds of essences, resources, and entities of reality into your existence and assimilate them to further strengthen yourself- their Source capable of being applied towards your Concepts of Extremity or Any Aspects of your Existence…

Hyperversal I Assimilation!

In the past, when the Adjudicator of Dissolution had been talking to Noah as he discussed devouring his enemies and making their strength his- she had uttered with distaste that he sounded very much like the Vacuous Malignancies who reveled in devouring Hyperversal Extremities as if they were tonics!

And truly…such beings were exactly that.

Their whole existence could be devoured and directed towards any part of an existence that had undergone Vacuous Awakening.

Any form of Loot Noah attained from here on out…he could assimilate it and choose where its source strengthened him- whether it was to build his Aletheian Havens of Extremity, advance his Soul, or towards his Boundary Layers!

His Boundary Layers.

Shadows had long since been placed in his Meridians as at this moment, 81 of Noah's Boundaries had been forcefully taken to the 16th Boundary Layer as well.

The 16th Boundary Layer that was attained from the Shadow Sword that Noah was cut short from!

There were two more opportunities within the Sima Clan and Infinite Extremity for Noah to grasp and see just how far he could go…and then there was the Culmination Step that was astounding even Hyperversal Extremities within Dissolution.

[More information is being quantified regarding the changes brought forth by both Vacuous and Vitalis Awakenings.]

The latest prompt told him he would have to learn for himself just how ridiculous his current body was, with his soul currently calm and without any raging storms as neither Vacuous nor Vitalis Hyperversal Authorities were clashing.

It wasn't because they had suddenly harmoniously fused in some way- but the advent of the Innate Vacuous Hyperversal Meridians made it so that his Soul was coursing with fantastical vessels that isolated and kept Vacuous Hyperversal Authority within, while the Innate Vitalis Hyperversal Meridians did the same with its respective authority!

The two opposing authorities were no longer clashing in Noah's body, but in the time that they were and after the Awakenings he had undergone…Noah was born anew as his power was utterly astounding.

From the hand he raised, Noah closed it into a fist as instantly, the liquified Vacuous Hyperversal Authority and Vitalis Hyperversal Authority swirling in the surroundings were absorbed into his body- the ancient runic tattoos on him lighting up with brilliance as they felt like ancient rivers that pristine authority flowed in!

Everything around him calmed as his Nine-Pupiled Eyes blinked, a dazzling blue-bordered stat panel appearing an instant later.

[Name]:: Noah Osmont

[Realm]:: Fourth Aletheian Haven of Extremity

[Lineage]:: Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor

[Titles]:: True Emperor of Quintessence, Wrathful Quintessential Hyperversal Demon Emperor, One Who Gazes Upon Hyperversal Authority, Aletheian, Indefatigable, Tyrannical Emperor, The Tainted, Anomaly, Home of the Weald, Awakener, Inscrutable, Hyperversal Anomaly…

[Quintessential Hyperversal Mana Value]:: Infinite

[Quintessential Hyperversal Vitality Value]:: 299,999

[Quintessential Hyperversal Soul Value]:: 299,999

[Quintessential Hyperversal Defense Value]:: 299,999

[Quintessential Hyperversal Damage Value]:: 299,999

[Hyperversal Dignity]:: 35

[Hyperversal Mastery]:: 35

[Absolute Hyperversal Authority Resistance]:: 37%

[Absolute Hyperversal Authority Penetration]:: 37%

[Dynamis of Extremity]:: Indefatigable(Quintessential Absolute), Aletheian(Quintessential Absolute), Vitalistic(Quintessential Absolute), Oraculum(Quintessential Absolute), Thanatos(Quintessential Absolute), Lotra(Quintessential Absolute)

[Boundaries of Extremity]:: Quintessence, Infinity, Shadows, Blood, Manadynamics, Loot, Reality, Dimensions, Anima, Body, Origin, Soul, Genesis, Apocalypse, Prana, Dreams, Avalon…

The statistical values of his main body.

Not his Reified Source of Quintessence that had a multiplier of 9.

Not his Reified Wealdian Sources of Extremity that also had a similar multiplier.

His Main Body!

In comparison, three days ago when the Apex War of Annihilation occurred, Ahpuch had his Soul Values approximately 20,000- with Noah's being slightly lower!


And here he was three days later.

His Nine-Pupiled Eyes blinked like ancient sins as he uttered out gloriously while raising his head.



The True Emperor of Quintessence looked at his progress and claimed it was acceptable!

His gaze went out far as it crossed the Infinite Hyperversal Haven and the Recorded History it was in.

It traversed the Aeonic Annals of Extremity and came to focus on the eyes of the clone beside the Adjudicator of Dissolution who was watching as one Scion after another was thrown on in defeat from the Vein Rifts stretched out across Dissolution!

The eyes of this clone flickered as the single pupil within doubled and then tripled until ultimately, 9 dazzling layered pupils appeared.

The skin begins to peel and flicker away as with this clone as an anchor…the Reified Wealdian Source of Indefatigable stepped forth.

Not with its characteristic and terrifying four faces as its original appearance, but with light complexion and calmness reminiscent of Noah's main physique as at this moment…it stopped giving off any perceive of authority or aura!

One's will and authority wouldn't even be able to perceive him unless they were looking straight at him, this change causing the Adjudicator of Dissolution to physically turn around as her eyes constricted when she gazed at Noah once more.

She had to gaze at him with her eyes.

She couldn't see him any other manner as her Hyperversal Will and Soul sensed him entirely disappearing in the past second!

If she wasn't looking at him, she wouldn't know he was there!

It was such an incredulous phenomenon as Noah didn't address it in any way, his form becoming decorated in light back plants and a loose-fitting obsidian shirt that showed off his glorious physique, as well as a glimpse of ancient runic tattoos forming into an infinity symbol on his chest.

An atmosphere of profound dignity and majesty surrounded him even when nothing about his aura or authority could be felt, his form slowly floating towards the Vein Rift that held the Smilodon Leviathan Lineage along with the Tier 3 Aquatic Eon Dragonfly and Lightning Titanoboa!

The extras had tried and kept on trying to gain entry even now as none were successful.

It was time for the protagonist to step onto the stage!

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