Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 12 - 12: Ticket To Hell

Chapter 12 - 12: Ticket To Hell

"I'm willing to be your dog. Just don't take my home from me. This is my everything!" the old man begged. Tears kept coming out of his eyes that were bleeding red by now.

The red-haired man grinned as he stepped closer to the old man. He sat on one knee before the man as he touched the old man's cheeks.

"Oh man, I didn't know about it. I would never have bullied you so much if I knew how sad your life was," he said as he sighed.

The old man nodded as he saw the concern on the red-haired man's face. He did find it somewhat suspicious, but he could only believe.

The red-haired man patted the head of the old man gently before he stood up.


The old man had just wiped his blurry eyes; however, before he could even get a clear view, he heard a gunshot.

A bullet penetrated his head, leaving a big hole in his skull. His eyes remained open in shock as the old man dropped to the ground, getting an instant death.

Lucifer had stopped looking towards the scene of commotion. He didn't care about whatever these people did, but the big bang of the gun attracted his attention.

He looked towards the small group only to find the old man lying on the ground. Blood was spilling out of his head.

The red-haired man was laughing nearby. A gun was in his hand, which was still aiming towards the old man.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The red-haired man fired three more shots despite knowing that the old man was already dead, as if he was actually furious enough.

He didn't stop laughing like mad as he fired. His laughter echoed in the surroundings. He laughed so happily that unaware people might have misunderstood that it was the wedding day of the red-haired man.

"Hahaha, you fool! You really thought we would let him live? Why should I care about your pitiful life?" the man declared as he squinted his eyes.

"We should just sell his house and get some more money," One of the men chimed in.

"Yeah. Even if it's a trashy house, We should be able to get something," the red-haired man grinned.

Other than these few men, not a single person was on the streets.

None of the citizens wanted to be involved in the matters of gangs. They didn't want to be lying dead. Everyone had locked themselves inside their houses.

"Poor guy, he didn't even know that it was us who stole the money from his house. It was so fun to see his expressions as he died," Another guy started laughing as he kicked the body of the old man.

"Let's get inside the house. It belongs to us now after all," the red-haired man let out as he started walking towards the house. One of the two remaining men followed the red-haired man inside.

The third person was a dark-haired man who had stayed outside. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.

He pulled out a cigarette from the pack and placed it in his lips before he lit it up using a lighter.

"This is life," the dark-haired man let out with a grin on his face.

Lucifer just took a short glance at the dead body, but there was no change in his expressions. He didn't stop and continued walking.

He did feel somewhat angry, though. The way those guys laughed, he could see a glimpse of that mad scientist in them. There was an urge inside him to kill these people, but there was another urge inside him to not care.

These were ants. Why should he care? He was conflicted, but he decided to ignore it. It was as if he just needed one spark to blow up.

Unfortunately, that spark came sooner than expected as the dark-haired man's eyes fell on Lucifer. He didn't know that his following action was going to be his one-way ticket to hell.


The dark-haired man's eyes fell on Lucifer. Lucifer was dressed in loose clothes, which seemed somewhat funny.

"Hey, Joker! Come here!" he called out to Lucifer.

Lucifer ignored the words and didn't stop.

As the dark-haired man saw Lucifer ignore him, his blood started boiling. He lost control of his words which was going to be his biggest regret soon.

"You, Little Bastard! I'm talking to you! Listen to me, you son of a bit-"

He hadn't even finished his sentence when a black lightning bolt hit the skull of the man.

His body dropped to the ground right away as he died. But this wasn't enough. What he had said was intolerable! He had dared to talk bad about Lucifer's mother, which was his red line.

Lucifer ran towards the dark-haired man who was lying dead on the ground. His skull was charred black. A hole was also visible in his head.

Lucifer stopped before the dead body. The words this man had just spoken now were still echoing in his head. He raised his right foot and stomped on the head of the dark-haired man, crushing his skull.

He didn't stop. He kept smashing again and again, but his anger didn't stop. It wasn't enough. He needed more!

He gazed to the right towards the small house where the two partners of this dark-haired man had entered.

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