Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 1002 - The Three Great Kings

Chapter 1002: The Three Great Kings

“It’s no big deal. We’re both humans, so we need to help each other out,” Mo Wen said with a smile.

“You’re the genius young man Sister Mo Qingge recommended, aren’t you? You’re something else. It makes me ashamed of myself.” Nie Junxue smiled. There were but a handful of people entering the Path of Creation, so deducing Mo Wen’s identity had not been a herculean effort.

A few rays of light flew out from the Multicolor City—it was Xiao Jinghe and the others. They had been guarding the city, and they immediately hurried over upon seeing Mo Wen and Nie Junxue making their way out.

“Sister Junxue, you gave us a real fright.”

“Mo Wen, you’re so awesome. Thank you so much.”

Chu Yu hovered around Mo Wen, looking him up and down as if this was the first time he had seen him.

The powers that Mo Wen had demonstrated today were astonishing. The funny thing was that Chu Yu had once been worried Mo Wen would not attain the highest achievement of the seventh test.

Wen Jiuhai held his ancient sword as he looked at Mo Wen with respect. Gone was the defiant posture he had once had.

“Did the Multicolor Queen agree to let Nie Junxue go, Mo Wen?” Xiao Jinghe had never expected the Multicolor Queen to let Nie Junxue go so easily. Although Mo Wen had the power to threaten the Multicolor Clan, the Multicolor Queen also had the power to restrain them since she held Nie Junxue’s life in her hand. After all, Mo Wen would probably not have dared to fully attack the Multicolor Clan when their queen could have killed Nie Junxue at any moment.

“The Multicolor Queen and I have reached an agreement on the conditions for Nie Junxue’s release,” Mo Wen said. If it had not been for the fact that he was able to help the Multicolor Queen, rescuing Nie Junxue might have been a real issue.

“No words can convey my gratitude, Mo Wen. I will repay you in the future.” Nie Junxue looked intently at Mo Wen.

“How are you going to repay him, Sister Junxue? You’re not possibly thinking of repaying him with your body, are you?” Chu Yu smirked sleazily.

“Why, does that make you jealous?” Nie Junxue’s face reddened a little. She felt awkward. That scum Chu Yu, just what nonsense was he spouting? She could only spin this off as a joke in order to ward off any misunderstandings.

“Of course I’m jealous. I’m so jealous I could die, and I’m not the only one. There are so many young, handsome men in Huatian palace who would be envious, jealous, and hateful.”

Nie Junxue was the most talented lady in the Huatian Palace, and she was a rare beauty. Many people treated her like a goddess. Chu Yu might just be messing with her now but if she really married to Mo Wen, he would be seething with jealousy at how lucky he was.

“Alright, we’ll catch up once we’re back. Lingering here isn’t a good idea, so it’s best we get a move on,” Xiao Jinghe said. They were right outside the Multicolor City, and for them to be chatting so brazenly did not sit right with him.

“Mm, let’s not stay in this ancient land too long. Let’s move on to the Nine Spirits Road.”

Wen Jiuhai nodded as well. Going to the Nine Spirits Road would mean a guaranteed entrance into the Creation Pool. He did not want to meet with any other accidents here.

“You guys go on ahead. I made a promise to the Multicolor Queen that I have to keep.” Mo Wen, on the other hand, had no plans of leaving with Xiao Jinghe and the others.

“Then you take care,” Nie Junxue gazed at Mo Wen. She knew why he was staying. It was clear that there was nothing the Multicolor Queen could do f he decided to just up and leave without bothering to help her. However, it was obvious that Mo Wen would do no such thing.

Although Xiao Jinghe and the rest of them had no idea what Mo Wen was up to, they did not ask too many questions. With his capabilities, there was no one in the whole of the ancient land who was a match for him.

Mo Wen found an inn in the Multicolor Clan and cultivated quietly for three days. After three days, he went to the Multicolor Palace once again.

With his current status, the path to the palace was unobstructed and smooth-sailing. It was obvious that the Multicolor Queen had spread the word.

However, when Mo Wen walked into the imperial garden, he felt something was amiss. Aside than the Multicolor Queen, he detected two other terrifying auras. The two auras did not seem to be weaker than the Multicolor Queen.


Mo Wen stopped abruptly. The two auras that he had sensed were on a par with the Multicolor Queen. They belonged to powerful creatures. Could they belong to the other two Great Kings?

What did it mean if those two Great Kings had come to the Multicolor Clan?

The fact that the three Great Kings of the ancient land had banded together made even Mo Wen feel dreadful. He hesitated. Should he leave this place immediately? Although he had made a promise to the Multicolor Queen, he had not expected the two other Great Kings to appear at the Multicolor Palace. This could have broken the agreement.

“Brother Mo Wen, those two old things came over of their own accord. It’s not something I planned. I hope you don’t mind.”

A ray of light flew out from within the palace. It was the Multicolor Queen. She has obviously noticed when Mo Wen walked into the palace.

“Those two auras belong to the two Great Kings of the ancient land, right?” Mo Wen asked.

“Mhm. You kicked up too big of a fuss the other day, so they caught wind of it and ran over to me from thousands of miles away,” the Multicolor Queen replied helplessly.

No matter how you spun it, the Ink Scaled King and the Jade Xiu King were both Two Great Kings of the ancient land. For the past two days, they had been acting like muckers, lounging around in her palace and refusing to leave.

“Oh, I wonder why the two kings are looking for me?” Mo Wen probed mildly. He knew the answer even without asking.

“Brother Mo Wen, I won’t beat around the bush. Old Man Yu and I are here for the same reason the Multicolor Queen is. If you’re willing to help us, I’ll give you anything you want in return, as long as it’s in my possession.” The Ink Scaled King cut right to the chase. He had a somber look on his face as he spoke to Mo Wen.

“Brother Mo Wen, I, too, am willing to give you anything you wish for as long as you’re willing to help me,” the Jade Xiu King added.

To a king of the preliminary ancient land, there was nothing more important than freedom.

Mo Wen looked toward the Multicolor Queen with a questioning gaze. He did not respond immediately.

“Mo Wen, we might not make it to the Ninth Spirit Platform on this journey to the Nine Spirits Road with just our strength alone. With the two of them, the success rate rises a little. Besides, the two old things Ink Scaled and Jade Xiu have thousands of years of history with me. Although they have their shortcomings, they’re decent people who can be trusted.”

The Multicolor Queen was helping Ink Scaled and Jade Xiu by putting in a good word for them. The three of them did indeed go way back. They had been around for tens of thousands of years, and all three of them knew each other like the back of their hands. They had simply lived for too long; they had climbed to the pinnacle a long time ago and had long since grown tired of this world. Their biggest dream was still to break out of this cage.

There was no turning back once they stepped foot onto the Nine Spirits Roads. If they failed to succeed, they would die on that road. Mo Wen had other paths open for him if he failed, but there was no second chance for a native of the preliminary ancient land. In that sense, they had burned all their bridges from the get-go. If they could bring two more people with them, their chances of succeeding would rise, so the Multicolor Queen was naturally very happy.

Seeing that Mo Wen had stayed silent for a long time, the Ink Scaled King grew anxious. “Brother Mo Wen, we really just want to get out of this place to see what the outside world is like,” he said. “We harbor no ill intentions. If you can help us leave this place, I am willing to be at your beck and call and swear my loyalty to you. You have my word.”

“Brother Mo Wen, as long as you help us leave this place, my life will be yours in the days to come,” the Jade Xiu King said, taking a deep breath.

Mo Wen was the only person in the whole of the ancient land who could help them. It was not a reach to claim that he was the only person, in the thousands of years that had gone by, who possessed such power. If they did not seize this opportunity, there would not be another one.

“Jade Xiu and Ink Scaled are honest people, Mo Wen, and bringing them along would increase our chances of success.”

The Multicolor Queen could not help but speak up for both of them. She knew that Mo Wen had his doubts. Perhaps he did not trust them. After all, he would not be able to handle it if the three kings were plotted against him and decided to band together to defeat him.

“Alright, then. There’s not much difference between one person and three people, anyway.” Mo Wen nodded.

Nine Spirits Mountain, one month later.

The Nine Spirits Mountain was situated in a mountain range somewhere in the middle of the preliminary ancient land. The mountain range housed several ancient beasts who were strong and fierce. People who entered the mountain range risked being eaten alive if they let their guard down.

The entrance to the Nine Spirits Road was within the mountain.

Human cultivators could only make it to the Nine Spirits Mountain after tackling the multitude of dangers in the mountain range.

But for Mo Wen and the Three Great Kings, these dangers were not worth mentioning.

One day, four shadows appeared in the Nine Spirits Mountain. They were Mo Wen, the Multicolor Queen, and the other two.

“Mo Wen, there’s no turning back once you head into the Nine Spirits Road. How’s the training for the Xuan Ming Dematerialization coming along these days?” the Multicolor Queen said slowly.

She stood at the peak of the Nine Spirits Mountain and looked down at the clouds. Behind her was an ancient altar and the entrance into the Nine Spirits Road.

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