Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 1053 - Gathering From All Around

Chapter 1053: Gathering From All Around

The sky was as blue as sapphire. The appearance of the girl in the palace dress seemed to add a sense of spirituality to the place. Within a radius of a thousand meters, the grass on the ground flourished and the eyes of the animals suddenly sparkled with intelligence, as though they had become smarter.

If there were experienced cultivators here, they would certainly have noticed that the girl in the palace dress actually emanated a rich Celestial Spirit Qi. That was an absolute and divine power of the world. In this age without immortals, Celestial Spirit Qi was the stuff of legends.

“Where could he be? Hmm, let me look around and see how long it will take for me to find you.”

The girl in the palace dress revealed an enchanting smile. There was a look of anticipation in her eyes as she disappeared into the horizon with cheerful footsteps.

Similar situations were occurring in various corners of the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield. A youth that was handsome to the point of being bewitching stood on top of a large tree. His body emanated a terrifying and heinous Devil Qi. With him as the center, within a radius of 10 000 miles, all the plants withered up. The large tree beneath his feet was previously lush and leafy; right now, it had become a rotten piece of wood that seemed to have withered up thousands of years ago.

“I have finally arrived at the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield. This place will become my hunting ground. Since I have come here, the cultivators from the various realms should tremble in fear. Humph! Rumor has it that the Demon Realm’s famous Heavenly Fire Phoenix has also come to the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield. Hehe, if I can capture her, I, Gu Motian will not need to worry about my place in the future Devil Kingdom.”

The youth called Gu Motian laughed tyrannically. His silhouette became a demonic beam of light that shot into the sky. The tree that he was just standing on instantly turned to dust. Even the land within 10 000 meters crumbled and collapsed. The earth turned black and emanated dark and destructive energy.

Elsewhere, a beam of Death Qi shook the world. The terrifying aura caused the heavens to churn and the earth to tremble. All living things within a 100-mile radius were instantly corroded by the Death Qi and became carcasses.

Similar occurrences were spontaneously happening in various corners of the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield. One after another, frightening beings from various realms had descended upon the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield.

Mo Wen was still flying over the ocean. The size of the Ziya Territorial Waters had surpassed his imagination. It helped him better understand how huge the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield was.

As expected, compared to the Source World, these Upper Realms were larger and had better resources. He had to admit that this was the Source World’s disadvantage.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, in the future, one could combine all the various realms and merge them into the Source World? They would not need to worry about the world being destroyed anymore.”

The thought popped up in Mo Wen’s mind. However, he immediately laughed bitterly at the thought. If there was such an incredibly strong practitioner in this world, they would have long done so. It was impossible for even Heavenly Path Sages to have the means to do so. Ordinary immortals likewise could not do such things. Perhaps only the legendary King of Immortals had the ability to do so.

However, after the Immortal End Day, this world had already been completely sealed off. The world was in shatters and the big paths were in chaos. The King of Immortals, who had transcended this world, would probably not even want to take a second glance at this place.

There were also many dangers in the Ziya Territorial Waters. Occasionally, a few frightening sea beasts would appear. Even Mo Wen was no match for some of them; he could only go around them or flee.

These sea beasts had huge figures and should be considered part of the Demon Clan. However, they were different from ordinary members of the Demon Clan.

Mo Wen did not know much about these types of creatures. However, he was certain that the sea beasts of the Ziya Territorial Waters were very different from the Demon Clan in the Demon Realm.

On the tenth day of his arrival in the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield, having flown with all his might, Mo Wen finally flew past the halfway point of his journey. On the map, Mo Wen was only an inch away from Yingyun City. However, in reality, he was hundreds of millions of miles away.


A beast roar sounded from the ocean. Next, a bizarre-looking sea beast flew out from the ocean and furiously pounced at Mo Wen.

The aura of the sea beast was rather astonishing. It was comparable to that of an intermediate stage Tide Changing Realm cultivator.

Mo Wen merely swept a glance at the sea beast and then ignored it. His silhouette twisted slightly and with a flash, he unleashed the illusionary spirit release technique. He flashed past in front of the sea beast and disappeared into the distance in an instant. The sea beast seemed unsatisfied and turned his head to give chase, but it could not keep up with Mo Wen’s illusionary spirit release technique.

Mo Wen had seen too many of this type of sea beast. They would appear from time to time. He had long become numb to their appearances. An intermediate stage Tide Changing Realm sea beast was not an issue for him. He was also not interested in battling sea beasts. Right now, he had to rush over to Yingyun City as soon as possible. In the event that Yingyun City was destroyed before he could manage to get there, he would have no place to cry.

After flying further, Mo Wen gradually noticed that something was off. This area of territorial waters seemed different. As he flew forward, more and more sea beasts appeared in the ocean. They even formed packs at times.

Packs of sea beasts were not uncommon. One would often see sea beasts in packs. Usually, those sea beasts were not powerful individually, they could even be considered very weak. However, the sea beasts here were different. Each member of the packs of sea beasts was powerful. They were also different types of sea beasts in the same pack. The saying goes that one mountain cannot contain two tigers. The more powerful the sea beasts, the more impossible it was for them to live in packs. This situation was rather abnormal.

Roar! Roar!

Five sea beasts leaped out from the ocean, clawing and biting their way toward Mo Wen. They looked ferocious and hideous. The aura of each sea beast was also not weaker than a cultivator with great attainment at the Tide Changing Realm.

“D*mn it! What is this?”

Mo Wen secretly cursed. He still had more than twenty sea beasts chasing after him. In the blink of an eye, another five had actually appeared. Although other parts of the territorial waters also had such sea beasts, it was impossible for them to appear so frequently. It was even more impossible for each of them to be so powerful.

In the mere fifteen minutes before this moment, he had encountered more sea beasts compared to what he had encountered in the past ten days combined.

Mo Wen pointed his finger. The next moment, a beam of golden flames shot out. The terrifying golden flames contained extremely sharp Sword Qi. The Sword Qi seemed to be able to cut a slit in the very fabric of space.

The beam of golden sword light slashed down on one of the sea beasts that was pouncing towards him. However, when it came in contact with them, the terrifying sword light immediately dissipated into nothing. The skin of the sea beast was only slit slightly; not even a speck of blood flowed out.

Such a powerful defense!

Mo Wen was secretly shocked. With his current level of cultivation, even a later stage Tide Changing Realm cultivator would not necessarily be able to withstand a beam of Sword Qi that he simply waved out. Although Mo Wen had just broken through to the Tide Changing Realm, the total amount of Yin Yang Qi in his body far surpassed that of an ordinary later stage Tide Changing Realm cultivator. He was infinitesimally approaching the abilities of cultivators with great attainment at the Tide Changing Realm.


Mo Wen turned and fled without even thinking. Only a fool would find fault with these wild animals. Moreover, there were dozens of other sea beasts chasing behind him. Once he was surrounded, even if he did not die, he would certainly at least be severely injured. Mo Wen activated the illusionary spirit release technique to its limits. Mo Wen’s silhouette became a fine blue line that nimbly burrowed through the empty spaces between the five sea beasts. In an instant, he had flown far off into the distance.

After seven to eight minutes of frenziedly escaping, Mo Wen barely managed to shake off those sea beasts. He found a small deserted island nearby and landed on it.

Needing to fly more than 10 days without rest was already taking a great toll on him. After flying at his limits and escaping with all his might just now, even he would feel somewhat exhausted.

He suppressed his own aura to the bare minimum until it was equivalent to the level of the Golden Elixir Realm. Then, he found an empty spot to sit down and recover his Yin Yang Qi.

After his previous escape from death, he discovered that the more he suppressed his aura and the lower his level of cultivation appeared, the easier it was to evade the attacks of the sea beasts. The higher his level of cultivation, the easier it was to lure sea beasts to him.

While he was escaping just now, he had suppressed his aura along the way. That was how he managed to escape being surrounded. Otherwise, with obstacles appearing non-stop before him when he was escaping from a chase, he would not have been able to get away no matter how far he flew.

“There is something strange about these territorial waters.”

Mo Wen frowned as he mused out loud. Right now, he was already certain that these were not ordinary territorial waters. This area had many sea beasts and all of them were so powerful. He even encountered some sea beasts that were comparable to Supreme Profundity Realm cultivators. If his speed was not fast enough, he might have ended up in tragedy.

“Besides that, when I flew through a few regions just now, I detected a few auras that caused even me to tremble in fear. Those sea beasts were at least at the level of Nie Wuxin. They might even be stronger.”

The fear Mo Wen felt was still lingering in his heart. Should the sea beasts pursue him, the consequences would be unimaginable. Thankfully, those sea beasts were uninterested in him.

“Lay low. Lay low.”

He murmured these two words internally. After that, he went on with his journey again; however, he didn’t dare brazenly fly at maximum speed anymore. It was because it was difficult to hide one’s aura while flying. The faster one flew, the stronger the aura fluctuation would be. In order to hide his aura, Mo Wen had to fly at his slowest speed. He could only go on full speed again after he crossed these weird territorial waters.

As expected, when Mo Wen hid his aura, the danger he faced reduced drastically. Occasionally, there would be a few sea beasts surfacing to block his way. But since their level of cultivation wasn’t high, they were no threat to him.

Mo Wen finally experienced what it meant by ‘abasing oneself.’ He had to abase himself in order to survive when faced with such circumstances.

However, he had flown for just a short while before he suddenly sensed a strong energy fluctuation in front of him. The fluctuation was followed by the howling of the wind and the crushing sound of waves.

“Huh? Someone is fighting up ahead.”

A glint of surprise flashed past Mo Wen’s eyes. His deified soul scanned the area and the scenario happening 200 miles ahead appeared in his mind. There were a few people fighting with a sea beast. No, precisely speaking, they weren’t humans; they were members of the Sorcerer Clan.

“I should go over to check out what’s happening. Perhaps they know more about these territorial waters,” Mo Wen thought.

The next moment, his figure flashed and he had traversed 200 miles, appearing before the battlefield.

Currently, three members of the Sorcerer Clan were attacked by a seven-headed sea beast. They were on the brink of being killed. The seven-headed sea beast was no threat for Mo Wen; it was at most at the intermediate stage or later stage of the Primordial Soul Realm. However, the three members of the Sorcerer Clan were not strong. Judging from their aura, the strongest among them was only at the intermediate stage Primordial Soul Realm while the remaining two were at the beginning stage Primordial Soul Realm. Hence, the seven-headed sea beast was a life-threatening danger for them.

Mo Wen’s appearance naturally drew the attention of the three members of the Sorcerer Clan. Upon seeing that someone had come over, their eyes immediately lit up in surprise.

“Friend, please save us.” A burly man shouted out for help. His top half was human; his bottom half was a dark blue snake tail.

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