Invincible Teacher

Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Chapter 129

After a while.

“Argh-! I almost died.”

“It’s hard…”

“Damn it! Why would I do such a thing…….”

The Second Year Student, who had been mobilized for the service, came to the designated site of the camp and prepared for dinner. It was beef jerky that was the only food that was distributed, not the food that was fresh like the day before. They were ripping off the jerky and mumbling, regretting their actions.

“What the hell happened?”

Lu Churi snuck up to Huangbo Songbek and asked,

“Is that true that everyone who went into Yeonkyo Garden got caught by Teacher Kang?”

Huangbo Songbek nodded at the question. But he didn’t want to talk about the Cell Trap. It wasn’t sure if he would believe the story.

“Anyway, you’re going to take the entrance exam today, aren’t you?””

“Y-yes, of course!

Actually, he was afraid that he would suffer such a setback again, but he couldn’t openly say no to his senior. The day before, through Cell Trap, he realized the reason why his father and brothers live a fair and upright life was not only for their reputation but also for his family. He wanted to live his own way, but it wasn’t desperate enough to trade his family’s lives for it.


Sighing inside, Huangbo Songbek hurriedly put the jerky in his mouth and got up from his seat.

“I’ll be back then.”

“Where are you going?”

“Back to digging ponds.”

Second Year Students who broke into Yeonkyo Garden experienced hard labor for the first time in their lives. The only hard work they’ve ever done is to practice martial arts so they never had touched shovels or hoes. If they’ve dug trenches, they wouldn’t have been unfamiliar with shoveling, but they weren’t used to the work because they haven’t received that much training yet. And the first labor that they had done made them tired.

In fact, shoveling was one of the most intense tasks in labor. So the one-day volunteer work ended.

“Great work. You can go back to the camp and rest.”

“T,thank you.”

As soon as they returned to the campsite and sat down in front of the campfire, there was a sudden drowsiness. Drowsiness was beyond control, and so the fifteen students fell into deep asleep.

“Did you expect all the Students to fall asleep?”

Kang Hyuk nodded at Ji Chulmook’s question.

“I know they’re up for no good, but you can’t just beat them up, so I just put them to sleep. But it’s a waste to use sleeping scents for something like this.”

“That’s why you let them dig the pond?”

“There was also an intention to have them be little attached.”

“By attached, you mean…?”

“Don’t you get attached to something gyou make it yourself?”

Ji Chulmook nodded.

“That’s true.”

“So if they are attached to Yeonkyo Garden, they will not damage it recklessly.”

“As expected of Big Brother! But when I looked at it earlier, I couldn’t see some of the students in the camp.”

Kang Hyuk sighed at Ji Chulmook’s words.

“Yes, there still are punks that don’t know how to give up! They are after Teacher Ok’s stuff.”

“Oh, so they’re target changed?”

“Yes. Thinking that their new target is easy. Tsk, tsk.”

“She’s in Super Master Stage, and they think it’s easy?”

“Everyone knows her status as Master Stage in here.”

“I see!”

“So I sent Shim Gu on the escort.”

“He’s going to teach those students a lesson then. Isn’t it his specialty to walk up and slit his opponent’s neck without even realizing it?”

When Ji Chulmook pretended to slit his neck with his own hands, Kang Hyuk sighed, and hit Ji Chulmook’s back head.

“Ouch! What was that, Big Brother!”

“The opponent is Student. Not from the Dark’s way or the cult!”

“Y-yeah. Ha ha ha.”

Ji Chulmook, who was embarrassed to laugh, said,

“By the way. If it’s Teacher Ok’s, isn’t it same to get stuff from the Residence? Who keeps Residence when she’s out?”

“Don’t you have Assistant Teacher or Cook in Residence?”


Kang Hyuk replied to his worried remarks.

“Don’t worry, Deuk is now in the Residence of Teacher Ok.”

“Ah, that solves!”

“He’s quite clever and does his part well. … but it’s not like you to be worrying about Teacher Ok.”

Ji Chulmook nodded.

“Actually I got a dumpling from Teacher Ok once…… you know I can’t live with debt. Whether it’s good or bad…….”

Kang Hyuk giggled.

“Yes, then let’s go together.”

“Oh, where are you going?”

Asked by Ji Chulmook, Kang Hyuk said, patting his chin.

” I have to find a secret passage that T.Y.C. uses.”

“The secret passage?”

“The Academy’s teachers couldn’t track T.Y.C’s movements. And the conclusion I came to is two things! There’s a helper amongst faculties or a secret passageway. And in my view, both cases are true.”

Kang Hyuk continued.

“In the case of helper, I was not sure but I heard T.Y.C’s secret meeting was held at an empty classroom today, and became certain. I asked Shim Ku to do some surveillance just in case.”

“So that’s why I haven’t seen Shim Gu all day!”

“Empty classrooms can only be used with the permission of teacher, so I’m sure there is a helper among teachers!”

“Why is a teacher acting as a helper?”

“That’s to be looked into now.”

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