Chapter 13: Hit You Until Your Dad Cant Recognize You!

Chapter 13: Hit You Until Your Dad Can’t Recognize You!

The peak of late-First Order!

Li Mu’s gaze was on Huang Wei and was just as surprised. Initially, he had thought that even if this Huang Wei possessed a grade ten martial spirit, in five months’ time at the most he might reach the peak of early-First Order, but looking Huang Wei now, a peak late-First Order and from the looks of it, he could breakthrough to the Second Order anytime!

The surprise that Huang Wei gave him was by no means small!

In the beginning, he still had some doubts about the engagement between the families, but now all doubts were vanquished as he looked at Huang Wei on the stage, he grew more satisfied.

Observing Li Mu’s expression, Huang Qide felt a tad complacent with himself.

In these five months, he made every effort to train his grandson, Huang Wei, and he did not disappoint him. Just like Li Mu, the more he looked at Huang Wei, the more pleased and satisfied he was.

Huang Peng and Su Yan on the other hand, became increasingly worried; if Huang Wei was actually a peak late-First Order, then what would happen to their son later?

Standing on the stage and listening to the shock whispers around the stage, Huang Wei became even prouder, and at this moment he opened his mouth and requested, “Grandfather, I heard that Xiaolong was practicing hard these few months, I would like to spar with Xiaolong.”

When everyone present heard that, their expressions were filled with colors of excitement and anticipation, every pair of eyes zoomed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Qide was surprised but still nodded in agreement, with a smile he agreed: “Okay, just sparring for learning, don’t go overboard.”

Huang Xiaolong maintained a calm expression, if his martial spirit was really a mere grade seven, it was guaranteed he wouldn’t be able to advance to the First Order in a short five months’ time, and going on the stage would only result in humiliation. However, knowing full well what the humiliating outcome for Huang Xiaolong was, Huang Qide still agreed to the request, consenting Huang Wei’s action!

Huang Qide spared no thoughts about Huang Xiaolong’s feelings.

Hearing his Grandfather agree, Huang Wei turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, riling him up in a mocking tone, “Xiaolong, how about it? Dare to come up? Don’t worry; I will give you a handicap and not use both of my hands.”

Huang Wei flashed a dazzling smile.

“Xiaolong!” Huang Peng and Su Yan looked worriedly at Huang Xiaolong. He shook his head, indicating they need not worry. Slowly standing up, Xiaolong calmly walked up the martial stage, standing straight opposite Huang Wei.

Facing Huang Xiaolong, a touch of brutal fervor flashed across Huang Wei’s pupils, “Aren’t you feeling sorry and regretting that you didn’t kneel down to beg me at the time?”

With a look of indifference, Huang Xiaolong said: “You bullsh*t too much!”

Just as Huang Wei was about to retort in anger, Huang Xiaolong suddenly turned towards the other end of the martial stage, looking at his Grandfather, Huang Qide: “Grandfather, according to the Clan Assembly’s rules, during the sparring event, other people are not allowed to interfere, right?”

Huang Qide blanked for a moment, not understanding Huang Xiaolong’s purpose in asking this question however he still nodded and said: “That’s right.”

While everyone was still in a dazed wondering what was Huang Xiaolong’s purpose in asking such a question, he turned back towards Huang Wei, grinning “In a moment, I will hit you until your Dad can’t recognize you!”

Everyone was stunned speechless hearing this, and then shake their heads smiling helplessly.

Li Mu, sitting beside Huang Qide, smiled “Brother Qide, has this grandson of yours gone insane? He’s the one possessing grade seven martial spirit, Huang Xiaolong right? Acting so arrogant without real strength, I don’t like children like this!”

Huang Qide felt his old face lose some shine, giving an embarrassed ‘haha’ he shot a sharp look in Huang Peng’s direction; seems like it would do well to remind his second son to discipline his son well, in order to prevent future troubles during important occasions lest he shames the clan with his ignorance.

Huang Wei chuckled, “What did you say? Did I get it wrong? You want to hit me until my Dad can’t recognize me?”

Just as his words finished, a silhouette flashed, shocking Huang Wei, a fist enlarged right before his shock-widened eyes.

It was too late for Huang Wei to dodge, when he was about to speak the fist had slammed into his left eye, causing him to scream out loud in pain, staggering back, golden stars spinning in his eyes.

The laughs and ridicules around the martial stage from members of Huang Clan Manor aiming at Huang Xiaolong instantly died. Many dumbfounded eyes stared at Huang Wei bawling in pain on the martial stage.

At this moment, frowning, Li Mu said: “Such a small age yet already learned how to sneak attack. He will surely grow up to be a sinister villain.”

Looking at Huang Xiaolong, Huang Qide was also scrunching his brows into deep creases.

“You, you dare to hit me?!” On the stage, Huang Wei furiously raged at Huang Xiaolong, his left hand no longer covering his left eye, revealing a black circle on the left eye similar to a panda.

Huang Xiaolong did not say anything as his silhouette flashed a second time, appearing right in front of Huang Wei again, his fist aimed at his right eye.


The second punch hit the mark!

Huang Wei wailed at the top of his lungs.

Looking at Huang Wei’s panda eyes, Li Lu who was sitting beside her Grandfather Li Mu could no longer control her laughter, a charming laugh like the ringing of bells resounded in the Grand Hall; two lovely dimples etched on her face.

Li Mu turned and gave his granddaughter a stern eye.

Warned, Li Lu tried her utmost to hold in her bubbling laughter, and her strenuous effort showed clearly on her red face.

Below the stage, everyone had a weird expression on their face.

“Huang Xiaolong, I’m going to kill you!” Huang Wei’s fury finally erupted. He roared loudly, releasing his battle qi and aimed a punch straight at Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

Seeing Huang Wei’s fist about to land on Huang Xiaolong’ chest, Huang Peng and Su Yan’s heart misses a beat and exclaimed aloud in worry. Huang Wei being at the peak of late-First Order, if just one of his punches landed on their son’s thin frame, how could he bear it?

However, the Huang Qide sitting on the podium did not do or say anything to prevent the event on the stage. From his point of view, allowing Huang Wei to teach Huang Xiaolong a lesson was a good thing.

Just when Huang Wei’s fist was about to land on Huang Xiaolong’s chest, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette suddenly disappeared and avoided Huang Wei’s attack. Then, forming a fist with his right hand, Huang Xiaolong released his battle qi, striking Huang Wei on his back. Huang Wei squalled and fell face down on the stage.

“Outward projection of battle qi!”

“First Order Warrior!”

The big hall was in an uproar, everyone was dumbstruck as they stared at Huang Xiaolong, finding it hard to believe. And that included Huang Qide, Li Mu, and Huang Ming.

In five months, Huang Xiaolong managed to reach the First Order warrior!

The humiliated Huang Wei flipped his body upward, coming to a stand. His face was beet-red with rage. Compare to others’ surprise, his heart was filled to the brim with fury. Eyes blood-red, he suddenly pounced on Huang Xiaolong, his only thought was to cripple Huang Xiaolong, even pummeling him to death!


Looking at the mad Huang Wei pouncing towards him, there was only coldness reflected in Huang Xiaolong’s bright eyes. This time he was not planning to dodge, both of his fists positioned in front of his chest and he released a peak late-First Order battle qi to the max. Right in front of everyone’s very eyes, his fists met Huang Wei’s in a frontal counterattack.

Four fists collide, a deafening “bang!” reverberated in the Grand Hall; Huang Wei staggered, stepping backward again and again whereas Huang Xiaolong pretended to retreat backward.

“What? This, this!”

“Peak of late-First Order!”

The elders and stewards of Huang Clan Manor that had yet to recover from the shock of Huang Xiaolong advancing to First Order all jumped out of their seats now.

Huang Qide, Li Mu, and Huang Ming also stood up in shock, forgetting their image, both Huang Peng and Su Yan’s eyes were nearly dropping out with surprise; isn’t their son’s cultivation only at mid-First Order?

In the next moment, Huang Peng smiled bitterly inside ─ this brat really made him suffer a lot by keeping this hidden! Even he didn’t know that his son had already advanced to the peak late-First Order!

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