Chapter 28: The Peak of Late-Tenth Order!

Chapter 28: The Peak of Late-Tenth Order!

“Can’t even wish for death?” Fei Hou looked at the angry Huang Qide with indifference; there was a hint of disdain in his expression.

Seeing that Fei Hou not only ignored him but also looked at him with disdain, Huang Qide’s heart boiled with fury, and a murderous aura burst out as battle qi surged violently around his body, covering it with golden-colored patterns. Huang Qide’s arms grew bigger by a fold and golden-colored hair grew on his skin and face.

Soul Transformation!

Huang Qide’s martial spirit was the Six-Winged Golden Ape; as Huang Qide merged with his martial spirit. His body enlarged and grew by half a meter taller. His eyes turned a golden-red, and the atmosphere around him became violent and tyrannical.

Apparently, Fei Hou repeatedly ignoring him in the presence of Huang Clan Manor’s residents had truly angered him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have transformed first before dealing with Fei Hou.

“Absolute Bestial Palm!” Huang Qide’s roar came out hoarse and thick. His body lunged towards Fei Hou with his palms extended outwards; a bright, glaring light shone and the roar of desperate beasts echoed in the hall.

Absolute Bestial Palm was a high-grade Mysterious Rank battle skill; one of three treasured battle skills owned by the Huang Clan Manor.

Because Fei Hou was standing behind Huang Xiaolong, Huang Qide’s aggressive attack would affect even Huang Xiaolong, and if Xiaolong were pulled into the tide of battle, he would suffer severe injuries due to the gap in power. Seeing that his Grandfather chose to ignore his safety just to kill Fei Hou, he became furious.

Initially Fei Hou hesitated to attack because of Huang Qide status as Huang Xiaolong’s Grandfather; however, suddenly he heard Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice say, “Full power attack!”

Fei Hou was dazed for a moment, but he understood Huang Xiaolong’s intention thus no longer held back– his oppressive battle qi of a Tenth Order warrior gushed out, causing everyone to tremble where they stood. This level of oppression was not something Huang Qide, an early Tenth Order had.

Fei Hou’s expression became sharp and his fists punched out.

“Heart-Shattering Fist!”

The Heart-Shattering Fist attack cut across the distance accompanied by a sharp whistling wind and collided with Huang Qide’s hand print.

The terrifying aftershock energy from the impact spread outwards in all directions and the force shook the pillars of the hall so much so that the Elders and housekeepers nearby had to quickly retreat, as the wave of impact blasted rows of chairs and sent them flying.

Huang Qide was pushed back for more than a dozen steps before he managed to steady himself at the edge of the stage.

“Wa!” Warm liquid flowed up his throat and blood spewed from Huang Qide’s mouth.

Huang Clan Manor’s number one expert, Huang Qide lost! Thoroughly lost!

Everyone was stunned!


“Old Manor Lord!”

It was a few breaths later before anyone reacted, some of them quickly rushed towards Huang Qide while others exclaimed out loud.

Huang Qide waved his hand to indicate that he was okay then he turned to look at Fei Hou– it was hard to hide the horror in his eyes as he slowly uttered each word: “Peak of late-Tenth Order!”

“Peak of late-Tenth Order?!” The elders, housekeepers, and disciples looked at Fei Hou with shock, fear, and some other feelings mixed in; however, Huang Ming’s body stiffened as he became overwhelmed with fear.

Above the Seventh Order, every small breakthrough represented a great difference in strength.

Although Huang Qide was a Tenth Order warrior, he was an early Tenth Order; there was a huge difference in power between an early Tenth Order and a peak late-Tenth Order. Which is why, although Fei Hou did not release his martial spirit nor did he undergo a soul transformation, he could still easily defeat Huang Qide.

Fei Hou stopped attacking after he repelled Huang Qide and he retreated behind Huang Xiaolong, standing there respectfully with his oppressive aura erased.

Seeing Fei Hou’s action, everyone turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, the eight-year-old child that they had ignored and forgotten.

Evidently, Fei Hou wasn’t a servant bought by Huang Xiaolong; but, why would a peak late-Tenth Order warrior refer to an eight-year-old child as Young Master? And with so much respect?

Did Huang Xiaolong run into some dog-shit luck again, what did he swallow to breakthrough to Fourth Order?! Even if it was something more valuable than a Yang fruit, it still shouldn’t have the ability to make a person advance two orders in a year’s time! Moreover, Huang Xiaolong had earlier said that this was only part of his strength. If so, what was his real strength?

If it wasn’t some unbelievable dog-shit luck, then how horrible must Huang Xiaolong’s talent be, to be to go beyond Fourth Order in less than two years?!

In just a few short moments, many thoughts flashed across the minds of everyone who was present. Even Huang Peng and Su Yan had many questions.

“Huang Xiaolong, you actually ordered an outsider to injure Grandfather, how unfilial!” roared, Huang Wei who had just woken up after being treated by some of the elders “Is the Huang Clan Manor in your eyes? Do you still acknowledge your Grandfather?”

All around, expressions tightened.

Who would believe that a child’s words carried no harm? Even in this dire situation, Huang Wei still dared to admonish Huang Xiaolong, who was protected by a strong warrior like Fei Hou.

Huang Ming, so anxious that Huang Wei’s words would worsen the situation immediately turned around and scolded his son: “Huang Wei shut your mouth!”

But instead, Huang Wei’s voice grew even louder. “Dad, what’re you afraid of? So what if he’s a peak late-Tenth Order? Our Huang Clan Manor has several thousand people, why should we be afraid of one person?” Huang Wei hollered, and said to Huang Qide, “Grandfather, this unfilial descendant Huang Xiaolong should have his cultivation destroyed and driven out of Huang Clan Manor!”

Huang Qide had yet to say anything, but Huang Ming shouted angrily, “Shut up!” and pushed him back, anxious to stop his son from talking.

Listening to Huang Wei’s gripe in anger, a cold smile appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face. “I didn’t treat him as my Grandfather? Did he treat me as his grandson?” His finger pointed at Huang Qide.

“I won first place in last year’s competition, yet contrary to the rules, when the Spirit Pool opened, he allowed you to practice in the pool instead!”

“At this year’s competition, when Huang Ming broke the rules and intended to cripple my hands and feet, he turned a blind eye!”

“And just now, if it weren’t for Fei Hou’s strength, both Fei Hou and I would have suffered serious injuries, and probably died under his attack!”

Huang Xiaolong listed each point in a bone-chilling voice.

When he heard Huang Xiaolong’s words, Huang Qide lowered his head and avoided Huang Xiaolong’s gaze.

The hall became so silent even a pin drop would be heard.

Huang Wei was relentless, “Huang Xiaolong, what qualification do you have to complain about Grandfather? I possess a tenth grade martial spirit and yours is only a measly grade seven spirit. Therefore, it makes sense that he would prefer me, and train me because I am Huang Clan Manor’s future! What is wrong with that? You’re just jealous of me! Jealous!”

“Shut up!” Huang Qide’s palm fiercely struck Huang Wei’s face.

Earlier, his father had hit him, and now Huang Wei couldn’t believe that even his Grandfather Huang Qide slapped him. Tears rolled down his face, and he felt wronged, what did he say that was wrong? He wasn’t wrong!

The elders and housekeepers shook their heads secretly after hearing Huang Wei’s delusional logic.

“Dad, Mom, let’s leave.” At this point, Huang Xiaolong spoke up. He then turned around and walked away with Fei Hou, Huang Pend, and Su Yan, ignoring the looks directed at them followed. There was no longer any point to their staying.

According to the clan’s rules, no one was allowed to leave before the Clan Assembly was over. However, no one dared to stop them from leaving.

Huang Qide had a complicated expression on his face as he watched Huang Xiaolong’s receding silhouette.

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