Chapter 3613 – Zhou Chi Surrenders

Chapter 3613 – Zhou Chi Surrenders

Celestial Emperor Rong Ying and the others stared on in shock as Huang Xiaolong’s hand pierced through Zhou Chi’s body.

When he smashed into the mountain below, there were fiery red holes in his chest. Smoke emerged from them as Rong Ying and the others gasped in fright.

As a peerless expert who had 13 billion units of grand cosmos energy, Zhou Chi’s physical body was unbelievably strong. Even so, Huang Xiaolong pierced a hole through it along with his armor!

They could imagine how strong Huang Xiaolong’s flame was!

“That…” Zhou Chi crawled to his feet and stared at Huang Xiaolong with fear in his eyes. His calm appearance was nowhere to be seen as dust decorated his once spotless beard.

“That’s one of the four Universe Origin Fires…” Huang Xiaolong admitted.

There was no way ordinary flames could burn a hole through top-grade creation artifacts.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong didn’t use all four origin fires when he attacked. He only used the White Tiger Origin Fire to defeat Zhou Chi.

When Zhou Chi heard Huang Xiaolong’s revelation, his body trembled like a leaf in the wind. The same happened to Wei Chong, Zhao Mang, and the others.

“Four Universe Origin Fires!” 

Universe treasure!

One of the thirteen universe treasures was in the hands of the Blue Dragon Young Master!

Under their frightened gaze, three other balls of light emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s body. The light they emitted swallowed the land and even the space started to tremble around Huang Xiaolong. The entire mountain started to quake violently.

Under the might of the four universe origin fires, Zhou Chi and the others felt as though their dao souls were burning up.

However, the look in their eyes started to change as greed filled their hearts. That was a universe treasure! No one could remain calm when seeing a treasure as rare as that.

Seeing the heated gaze in their eyes, Huang Xiaolong casually dragged Zhou Chi over to himself.

Like an eagle grabbing at a little chick, Huang Xiaolong grabbed Zhou Chi by the neck.

When Wei Chong, Zhao Mang, Lu Shenglin, Rong Ying, and the others saw how helpless Zhou Chi was, the look of greed in their eyes vanished. That was a God of Creation who had 13 billion units of grand cosmos energy! He was one of the ten strongest experts in the Limitless Land! Even so, he couldn’t so much as struggle in front of Huang Xiaolong!

A look of fear flashed through Zhou Chi’s eyes when he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Supreme Overlord?! 

The same thought flashed through the eyes of everyone present.

“I came here wanting to trade a top-grade creation artifact for your universe-level spiritual veins…” Huang Xiaolong muttered, “You forced me to change my mind…”

Regret filled their hearts when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

When Huang Xiaolong was speaking, Rong Ying and the experts of the Glorious Celestial Empire tried to back away quietly. When they arrived at the edge of the Ice Mountain Range, countless rays of starlight emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

It formed a barrier around the entire mountain range as it stopped Rong Ying and the others from escaping.

Gasping in fright, the members of the Glorious Celestial Empire stared at the barrier of light in shock. They discovered that the rays of starlight that emerged had transformed into giant branches!

Silvery light enveloped the branches and it looked incomparably majestic.

In a state of panic, one of the Gods of Creation in the large completion stage slashed at the branch with his creation artifact. With a giant blast, he was sent flying from the backlash. Despite his strength, the branch wasn’t scratched in the slightest.

Rong Ying’s expression sank immediately as the experts of the Ice Mountain fell into despair.

“This?! Star Dragon Divine Tree?!” Zhou Chi roared in shock and his eyes widened in disbelief.

Star Dragon Divine Tree!

Another universe treasure! The Star Dragon Divine Tree ranked number second among all the universe treasures, and it was only second to the Universe Boat!

Wei Chong and the others felt the world crumbling around them.

Peak-level experts would drown the universe in blood in order to obtain a single universe treasure! Not a single person in existence could resist the temptation of obtaining a universe treasure and getting a single one was near impossible! However, the Blue Dragon Young Master standing before them had two of them!

“That’s right. This is the Star Dragon Divine Tree.” Huang Xiaolong muttered as he released the Star Dragon Divine Tree completely. Countless roots emerged from the void and covered the mountain range. The Ice Mountain Range became completely sealed off.

In the space constrained by the Star Dragon Divine Tree, pretty specks of light danced about like little fairies. With the frosty qi from the Ice Mountain Range, a picturesque scene like no other was formed, but no one in there was in the mood to enjoy the sights. The frosty qi that once filled the Ice Mountain Range seemed to seep deep into their hearts.

“Sen… Senior, we are from the Glorious Celestial Empire and we have nothing to do with the experts from the Ice Mountain.” Rong Ying started to panic. “We’re passing through the area and we mean no disrespect. Please let us go and we will swear an oath never to reveal anything that happened here.”

“Relax. As long as all of you submit to me, I won’t kill anyone.” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

Rong Ying’s expression changed.

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Before anyone could react, someone slammed their head into the ground in a great kowtow and yelled, “The Yan Family of the Black Flame Celestial Empire is willing to submit to Lord Blue Dragon! We’ll listen to your every command!”

It went without saying that the only person who could represent the family was the old ancestor, and the old ancestor of the Yan Family could be seen prostrated on the ground.

The members of the Yan Family got to their knees in unison.

When that happened, Hei Yu’s expression was ugly beyond comparison.

The Yan Family was the second strongest family in the Black Flame Celestial Empire and they had always been loyal to the celestial empire. Now, they were the first to submit to Huang Xiaolong! Didn’t that mean that the entire Yan Family had betrayed the Black Flame Celestial Empire?!

After the Yan Family, many other families chose to submit. 

The members of the Glorious Celestial Empire felt their countenance turning darker and darker as more people got to their knees.

Of course, the members of the Ice Mountain remained on their feet.

“To protect my secret of the four Universe Origin Fires and the Star Dragon Divine Tree, I’ll kill everyone who refuses to submit in one minute.” 

The experts who were hesitating quickly fell to their knees and Hei Yu was part of that group. In the end, the only ones left standing were the members of the Glorious Celestial Empire and the Ice Mountain.

“If I lead the members of the Ice Mountain to surrender, can you promise not to kill any one of us?” Zhou Chi spoke all of a sudden.

Everyone felt their bodies trembling when they heard his voice.

“Master, you…” Wei Chong, Zhao Mang, and Lu Shenglin yelled in unison.

Zhou Chi ignored them all and looked at Huang Xiaolong silently.

“Of course.” At his level, there was no need to lie to Zhou Chi.

“Alright. On behalf of my Ice Mountain, I will make the decision to surrender to Lord Blue Dragon! All of you will do the same!” Zhou Chi’s voice filled the skies.

Releasing Zhou Chi, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t afraid that the man would try anything funny.

When Huang Xiaolong loosened his grip, Zhou Chi didn’t choose to run. He bowed respectfully before ordering Wei Chong and the others to get to their knees.

The only group left were those from the Glorious Celestial Empire.

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